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Are You A Creeper?

Time to call out all the creepers on the site again. CREEPERS!

What is a creeper? Not the dude that has been gawking at the chicks on their Instagram. Well, those are creepers as well, but a Bolt Beat creeper is the peeps that are sitting back on their comps reading all the articles and enjoying all the comments at the bottom of the posts, but has not yet jumped into the water to join the madness.

There are a few random people in the comments section that seem to come out guns blazing, but for the most part, we have a good crew of folks down in the comments section that want to talk Chargers football. Even in this dead space of time in football, they want to talk about getting Ladarius Green the ball more or they are still wondering why Donald Brown was picked up in free agency.

To all the Bolt Beat creepers out there, stop just staring at the sexiness of Pete and join in on the madness. It will only be the best for all of us.

Here is how to introduce yourself: “My name is Ernie Padaon and I am a creeper. Been creeping on Instagram since… ”

Looking forward to meeting those creepers out there.

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  • Nick Lee


  • Derek

    lets talk about what donald brown means for danny. does this mean he will just be our shotgun hb maybe use him in a lil ace. leaving i formations to split between ryan and donald? that seems best. also with less of a load will that decrease his fumbles due to less wear n tear or increase like when tolbert split with him?

  • Henok Teklai

    My name is Henok and I am a creeper! Been creeping on boltbeat since I first heard about it 2 years ago. Can’t wait to see your comments on this years draft! Great work!

    • Ernie Padaon

      welcome brother! happy to see you in the comments section!

  • 619chargers4life

    Jeepers creepers come out and plaaaaay ! Lol

  • PowderBlueDrew

    My name is Drew and I’ve been a creeper on the BoltBeat site since last July, and this site gets me through school everyday. Looking forward to the Draft, but I do wish it was not in May, this wait has been painful.

  • Julien Bélair

    Big time creeper right here

  • Rob Base

    Come one come all little creepers join the Bolt Beat madness and Fam! Hands down the Best Bolts site around! Lately I feel like the creeper because of work and everything else going on. I still make time in my day to catch up on all the articles and gossip. Have fun creepers.

  • Brett M

    Definitely a BB creeper

  • Harry Philpot

    My name is harry and im a creeper, im from england and read all the articles comments, at home, at the gym, at college! Im addicted and I love the bolt fam

    • veazy

      Nice man. What’s your favorite soccer team by the way?

      I’m sorry about calling it soccer if you don’t like that.

      • Harry Philpot

        I support southampton, and I love soccer but I love the chargers more, I love the passion, commitment and entertainment! No its cool, I dont see why so many people have a problem with it to be honest

  • Nick Mansoor

    Hi my name is Nick! I started creeping about 2 years ago and I finally came out of the closet last year hahaha

  • Michael R

    My name is Michael and I am a creeper, I have been creeping on boltbeat for about the past year and a half. I am addicted to this site! It is a daily ritual to read all the great articles!

  • Dave

    My name is Dave, but I wound not necessarily call myself a creeper but I come on here to get the latest news and start up to date with the Chargers news. Usually never write comments because people usually respond with “know-it all” opinions and attitudes as if they were ESPN analysts.

    • Daniel Sutter

      LOL If they were ESPN analysts then the wouldnt know jack about the Chargers. ESPN is way biast and like to hate on most (not all) West Coast teams….

    • Peter Thompson

      Thousands of comments later, I apologize.

  • Ever

    My name is Ever and I am a creeper. I’ve been creeping since after the Super Bowl.
    A dream scenario for me would be if Anthony Barr is falling in the draft and we trade up to like the 15th pick to get him. Although I would be happy picking where we are. I do not believe we have to go CB or DT #1. We have so many needs and there is so much talent in this draft that i know TT will get the BPA in a position of need. WR,G,C,NT,OLB,CB.

    • Ernie Padaon

      your name really is EVER? first time i have heard that.

      • Ever

        Well my full name is Everardo, but I just go by Ever. Only my professors call me Everardo but everyone else calls me Ever. I’ve only met 1 other person with the same name when I was in line waiting to buy a turkey before Thanksgiving 2013

        • jamfed

          …did you ever buy the turkey? (ah, that was poor)

  • Jordan Denning

    My name is Jordan and I’m usually a creeper, but I will comment occasionally. I think we should trade down in this draft and pick up an extra pick or two in the second and third rounds. This draft is so deep, so let’s get some extra talent!

    • Daniel Sutter

      With several players falling out of their projected first round grades, this would be wise. Our mocks at 25 have us grabbing several guys that could fall and be around in the second if we trade for additional picks. 25 could allow us to score a low second in addition to oue 57 pick and maybe 3 or 4 as well depending on the trade partner. This draft is too deep, get all that we can…

    • jamfed

      I’m hoping for a trade down too. I read a mock the other day that had SD trading down with Jacksonville, acquiring JAX 2nd and 3rd round pick, for SD’s 25th (to select Manziel or Carr, just ahead of Cleveland).
      But I’ve heard a lot gossip about every team wants to trade down. This year has some serious depth in the 2nd and 3rd round.

  • Daniel Sutter

    Boltbeat is the best! Names Daniel, been creeping for over two years. Read every article and most every comment. BTW need some more weekend articles, hate the weekends without much Charger talk.

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahaha. i try to get on to post some information, but i am off the computer a lot during that time. I will do my best to make that happen though.

    • Ernie Padaon

      and welcome! been creeping for a long time!

      • Daniel Sutter

        Yeah, no more creeping. I’ll put my two cents in going forward. GO BOLTS!

  • thanos kaplanis

    Mt name is Athanasios. I have been a creeper for about a year and a half now. I love my chargers no matter how the year turns out!

  • Peter Thompson

    I’m not a creeper.. but my alter ego profile is.

    • Peter Thompson

      And.. for the record.. I read the Pete is sexy thing second. Now, let me read the comments… lol.

  • vct

    Sorry, I won’t tell you my identity. Once you know (read) it, you must die….

  • Rex Lajos

    I’m Rex. I am a professional Ballet Dancer, I wanted to play football since I was a wee lad. I became a Charger fan at birth but knew it when I was at a sports bar with my family and friends watching the Chargers beat the Stealers at Three-Rivers stadium with Stan Humphries and Natrone Means. I have been Creeping for over a year now.

  • Brandon M

    The term really is a lurker, not a creeper…

    But yeah, I’m a lurker, big Bolts fan from the Colorado area…it gets kinda hostile for the few of us out here…

    • Ernie Padaon

      the real term… yes… is a lurker

  • David Prather

    My name is David. I am a creeper. I have been creeping since 2010. I am a die hard Bolts fan and read as much as I can without making it known that I am not ACTUALLY WORKING! Been BOLT-ing UP since Air Coryell! Always ready for our guys to make the noise that they can. BOLT UP!

  • Christian B

    Hello. My name is Christian and i’ve been creeping for about a year now. Absolutely huge Bolts fan from Oceanside, CA. Other than that, expect me to join in on some discussions in the near future. And yes i’m the only one in the family that bleeds blue and yellow.

    • Ernie Padaon

      nice… welcome

  • jamfed

    I never even thought of creepers, or readers that do not post. I judge my stories based on replies….