Aug 24, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants wide receiver Dan DePalma (15) goes after his fumble against the Chicago Bears during the second half at Metlife Stadium. The Bears won the game 20-17 Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Dan DePalma Playing the Role of Wes Welker in Chargers Practice

San Diego Chargers WR Dan DePalma has played the role of Wes Welker before on another team and is playing that role again with the Chargers. When he was a member of the New York Giants, he had to simulate Wes Welker in practice in order to prepare the Giants for their Super Bowl matchup against the New England Patriots. He did an excellent job of imitating Welker in practice and was commended by a lot of his teammates for what he was able to do. We will need him to prepare our defense in that same manner.

With DePalma lining up in the Wes Welker role on the practice field, the Chargers defense will get a good look at what the Broncos will want to do on offense with the receiver. It will help in the preparation. He is not Wes Welker, but he can do the best he can to get the guys ready for him.

The Chargers have been preparing for Welker for Sunday’s Playoff game. Welker was unable to participate in the last game against the Chargers because of a concussion, but he will be back on the field this week and will be a threat to our defense. He is the Broncos best option on 3rd down and he will be looking to get free in the secondary to move the chains. The Chargers will have plenty of attention on him in crucial situations. Welker is just one of the many weapons that the Broncos have though, so the team will be looking to get to the source of their problem first. Making Peyton Manning feel uncomfortable.

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  • Peter Thompson

    Isn’t it funny that after all of the talk about him imitating Wes Welker for New York when they played the Pats… that here he is doing the same thing for us? Even though he is practice squad, he is still useful for this when we play Denver. Every time something like this happens, my love for Tom Telesco goes up a notch.

    • shayaaa

      Yeah but honestly, isn’t this only because Royal isn’t practicing. Wouldn’t Royal (a small shifty slot receiver) be a much better imitator of Welker? If DePalma was so good at replicating Welker he would be starting on a team somewhere or be on a actual roster. Other than being white and smaller than the avg WR I just don’t get it…

      • Calman21

        I think he got injured at the beginning of the year, went on IR and received a settlement which allowed him to come back this year.

      • Peter Thompson

        I hear your point. I’m not exactly sure that the Chargers WEREN’T going to keep DePalma on the active roster. They later went out, and got other receivers.. like Robinson, and I can’t remember the other guy they got. He went to the IR before the season started.

        At any rate, this is how I see it….. somebody can LOOK like Wes Welker for a day, and do a pretty good imitation. However, BEING as consistent & talented as Wes Welker for an entire year.. well, that’s a different story. There are probably some receivers out there with Welker’s skill set, that can play as good as him for a game.. maybe two. But, they can’t do it in every game, for seasons on end, like Welker does.. otherwise you are right.. he would be on another team’s roster already. All I know is that I have heard players & coaches from the New York Giants talk about how he was able to emulate Welker almost identically in practice. Now, we have our own coaching staff doing it, too. There has to be something to it, or it wouldn’t keep coming up. Just an opinion.

        • shayaaa

          I agree with your sentiment… Sometimes it just seems like people see a small white receiver and think, “Oh that guy must be a ‘Welker’ type.”

          • Peter Thompson

            I completely agree. It’s strange that New England seems to “manufacture” small white receivers. Welker leaves, and now Edleman is playing lights out. Must be a Boston thing.. or maybe “a Belichik thing” would be more accurate.. lol.

          • shayaaa

            Not to mention that little white RB we stole from them. DANNY FUGGIN WOODHEAD. How can you not love that guy?

          • Peter Thompson

            Hahaha… yes we did!!!! I laughed my ass off last night, while watching NFL Replay of the Broncos beat down. Mike Mayock said “”Woodhead looks like my 11 year old paperboy”. Friggin hilarious!

  • Derek

    Gotta suck for this guy living on Welkers coat tails. Hope he fixes his hands by next season, love to see him mature to a Malcolm floyd in career not play style

    • Ernie Padaon

      yea. he had a bunch of drops in preseason. i was rooting for him too

    • Peter Thompson


  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    I believe DePalma is a first team talent. His hands are great and route running clean. He was hurt in preseason. Could be a starter next season if not with BOLTS than with some other team.