Insane Photo of D.J. Fluker Playing High School Football


This is just not fair! Did we need a nose tackle?

That is a man against some kids. UNREAL!

Fluker posted the photo on his instagram today:

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  • Julien Bélair


  • Cgoodness13

    Been saying for a while he could play NT :/

  • blackroseMD1

    #53 looks like a pretty big boy, and DJ makes him look small. Hahaha

  • Peter Thompson

    The way he is looking at them reminds me of the Cave Troll in Lord Of The Rings. Yikes!

    • Peter Thompson

  • Gunnar Martin

    His username is the best! Hahaha

  • Bill Nichols

    That’s our Gentle Giant…….. Awesome dude, best pick in a hell of a long time. This dude is going to solidify our O line for a long time to come. No one is going to slack around the energizer Monster, fo show. So glad you are a Bolt baby!!

  • Nick Mansoor

    Man id hate to that kid wearing #1 lol

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