Brandon Browner a Target for the Chargers?

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Oct 28, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner (39) defends a last second pass intended for St. Louis Rams wide receiver Brian Quick (82) at Edward Jones Dome. Seahawks defeated the Rams 14-9. Mandatory Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

With free agency less than a week away, There are many questions as to which players the Chargers  might target. Right now the team has roughly 5.7 million in salary cap space with the release of fullback Le’Ron McClain and cornerbacks Derek Cox and Johnny Patrick.

With that said, The Chargers still want to keep some of their own players such as Offensive Lineman Chad Rinehart and special teams standout Safety, Darrell Stucky.  Because of the limited cap space the Chargers are facing, General manager Tom Telesco will most likely be looking to lock up cheaper players on 1 to 2 year deals. Telesco used this same type of game plan in the first day of free agency in 2013, signing OL King Dunlap, Chad Reinhart and TE John Phillips.

However, one player’s name that could make a lot of sense to the Chargers surfaced late yesterday afternoon. Former Seattle Seahawks CB Brandon Browner was reinstated by the NFL yesterday. Browner was previously suspended from the league indefinitely for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  This week, Browner was expected to file a lawsuit to the NFL to argue that under the leagues terms, his actions did not warrant an indefinite suspension punishment.

On Tuesday Browner announced the news on twitter. “I realize now more than ever that being part of the NFL is not a right, but a privilege. I am grateful that Commissioner Goodell and my agent were able to resolve this issue in a positive, productive manner so I can continue my career, provide for my family, and help my team win a Super Bowl.”

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  • Marcel West-Bailey

    Don’t tease us.

  • navw21

    But if he slips up one more time he’s out for another year or something… that really scares me. Lets try for someone like Alterraun Verner first.

  • OP Bolt

    I would rather go after one of the younger, better, non-doping players available (or at least players smart enough to avoid detection).

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Good veteran to teach the rookies optained through the draft. Do it!

  • Derek

    Eh, who knows what he will be like with out his performance enhancing drugs. He says it was adderal but the league doesn’t cosign. Also he’s on the thinnest of ice. So what happens if he pulls a merriman and some one “secretly slips it in his drink” I say we buy a nt and draft 2 cb’s.

    • Julien Bélair

      Thats my plan draft 2 cb and 2 wide. Find a monster NT in fa. I pass on him unless it is the vet minimum

      • Derek

        Good plan. I’d pay a lil more make him feel appretiated but it’s a buyers market for nt’s. Only a few teams need one the rest have a decent one or run 4-3 or hybrid schemes that can fit 1 gap rushers

        • Julien Bélair

          yep plus there is no stud NT in the draft …except Nix

          • Jake Hefner

            ummmm DT Aaron Donald out of Pitt i hear is pretty good

          • Derek

            cowboys will grab him. plus he’s a 4-3 dt we risk wasting a pick trying to transition him

          • Julien Bélair

            dude he is not a NT… He is not even 300 pounds…and out of our reach

          • Jake Hefner

            I was not saying for us to draft Donald, I was just saying he’s pretty good. I’m with you if Nix is there, no question we should take him. I doubt it but yes I agree with you on Nix

          • Julien Bélair

            I really like Donald too he will be great. Nix would be a steal at 25 I doubt he passes Bears.

            If Nix is not there I hope Verrett will be there for us to take him. He is very impressive

          • Derek

            and after that combine he’s looking like he’ll be another trent richardson. but then again keanan had knee probs which is why we landed him so??? more and more i think about it it makes more sense to gamble on cb and play it safe on nt.

          • Julien Bélair

            we need our NT before the draft because is we can’t land Nix we will be in a bad shape

          • Derek

            ur right it would be very risky to depend on nix falling to us but the knee probs/combine might work in our favor again. also dont forget lissemore was pretty good filling in for cam, also this is after he lost weight for the d end role he had in cowboys 4-3. next yr we could have lissemore for 1st 2 dwns and put cam in as a pass rusher on third. pay them amicably easily while grooming jerideau, gaithers, or a nt that falls in the draft! bottom line what happens next will determine how well our front office communicates and our coaches ability to evaluate potential along with prioritizing needs

          • Julien Bélair

            I just don’t want to go through that again. I want a real beast at NT for change. It will help everyone not an O.K. Lissemore….

          • Derek

            but besides wilfork how many men among children exist at NT? its a tall order pitting one lineman against 2 and counting on him to win atleast 70% of the time. it even took poe a season to develop with his superhuman combine #’s, and i suspect majority of his success is due to houston an hali requiring double teams themselves. even if we draft nix i expect him to be decent at best his first yr. he still doesnt know his playing weight.

