Dec 29, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Miles Austin (19) runs after a reception against the Philadelphia Eagles at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Austin Likely To Be Cut From Cowboys... Yay or Nay?

Miles Austin is likely going to be released by the Dallas Cowboys soon and he has shown big time potential in the past, he just can’t stay on the football field because he has busted up hamstrings. When he is on the football field, he has a lot of potential.

Since a lot of fans would keep Danario Alexander around with his injury history, would fans welcome the idea of bringing in Miles Austin as a veteran signing onto the roster?

Austin would be ready for the start of the season, unlike Alexander. There just is no telling how long Austin will last.

When healthy, Austin is a dynamic playmaker and fits the Chargers system well. He has speed and can pick up yards after the catch. He has good height and is a playmaker. WHEN HEALTHY.

If the team decides to bring in Austin, there better be plans on what happens when Austin goes down. With his history, we can’t rely on him to make it through the whole year.

He would just be on the roster for a cheap price that could provide a spark on offense when he is available. I doubt anyone throws a lot of money in his direction, so it would be a cheap way to get some production.

Tom Telesco didn’t shy away from signing Dwight Freeney knowing he has had an injury history. Could he take a chance on another player with a history of injuries?

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  • Derek

    No I don’t like his injuries it looks like his body is giving out on him. Plus we have full disclosure on Dx’s history. The devil you know is better than the one you dont

  • boltingindiego

    he has talent but hamstrings are a big concern

  • 619chargers4life

    Heck no , im so tired of the injuries we deal with year in and year out .

  • Sergio Quintero

    Nay, you already have to many injury prone WR on the roster. The chargers will probably trust VB as their 2nd WR, but that just tells you how much the position needs an investment of talent.

    If the chargers are going to sign a injury prone player, at least bring in talented, fast, young WR with return ability player like Jeremy Maclin, and even then at the right price.

  • Julien Bélair

    absolutly not. My two best friends are die hard Boys fan and they are disapointed with him year after year. We do not need him AT ALL !

  • Bill Nichols

    nay way man…. He sucks… Bolts!!

  • SoCalFan

    Nay. we should not pick up scrubs from cowgirls table

  • Ernie Padaon

    i understand the concern for the injuries… but what is the big risk on him? he won’t cost anything. we need receivers. he is better than vincent brown if he is healthy. probably better than Royal….


    • Sergio Quintero

      They need someone they can trust to make onto the field, if they are going sign someone these guys are more interesting:
      Anquan Boldin: the chargers need speed and explosiveness and he isn’t that, but is very much better than WR 2-7 the chargers have, and the guy is clutch.

      Jeremy Maclin: Injury prone, but has been productive, has deep speed and was a big time returner in college. Basically if he can stay healthy is exactly what the chargers are looking for.

      Doug Baldwin: Got to start for Seattle had 50 catches and 778 yards, sounds just about right for what the chargers need opposite to Allen, the fact he’s a RFA takes some luster off.

      Jacoby Jones: An okay WR but a great return man, is a good enough WR that safeties might have to stay in deep coverage to respect his presence.

      Dexter McCluster: Has untapped potential as a slot WR, and is pretty much an awesome return man, but 26 means expensive.

      • Ernie Padaon

        of course they do… but those guys are going to cost a lot more money. Austin is going to command peanuts.

        • Sergio Quintero

          Sorry Ernie seems like you are alone on this one, as a fanbase we just went through the Alexander/Floyd injury train wreck, there is little willingness and patience for another player with a similar profile.

          • Ernie Padaon

            I understand… I go off in my own sometimes, but picking up the potential of Austin makes sense. Can’t waste money at the position. Losing Austin to an injury wouldn’t be as detrimental because he won’t cost much. If the loss is detrimental, that just means he produced for us

          • arnie

            No it doesn’t. because losing Austin may cost the team some wins that could have helped them win the division. A player who is not there, you cannot depend on. nor will they be there to help win games, which is the whole reason one would sign them.

