Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (89) is tackled by Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey (24) during the first quarter in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Champ Bailey Available, Should Chargers Consider a Deal?

Champ Bailey was officially released earlier this morning by the Denver Broncos. Bailey was due a $1M roster bonus on March 15, and the move saves the Broncos $10M in cap space. Bailey played with a nagging foot injury all season which held him to only 5 regular season games. He returned to play in the Super Bowl but was not particularly effective. Bailey did say that he would consider a move to safety, but I don’t think that is necessary.

Corner is one of the hardest positions to transition for college to the NFL. If (read: When) we draft a young corner to start, or at least play a significant amount of snaps, we will basically be throwing him to the wolves with nothing but Eric Weddle to back him up. Enter Champ Bailey.

Bailey is one of the best corners to ever play the game. He averaged over 3 interception per year for 16 years (52 total). Once we saw how Nnamdi Asomugha imploded after he was asked to play zone coverage, it cemented the idea the Bailey was the best corner in the NFL during the early-mid 2000s.

Lets be honest, the 35-year old Bailey would probably be the #1 corner for the Chargers. As depressing as that is, it’s true. But that doesn’t mean he has to be matched up against the top receivers all game. Signing Bailey would be a move to bring in some veteran leadership to coach up young guns at a position that was absolutely horrible this season. As we saw last year, we can’t exactly expect him to be 100% the entire season. But even if he isn’t he is still at Chargers Park, in film sessions, or on the practice field dropping some knowledge on Jason Verrett, Justin Gilbert, or whoever we bring in.

The Charegrs are expected to have around $5M in cap room after their moves this week releasing Leron McClain and Derek Cox, and restructuring Eddie Royal’s deal. After playing only 5 regular season games and a horrible Super Bowl game, Bailey will probably come on the cheap and for only 1-2 years. Plus, Denver always steals our stars, why don’t we get a little petty revenge.

What is the most $$ per year you would be willing to spend for Bailey?

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  • TurtIe

    Cortland Finnegan….

  • J.C. Ortiz

    stop promoting washed up vets

    • 619chargers4life

      Amen to that !!

      • Rob Base


        • C.Steele

          Ditto! Hell No!

    • Conor Cahill

      who else have I promoted thats washed up?
      EDIT: lol besides dion jordan, but he’s not a vet

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        who’s next MJD?

    • Conor Cahill

      could make the argument thats exactly what dwight freeney was last year. he played very very well this year haha outside missing almost the whole season

    • BlueBoltFan

      The Chargers are in a weird position in that they’re too many pieces away from signing a older vet to make the team complete. Maybe in a year or two if this thing keeps building. Til then we need as much youth, speed, and energy as we can cram onto the roster!

      • Conor Cahill

        Thats about where I am. If he isnt looking for much money then its a possibility, but I see it as more of a “Favre” situation in minnesota where everything else was in place.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I’d hire him to coach the young CB’s we draft, thats it though.

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    How much would I pay him? $7.25 an hour with a signing bonus of a McRib

    • Stefanie Smith

      This guy has been in the NFL for something like 15 years and inevitably a first round Hall of Famer. Why show the disrespect to the man and what he has already offered to his team?

      • Marcel West-Bailey

        ….but everyone likes the McRib. But I’m kidding. He’s a good corner but he’s old. Too old. Would I have him as the cornerback coach and pay him serious money? OOOOHHH HEEELLLLL YEEEAAAHH. But as a player he’s way past him prime. We need to be getting younger.

        • Aaron Johnson

          Old has nothing to do with ability. For most people they are out of the NFL after 10-12 years (assuming they were effective at all in the nfl). Bailey has 1 season with a nagging injury and now he is too old to play? He wasnt top tier last year but a year before last, he had a damn good season for the age he is at.

          I think we should make football decision based on current playing ability and not age. In any other field, that would be discrimination. Just saying.

          And I wouldnt sign him, in case you wondered what a non Head coach, GM or owner thinks. I wouldnt sign him simply because the deal would be bad for us unless he works for league minimum.

          • Marcel West-Bailey

            If being old had nothing to do with ability, the entire cast of Monday Night Countdown would still be on the field. You get old. Yes your mind knows what to do but your body can’t do it. Father time has never been defeated. And I wouldn’t call his season in 2012 that great. I don’t think he got more than 5 interceptions. He hasn’t been effective for the past few seasons and I think a lot of that has to do with his growing age and declining health.

          • Aaron Johnson

            Maybe my statement was slightly off. Its not the only factory that determines ability. If you try to tell me players like Elway, Favre, Ray Lewis, Kurt Warner, Randy Moss couldnt play at around 35, I would laugh. Bailey has 1 season with a lasting injury. He was solid the year before that. My gut tells me he can play still. I dont want him for finacial reasons because i doubt he’ll play for league minimum.

  • Rich Plascencia⚡️

    Sign him to a non guaranteed so he can give us inside info on the broncos defensive scheme and teach the young lads a thing or two

    • Conor Cahill

      yep exactly

    • Aaron Johnson

      Because we struggled against the Broncs last season? Id stick to letting our coaches coach the scheme and have an adjustment for anything peyton might audible to.

