One of the Best Moments of the Super Bowl

Not only were we able to see Peyton Manning get dumped on in the Super Bowl, we were able to see little brother with his Manning face in the press box.

Such an excellent moment in the game.

H/T Reddit

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  • JoseSD

    i gotta say if it was any other quarterback besides Peyton or Eli Manning i would call this one of the worst super bowls ever, boring, one sided, one team completely overmatched and unprepared, horrible running games by both teams. but because Manning was the starting quarterback i loved every minute of that game from the first play watching his stupid face in slow motion as the ball flies over his head into the endzone. this whole game was so enjoyable because the seahawks defense made Peyton look like shit

    • Peter Thompson

      I’m so with you on that Jose! It is also worth mentioning that Troy Aikman was all over Manning’s nuts from the second the camera turned on, and was forced to say nice things about Seattle through gritted teeth the whole game. Strahan was one of the only guys who picked Seattle (which is awesome because he was the one handing them the trophy at the end) but you could tell Jimmy Johnson thought he was an idiot, and Strahan kinda shrugged him off and said “Well, you did beat me in the picks this season, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got this one right”. Jimmy Johnson started tapping his pen furiously, like Strahan had insulted his “all-knowing” intelligence. It must have been AWESOME for Strahan after the game. Not only was he right, but Jimmy Johnson couldn’t have been more dead wrong with his analysis. So friggin’ hilarious.

      • Tazzster

        I am amazed that no one saw this coming.

        All people could see is Denver’s big offensive numbers. And the conclusion they drew was – “Denver is awesome”. But if they actually had taken time to closely analyze the data and ask some questions like, “is Denver awesome or is there something else that is skewing the data?” They would have realized another factor in all of this….

        Denver spent the season playing some of the worst defenses in the NFL. As a matter of fact most of their games were against the bottom half of the league when ranked defensively. When the Chargers who have a mediocre defense held Denver to its lowest point totals of the season red flags should have gone up. But everyone was enamored by Peyton Manning and they looked the other way.

        I told a friend this last week, “Denver has not faced a defense like this all year – not even close. They could be in serious trouble it they can not move the ball on the ground.” It makes me look like a genius, but everyone should have seen this coming. Well, at least the experts.

        Which brings me to the point of this post… most of the NFL experts are terrible.

        • Peter Thompson

          Yes they are.. they still pick the cowboys to make the playoffs every year. It cracks me up that the Cowboys drive them to the brink of insanity every season by losing a “Win and you’re in” game.. bwahaha.

          But, you are right. Everyone should have taken Seattle, after what they did to Drew Brees (TWICE). My friend actually said it would be 43 to 3! Talk about making an insanely accurate prediction! I was the only one to pick Seattle at my work. I took bets across the board. I should have installed a turn style at my desk, to regulate the people in line to pay me.. Lol. They got suckered by the Manning hype.

        • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

          Good points! I was so sick if the “is he the best” talks about Captain Forehead…So glad they got beat down esp bc of all the disrespectful Pile High Trolls that come here

  • Gunnar Martin

    Trust me, he was fist pumping on the inside.

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahhahhahhahaa…. “I still got more than you!”

    • Peter Thompson

      Yeah… I can hear his inner dialogue now… “So, you thought it was funny to beat up on little Eli in the Manning Bowl in week 2, eh? Well… TAKE THAT… HA!!!!!!”

  • SoCalFan

    its OK, Eli’s face we’ve seen enough- his picture at Qualcom this year was too good to forget! Actually both Eli and Peyton looked good, I can’t decide who was better yesterday

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    F all the Mannings!!!!

  • arnie

    Something about watching the seahawks “team” beat manning, put a little smile on my face. I got to witness not only post game, but today the flood of excuses of the broncos…. pardon me…manning excuses instead of the great football team the seahawks built. It was great to see “crow” and “humble pie” being handed out left an right. It was awesome to know that just because the “pundits” said manning was the greatest ever, didn’t make it so. And the seahawks didn’t seem to know that either. Or care.

  • BruisingChargers

    The thing that gets me was the fact that Peyton/Bronkettes set all of those records (like Brady did in 2007) only to lose the SB in an embarrasing fashion. Imagine how Peyton felt with all of the hype leading up to this game and playing as well as they have to lose like they did? Gives me inspiration for Rivers and the Chargers this year. Rivers deserves a SB win, who wants to disagree with me? I will bet my “Bolo Tie” on it lol……………..