      • Ernie Padaon

        The reward for austin far outweighs the reward. If he sucks and gets injured, you cut him. No harm.

        • Sergio Quintero

          Off topic, what players would consider trading up for in round 1 or 2

          Round 1 Barr, Mack if they get passed 15, Gilbert, Nix if either passes 20.
          Round 2 D.Ford, Van Noy, Verrett (at around 38-45).

          • Gunnar Martin

            I would much rather us trade down instead. I like the depth in this draft, so we might be able to land a few impact players, or even starters, in more than just the first round. I don’t really see anyone worth trading up for that early.

          • Ernie Padaon

            With you on all those… Hate to lose an extra draft pick in this draft though

      • arnie

        This. ALLLL THIS! Please I’m tired of reaching out of desperation for players that are proven to not stay healthy. I makes no sense to me to exchange one injured player, for another, just save a some money. At the end of the day the Chargers will have to use that savings to sign another FA.

  • Daryl Peek

    No, no and Hell NO

  • Peter Thompson

    Funny that people will say no to Austin.. but say we should get Kenny “I’m a locker room cancer” Britt. What a negligent move it would be to pick up a guy like that.. especially since we can’t keep the players we have out of the Gas Lamp. Can you imagine? I bet he would get arrested in TJ within the first three months.

    As for Austin… sure… why not take a look at him. It depends on what happens in the next few months, of course.. but if it looked bleak, I wouldn’t think you had much of a choice. It’s not like we have tons of money to sign anyone better.. options would be limited. And, Maclin has some weird “mystery illness”, that nobody can figure out. He inexplicably lost a ton of weight, all of his energy, and missed camp completely two years ago. That sounds “no bueno” to me. Who knows when that comes back.. especially if they have no clue what it is.

    • Sergio Quintero

      No interest in Britt on my part, in terms of Maclin beyond the lost season to an ACL in 2013 the games played and stats goes as follows:
      2012 Gp 15 Rec 69 Yards 857
      2011 Gp 13 Rec 63 Yards 859
      2010 Gp 16 Rec 70 Yards 964
      2009 Gp 15 Rec 55 Yards 773

      That sure sounds productive and reasonably durable, the production per game sounds very similar to Floyd. The production may be too good and out of the chargers price range, but the opportunity to play with Rivers might be tempting, I have a feeling he will end up in KC because of his Missouri connection.

      • Peter Thompson

        ACL doesn’t scare me. Mystery illnesses scare me. Also, do you know why the Eagles are letting him go? Is it just a cap thing? I know they didn’t have a starting WR before the season began, and Riley Cooper was the next (and only) guy up… and that was after he dropped all that racist nonsense on them. He played well, but it seems they weren’t in a position to be letting receivers that the Chargers could afford walk out the door. Wonder why they would do that?

        • Sergio Quintero

          Mistery illness was in camp in 2011, still played in 13 games, and he appears fully recovered.

          The thought in Philly seems to be that D.Jack wants even more money and McCoy is going to get his, and Maclin seems like luxury in particular if you want to secure his services you will have to franchise him, like the chargers with Butler.

          I expect Philly to make an offer but he can be a no.1 in KC and other teams and get more money.

          • Peter Thompson

            Ahhhh… I see. Just makes me nervous that the doctors couldn’t figure it out, and that it just “went away”. With our luck, it would resurface the moment he stepped off the plane.. lol.

            For the right price, I would be fine with that, I guess. Too bad we have to pick between guys with strange illnesses, torn ACL’s, nagging hamstrings, and ridiculous off-field issues.

            Everybody!!!! Thanks AJ!

            Might as well draft a new one in that case.. which I hate.

          • Sergio Quintero

            The season would go down the toilet if Allen got hurt, just imagine VB as your no.1 receiver, have to get another credible guy here, either F.A. or Draft.

