Denver Broncos Loss to Chargers Woke Up Their Defense

Dec 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Matthews (24) is pursued by Denver Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan (59) and defensive tackle Terrance Knighton (94) at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Chargers defeated the Broncos 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If the Denver Broncos win the Super Bowl, should they give a little bit of love over to the San Diego Chargers for waking up their sleeping defense?

Broncos DT Terrance Knighton talked about how the Broncos defense got together after the loss to the Chargers:

“The whole defense got together after the game, huddled up and guys just said how they felt about how we were playing and that it was about that time we step up and peak at the right time,” Knighton said. “I told everybody how I felt … you can’t just show up in the playoffs and start playing well.” – Pro Football Talk

So… we woke those jerks up!

The defense did well against us in our playoff matchup, but we were without Ryan Mathews in that game. That game would have been a whole lot different if Mathews were healthy. I think we would have pounded the ball down their throats. We almost made that comeback and if we got the ball one more time, we would have scored.

The Broncos defense won’t be able to hide against Marshawn Lynch in the Super Bowl. He is healthy and ready to go BEAST MODE.

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  • Lightning dont strike twice.

    You are a moron….you lost the game get over it and move on. Regardless of matthews being healthy you wouldve lost. Sorry pal hate to break it to you. When it comes down to it you are a the chargers HENCE when it comes down to it, they are the seahawks. Broncos win 28-17

    • Stefanie Smith

      You came over here to state that? Don’t delude yourself. You’re the one that cannot move on… and you had to come over here and cry about it. lol

      • Lightning dont strike twice.

        elaborate on cry please…as far as DELUDING myself, clearly im not the one writing an article about something that happened in the past. This guy is probably the only person still dwelling on that game. As far as how i will spin it if seahawks win? HEY its the NFL anything is possible but definitely unlikely. AFC west will belong to us for years to come. Biggest salary cap room in the division. Sorry you have a mediocre owner and an even worse coach. Maybe someday when you guys decide to sell the team you will get a ring. MAYBE…

        • Stefanie Smith

          The key here is that it bothered you enough to come over to THIS website and whine about it. That is what you’re doing –whining. Talking crap about some team that you say doesn’t matter. Then why are you even here?

          • Peter Thompson

            Exactly… he is all high on himself because Denver is in the Superbowl. Guys like this only show up when they are winning. You didn’t see many Donkey fans puffing their chests when they were losing a while back. Bragging rights are one thing… seeking out your rival’s fan-site to troll is just plain dooshy.

          • Lightning dont strike twice.

            no no no dont start assuming her woman…i have google alerts to my email so i clicked on the link…chargers wont be in contention for years. sad truth.

          • Stefanie Smith

            But you are still HERE. We aren’t bothering Bronco fans on their site. It bothers you enough to post on a Chargers’ site. What do you want? For Chargers’ fans to agree with you and say our team is crap? Not gonna happen. We beat the Broncos, Colts, Bengals etc. And what is your point? For Chargers’ fans to worship at the feet of Peyton Manning or whoever else is on the Broncos? Broncos are not a perfect team, Face it. Can’t fans be fans of their own teams? Or are you deciding that now?

        • Peter Thompson

          Hahahaha… McCoy used to be your OC… didn’t hear any complaints when yall were Tebowing it up. Our “even worse coach” made Orton & Tebow look awesome, and took a struggling team to the divisional round in his first year.. so, he must be doing something right.
          But yeah… you should have seen how many whine-baby Donks fans were in here “dwelling on the past” for days after the week 15 embarrassment you took. Guess it’s OK for you guys to do it… but, you are quick to call anyone else out. I wouldn’t even say that this article is dwelling on anything. Just reporting something one of your players admitted. Which was “After the Chargers disgraced us, we had a team meeting to talk about how bad we sucked”. Not sure that is dwelling on anything. I bet it is completely true.

          • Lightning dont strike twice.

            Look . You lost. thats what matters. Divisional games are ALWAYS tought regardless of the stature of the team. Regardless of a “rebuilding” team. Mccoy is gone for a reason. Keep him thats working great for you! You and everyone know that you guys did NOT belong in the playoffs…nor will you be there next year or the fallowing year…the best player on your team in the last week of regular season was the officiating int the KC game…hate to break it to you…a mistake got you into the playoffs. Not a dignifying way to get in to the post sesson bud.