          • Julien Bélair

            Soliai can do the job

          • Derek

            Ur right. He’s a guy I hope we can snag.

        • jamfed

          I think Philly, Pitt or GB will draft Nix. Don’t count on Nix being there when SD picks. Check out RaShede Hageman, DT, Minnesota. He could play NT

          • Derek

            Philly cox, Pitt maybe, gb bj raji. It’s the poor combine and injury that I think will make him drop to us I wouldn’t mind hageman in the 3rd

          • jamfed

            Philly plays Cox as a DE (in a 3-4). GB rotates their NT,and BJ Raji plays more DE than NT. I think Johnny Jolly plays NT for GB.
            I’m glad you don’t mind Hageman, because he might my top DL player.

          • Derek

            Also do we ignore a established vets like earl Mitchell Joseph solai since we will be investing a semi high pick on hageman? We could give solai a decent 2-3 yr deal and bank on hageman to step up by the time soalai’s production slips


      That’s what I’ve been saying!!!

      • Derek

        Glad to know I’m not alone

        • jamfed

          Bah, I don’t think its PED’s. I think it was POT

    • RabbiDan Bortz

      Can we really expect a rookie CB to come in and defend top WR’s? Id feel a lot better with a Browner or other FA to help


    Hell yeah get Brandon Browner.

  • serg21

    Guys there’s no way we’re getting Verner to expensive one guy I would want to look at is the Captain yes Captain Munnerlyn and he’s young to would be cheaper to

    • Julien Bélair

      Cheaper but not cheap though. I likehim

  • Sergio Quintero

    Isn’t Browner one offense away from a 1 year suspension, that’s just too much of a risk, I love his game but that too much risk.

    It would have to be at an extremely cheap level, I don’t have a full understanding of TT policies but taking risks with players with a history of abuse just doesn’t seem to jive.

  • Aaron Johnson

    Id make a move for the right price. Ultimately, his off the field concerns come first in my mind. I also forgive and forget when someone clearly changes for the better. TT, McCoy and Pags will have to discuss this at length together and possibly with Browner if he is an option for us.

    • Derek

      soo sick of hearing denver just buy everybody, hope its all for naught again. every player wants to be “payed their worth till they get a call from the dream team” glad that strategy has yet to work in the nfl.

  • blackroseMD1

    Word is that Browner is going to have to serve a suspension this coming season as part of this reinstatement. No thanks.

  • Peter Thompson

    Well…. What’s his price? Not sure if anybody will want to pay this guy too much with that hanging out there. One year “prove it contract” sounds about right. No matter what you think, you can’t ignore these two things.. A) we need MAJOR help in our secondary & B) we need a proven staring caliber CB, but don’t have a lot of money to sign that kind of guy.
    The reward with Browner could be fairly high… say he does miss 2-4 games to suspension right out of the gate… that sucks. But, what if he comes in, and plays great? If the price wasn’t very high, then you are stoked! I can’t say that there is a CB currently on our roster that is as good as Browner is. I mean, who would you rather have? Marshall, or Browner? If he ends up popping another test (which it sounds like he has already been through the ringer, and might have changed his tune) you don’t lose too much money, and you have already drafted one or two CB’s… or you have Stevie Williams, etc. Not overpaying is the key here.. I think our coaches (out of anyone) can keep him straight & narrow. Bring him in for a look. Kick the tires.

  • Anthony95

    We need a big CB so he would be fine and we then need to draft another CB however we can look in round 3-4 for that second CB. Then our DBs will be very solid. Don’t want Verrett (too small), or Captain, too expensive.

  • surge619

    I agree lets take him for the right price we need hefty size cb who can lay a smack

  • FitzWilly

    Another ex CFL’er
    Bring on the Can Diego Chargers :)
    one more and we all get a free T-Shirt lol

  • ltmariod

    He doesn’t fit the “team speed” that Telesco wants at the skill positions.

  • jamfed

    I think Browner takes a one year deal and stays in Seattle @ $4MM.

  • jamfed

    What about
    Walter Thurmond???

  • Marcel West-Bailey

    If the Chargers do with him what the Miami Heat did with Michael Beasley and sign him for little money and release him if he screws up once it could work. I know he won’t play for the first 4 games and won’t get paid for the first 8 so he won’t pull much money and he may have something to prove.

  • rell dogg

    We get browner we will get a ring