          • arnie

            Tutu guys. Just play more Tutu. give the young man a chance that he can be that other guy. Have we all forgotten about him? Did we not see him play well, when Whiz let him on the field? Was he not there when we needed him? Doesn’t he already know the offense? Won’t he come Cheap as well? Am I imagining things or does Tutu not have an injury history?

  • Alex

    Really? There are this many people opposed to Miles Austin? The Chargers cap is situation is awful and they could get him cheap which is huge. Plus, he’d instantly become the #2 receiver on the roster. I’ll take 10 games of Austin over 16 games of Brown, that’s for sure. Of course the Chargers wouldn’t address their WR needs with just Austin, but Austin would be a heck of a start.

    • arnie

      Alex we already have a 10-8 game receiver in Eddie Royal. Why do you think it is wise to go out and pay another guy, to force this team to lean on Vincent Brown?

      • Alex

        1) We would pay little to nothing. If the Chargers were to sign Miles Austin, they would be buying low which is what you have to do when your cap situation is awful.
        2) Austin has more talent than Brown and Royal combined so we wouldn’t be leaning on Brown at all while Austin is in the lineup. He’s only one year removed from playing a 16 game season, and he’s topped 1000 yards multiple times in his career. He also is fast, and Telesco has told reporters already that he’s looking to add speed to the team this year.
        3) Austin wouldn’t be the only WR that Telesco gets. If he signs Austin, he’ll go out and get 1 more WR either through the draft or FA as an insurance policy. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want this guy. He’s not going to get more than a 1 year deal – worst case is SD signs him for 1 year and he busts. It will have very very little economic impact. There are no bad 1 year deals.

        • arnie

          I see….
          1) That money you saved by signing him, will be spent to bring in another FA.
          2) Talent is useless on the sidelines, or IR. Also, what he did last year, won’t help him this year. Players get older not younger. Ask Dwight Freeney how many games his resume has helped this team win? So, yes we would be leaning on Brown. again.
          3) Why? He would taking up a roster spot, and money, that can be used on a “healthy” productive player. Richard Marshal was good one year deal. Healthy and able to step in and help. Tutu, another good one year deal, healthy and able to help. did you not see the TD catch in KC? will Austin be there for us? or watching from the sidelines?

  • Nick Mansoor

    I’m on the fence for this one, yeah he has great playmaking ability and he would take our no.2 reciever spot instantly if Alexander or Floyd don’t come back. But damn, the dude just gets injured way too often. This could potentially be another Denarrio situation.

  • arnie

    Ernie i swear you were that kid that loved jabbing a short stick into a hornets nest.
    Nah. How many injuries do we have at the WR position? Please tell me at what point do you think adding another Eddie Royal will help this roster?

    • Ernie Padaon

      adding another eddie royal to the roster would be better than an ineffective vincent brown.

      • arnie

        I will never agree, nor see how having two half-@$$ed broke down WR make this team better?

        • Ernie Padaon

          adding someone that is more talented then everyone we have except Keenan for pennies? people want to keep royal, who is as injured as Miles always. People want Danario, but he isnt even going to start the year because of an injury. seems simple.

          • arnie

            Again, talent on the sidelines is useless. What others say, that’s on them. I only want Royal if he can stay healthy. I only want DX if he can stay healthy. Royal played well to earn a spot in camp, quite simply a roster spot opened up when DX went down, so royal became more valuable.
            it makes no sense, other than desperation to reach out to a FA that will get injured and will not be there for you. Then will only add to the PUP list or IR.

    • Ernie Padaon

      and i am not afraid of the hornets nest

  • zeus619

    I’m confused as well by lack of support for Austin in SD. He’s an excellent WR, it’s true that he’s had a history of injuries but why not take him. He would be a low risk high reward signing and give us another target for rivers. I say go for it. Especially since we are thin at WR: Floyd future uncertain, Brown a free agent, DX not likely to return, and Royals cap number is big and should be either restructured or cut. Our only option for sure going into next year is keenan allen. We need more WR and we need to drop Royal cap #