          • arnie

            Look you still post on an issue that is not only in the past but your players admitted. This post is about the facts. The facts we’ve been talking about for a while.
            Let’s be clear the Chargers held the broncos to their lowest point total the entire season AND the playoffs. The Chargers are STILL the only team to beat denver at home. The “broncos defense” recognized this and stepped up.
            now they are in the Superbowl because they didn’t not take the Chargers lightly.
            Your Welcome…

          • Lightning dont strike twice.

            i can respect this comment. Agreed. I think its safe to say mccoy is a little more privie to dnevers offense thus defense can be more prepared.

          • Stefanie Smith

            So get lost, put on your Manning t-shirt and stop running around the internet calling other teams no good. Heck, the Colts and Andrew Luck beat the Broncos. Are they crap too?

          • Peter Thompson

            We lost, and we lost with dignity. I took it like a man, and all of our fans took it in stride. Even when we won, we didn’t go over to Donkeyville.. or whatever your main troll site is called… to talk smack to your fans about how bad you guys played. That’s because we’re classy, and have much better things to do with our time… like stay on our own site, and discuss it with our fellow fans.

            BTW – We got McCoy because he was too good to be an OC anymore, and was given an HC job. So far, he was the only 1st year coach to go to the divisional round in the playoffs, and completely turned our offense around. Can you please elaborate why you said he is a “bad coach”, and sucks? He made your sorry ass team look pretty darn good before Manning bailed you guys out.

            Furthermore, how “dignified” was it when the Broncos LOST their way into the playoffs a few years ago, when the division was in a shambles? Remember the year before Manning arrived? Tebow-Time & our “great” coach literally saved your season. The Broncos made it to the divisional round too that year, and didn’t deserve to be there. I don’t remember any Broncos fans talking about how they “didn’t deserve to be there” back then. A couple of tweaks later, and some key player additions, and you are in the Superbowl. Trust it… the Chargers are on that same path, and will be peaking right when Manning retires… probably sooner. If Manning wins the SB this year, I’m not sure he is coming back anyway. I just read that he is going to take another look at his neck, and see how he feels about coming back for another year. Cross your fingers, duder ; )

          • chargersfanfromswitzerland

            and the fact that ryan matthews wasnt healthy brought you to the championship game. sorry sad truth

    • Stefanie Smith

      Wonder how you will spin it if the Seahawks win. omg, that will be hilarious.

    • Peter Thompson

      Really now? Every time Mathews plays Denver, he beasts out. In fact, he beasted out on you in week 15, and we won. But, not having him in the playoff game had “zero impact” on the game? Riiigghhhtttt.. bwahahaha. I don’t think anyone here is hiding behind their Mommy’s apron, and making a ton of excuses, like all the Denver fans did when we beat your asses in week 15. You have a much more stacked team, and Charger fans realize that it’s hard to go up against that kind of firepower.. especially when you have injuries.
      Having said that… shouldn’t a team that has a ridiculous amount of depth & talent, such as Denver, blow the pants off of a team that is basically “rebuilding” like the Chargers are? Our team is an odd mixture of first & second year players, backups, undrafted rookie free agents, and aging veterans. You would think that a team like Denver, who routinely puts up 50+ points on just about everyone else, would be able to score more than 28 points against “The Chargers”, who you appear to look down upon.
      Just so you know, we all think it’s friggin’ HILARIOUS that we were the ONE team that gave you Donkey fans headaches all year, despite not even being CLOSE to 100%. If we can give your candy-asses a run for their money with this unit, I can’t wait for the next two seasons!!!! We will surely regain complete dominance of the division, once we add more playmakers. Our backups & rookies made your starters look completely foolish at times. Spanking a Superbowl contender in their own house on National Television, when you are only at 60% of your talent potential, is a great sign that you will be #1 real soon. You better hope that the Seachickens don’t win, because that Manning window is getting really tight.

    • Ernie Padaon

      Apparently this moron knows how to use punctuation and and capitalization a lot better than you. Do you feel much better that you talked smack to someone on a Chargers site for writing a story about the Chargers? Same story is on Pro Football Talk. Did you go over there to say the same thing to them? Would the game have been different with Ryan Mathews available. YES! Would the Chargers have won? I never said that.

    • FitzWilly

      Fuck Off Retard
      I hope with every fiber of my being that you idiots get blown out
      Take Captain Forehead and go jump off a bridge
      you worthless POS

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      GTFO!!!! Fuck U & all the POS fans from Pile High…You better pray your shit talking in here doesn’t come back to bite you in the ass and Seattle whoops up on your girls….Fuck all the Mannings too!!!

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      So CockBag, who won yesterday???Do yourself a favor & eat a big fat 1! See how your shit talking got karma to come back on your stupid ass???

  • Ernie Padaon

    @lightningdontstriketwice:disqus what up?

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