Jan 11, 2014; Foxborough, MA, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) hands off to running back Donald Brown against the New England Patriots in the first half during the 2013 AFC divisional playoff football game at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Grade For Chargers in Free Agency

ESPN put out their grades for free agency today and they gave the Chargers a C. Can’t really disagree with the grading on free agency and I am surprised it wasn’t worse.

The Chargers have to get some credit for keeping their own players on the roster. Keeping Chad Rinehart and Donald Butler on the roster are huge for free agency. They also kept special teams captain Darrell Stuckey and starting corner Richard Marshall. The signings are not going to be blockbusters to the world, but it is huge for the roster to build upon.

The team was able to keep their good players and will be adding to it through the draft.

There still are question marks on some of the signings. Sending a ton of money toward Donald Brown seems like a big question mark. Why would the team spend all kinds of money for a 3rd running back on the roster, when they could have drafted one and spent that money on a different need on the roster.

The roster is not complete yet and the draft still will add more players, but free agency is getting the grade of a C from ESPN at this point.

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  • Chris Delacalzada

    Finally, someone who not trying to sugar coat what the Chargers did in FA. They deserved a “D” at best. Good article

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    B+ but possibly a A+ if we somehow pry away Wilfork

  • Julien Bélair

    that’s just bs ranking…. lammmmmmme

  • Fan

    How would the Chargers “somehow pry away Wilfork” considering the only reason he may leave NE is because he wants to get paid. STOP DREAMING PEOPLE.

  • Calman21

    C means average…I am okay with that. Considering what TT is trying to do I am happy that he did not mortgage the future and go crazy. TT isn’t a big FA guy…get used to it. Draft to build, FA to augment.

    • Joel Ayala

      Amen to that. We have our core of the team set. Now add the future pieces with draft.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Can I infer then, that we will be waiting to get these stars and future pieces to take us to the SB for about five years?

  • rickochey

    A….. they didn’t loose anyone of significance an they retained those that build continuity.

  • 619chargers4life

    Boooooooo Espn

  • scott stevens

    We will be very lucky to find 2 starters in this draft. Grade C is about right, but leaving the D to the draft is a crap shoot. I just don’t get it, we could have won 2 SB’s if we had added 1 or 2 FA’s when our window was wide open, Brian Dawkins comes to mind, who went to Denver. I just hope Spanos isn’t making the calls and handcuffing our GM.

  • arnie

    Well if the goal was to wow the masses by throwing big money at FA, that are worth far less, then yeah I agree with the grade. However if the goal was to be smart on how to use FA, then the grade was off the mark. Way off.
    Context. The definition of madness is, doing the same thing, over an over again, expecting different results. However if those results meant playing within your means, then watching the team over achieve its way into the playoffs, you would be MAD to change it.
    Winning teams have a few things in common, one is consistency. Brining back your players, that were apart of a winning season turn around, from FA, is nothing to be over looked. Adding proven, veteran depth, that was cheap, to the roster, so the drop off won’t be as severe when your starters are out, is smart. Also it allows to operate freely in the draft, to select your future stars.
    C? No this grade does not accurately reflect what the Chargers had done in FA.

    • C.Steele

      Hear! Hear!

    • Stefanie Smith

      What determines a player’s worth? There was a bargained for- free exchange : an offer and acceptance. Some team, even those teams you think only build through the draft, was will to pay the good FAs some pretty decent money and a good contract.
      At least ask yourself, if the FA route is so wrong, why did Green Bay get a high priced FA, like New England did, like the Colts are doing, like the other teams are doing? Do these teams have it all wrong, arnie?

      And what facts do you have to say that these FAs are way overpriced? If there is a willing buyer, then I would think that is the market price at the time of the agreement. Simple as that.

      • arnie

        What did I say was “wrong”? Do not put words in my mouth. The facts are, What teams that have invested “heavily in FA” have won the past Superbowls?
        The Patriots won multiple superbowls, “in the past”, was a team built through the “draft”. Poor drafting and FA spending, has not gotten them any closer to winning, any “recent” multiple superbowls, has it?
        Now, Richard Sherman CB of the seahawks, labeled as one of the best CB in the league, just won his first Superbowl as a player, three years in the league. Akib Talib just signed a big Money deal with the broncos, why do i bring these two players up? Akib has been injured, Sherman has not. Akib will make lot of money and hopefully can stay healthy. Sherman is healthy and still getting better. Sherman will make grand whopping total, in 2014, $555,000 in salary.
        That is called “value”. See, smart teams understand this. Desperate teams will mortgage away the future and pay a player in FA based on “past performance”. The later is called “overpaying”.
        The bottom line. I could care less what “other” teams are doing. I learned a long time ago the grass is not any greener than the grass at Chargers Park.
        The reality. Telesco an McCoy got results in 2013, doing exactly what they are doing “now”. Even when you were convinced Telesco was not qualified to be the GM…

  • ioane

    I understand the Donald Brown signing, but still scratch my head at what we paid him. He’s only had one good season and is also injury prone himself. Heck, Browns got Tate for 2 years 7m. I was hoping to draft a RB due to the talent in this draft, with the Brown signing, that will not likely happen now. It is what it is. I just hope Telesco stops signing Colt players.

  • ioane

    I also don’t care about the grade. Nobody expected the FA’s signed last season to make a huge impact but yet they did. Last year signings was probably a C- but was clearly an A after the season.

    Grades should be given at end, not the beginning.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Yes. Derek Cox had a huge impact. He was a good FA signing. Not! But the King was and man, I was totally opposed to it. He did play well and worked hard for the Chargers. So, he was a success. Freeney – no impact. So maybe about a push in the FA signing department. Danny Woodhead – excellent. So that was a good one.

      This season – not really anyone signed except maybe Brown. However, like many say, it is nice to see our own guys taken care of. I, for one, was real tired of any talent just allowed to walk out of the door.

  • Doug

    Telesco is different, he seems to acquire talent from the bottom of the depth chart up, not from the top down. Way better when injury time comes around. Then he sees who rises up like King for example. Not a bad way to go considering the wreck AJ left and having to deal with TTs first bust Cox..

  • Nick Lee

    I think C is a little low. Yeah we didnt sign an “A” guy but for the first time in a while, it seemed we focused more on retaining players than signing new ones. And we did sign a few good players. I would say B.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Guess Green Bay and the Pats have no clue how to build a team. Cannot understand why they would go the FA route. Omg, they are mortgaging their future! lol You folks could just about convince yourself of anything.