  • tubbs45

    I wouldn’t hire a player to coach. I think Champ may have some gas left, but hes running on fumes. I think there are better FAs to spend our $$$ on!


  • RZ

    The word for today is “NO”

    • Michael

      Or to be more polite NO THANK YOU


    Champ Bailey is no better than Quentin Jammer at this point.
    Plus he’s always hurt now.

    • Conor Cahill

      Is that why jammer rode the bench and Bailey played over him when he couldn’t even walk? Like I said, if Bailey is always hurt after 1 season of being hurt, why dont we cut Freeney?

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        Champ Bailey sucks and is washed up.
        Good intentions, bad idea.

        • Conor Cahill


      • arnie

        Who’s says Freeney will be back? Production equals value in Chargers Park. If there is a better option or he can’t play they will move on.

  • Conor Cahill

    To be clear, I dont necessarily think we need Bailey, but at a non-guaranteed contract at the right price i think he could be a major asset to the young guys and still be able to give us quality snaps (better than Marshall or Patrick anyway). After he missed 11 games this year it gives us a perfect excuse for an incentive-laden contract that could be worth almost nothing if he actually is done. Not by any means advocating signing him to a 10+M contract he was supposed to earn with the Broncos and expecting him to be a lockdown corner.

    • kris

      What do you suggest the Boltz pay him?

      • Conor Cahill

        ~$1.5M with some incentives thrown in. if he wants more than whatever, look elsewhere.

  • blu3ny3llow

    Hell No!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diegoblue

    NOOOOO… Dont need a 35 year old CB who’s more hurt now than healthy.. It’s about the youth movement .. And we took Freeney because Super Melvin got hurt and our backs were against the wall.. Not this year.. T2 will draft a CB or two and pick one in FA..

    • Conor Cahill

      And how often do rookie corners make seamless transitions to the NFL?

      • Diegoblue

        Doesn’t have to be a rookie .. Get a under 35 FA and I’ll still take my chances on good rookie CB than an old CB .. How much is he even askin too much probably .. Pay don’t match his talent anymore

  • Stefanie Smith

    Washed up vets = Peyton Manning? Nope. The youth movement is not all it is cracked up to be. Countless other examples. Plus, we want to win now, and not wait while these “youth” grow up and mature. Nothing wrong with having a balance. A mix of vets and rookies–nothing wrong with that.

    • Diegoblue

      I understand mixture is good but Let’s get a veteran CB under 35 .. Champ is not on Peyton’s level.. He gets beat now. He doesn’t play QB but CB were speed and quickness is paramount.. How many 35 year old CBs in the league playing the 1 CB?

  • arnie

    Yeah, i’ll pass. See there is reason they released bailey. he didn’t produce, and the broncos are in a cap pinch. bailey can still play, in his head, the reality is the Chargers would need to carry an extra spot at CB, or pick one up in FA. Simply because it’s not a matter of if, but “when” bailey goes down, and those savings will go poof like the Chargers chances of having an improved backfield.
    The Chargers released Cox, an Patrick. one couldn’t play, the other couldn’t stay healthy. They still would get better value an play with R. Marshall. An they did. this opens the door for another FA and/or Draft pick. Somebody is on TT radar and now i’m confident, if things don’t work out, they too will be out the door. Like Bailey.

    • Stefanie Smith

      No. Just because a player gets released does not mean he did not produce. Denver unloaded Decker. Did he not produce? It, very often comes down to cap space and a decision to cut larger salaries.Decker wants a big salary and the Broncos don’t want to pay it. With Champ, Broncos would take a $10 mill cap hit if they kept him with his existing deal. So they cut him. Maybe the Broncos have plans to go after a different FA and need the cap space.
      Same is happening all over the league. It’s not an issue of not producing. Sometimes it is, but not always. Guys all over the league have been cut and they are not all non-producers. Danny Woodhead was released last year and we were fortunate to get that “non-producer”. Pats cut him to make more cap space. Not because he did not produce.

      Plus, don’t be surprised if TT is actually looking at Bailey.

      • arnie

        What? Stefanie this isn’t about Decker and the comparison makes no sense. Decker is healthy. bailey played 5 games last season. 5. I was very specific as why bailey got cut like I stated above….

        “….he didn’t produce, AND the broncos are in a cap pinch.”

        At this point i see no need to pick a player in FA that father time is starting to catch up with him. Plenty of other healthy an cheaper options out there.

  • Nick in PB

    We do need a veteran presence at the defensive corner spot. But not one that’s at the end of his career. Even if we draft a corner, it’s no guarantee that he will start year one. That’s seldom done. It would be nice to draft one and pick one up in FA that can man the position for at least a couple of seasons.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    Let’s give Bob Sanders another chance while we are at it. Then we can have a bench full of guys who used to be really good, cheering on our backups out on the field.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Old players that start to break down is a major pass for me, one injury is a fluke and part of the game, multiple injuries is a pattern plus age means a pattern that should only get worse.