Chad Johnson Offering to Buy Up Bengals Playoff Tickets In Order To Reach a Sellout

Dec 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) runs for a first down against the Kansas City Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I guess the San Diego Chargers are not a good draw out in Cincinnati. The same can be said about the Bengals in San Diego. The only game that the Chargers were unable to sellout this season was against the Bengals and the game was blacked out. The Bengals have about 10,000 tickets still available for the game. Sounds like a San Diego type of problem!

Have no fear, someone will buy out the rest of the tickets in order for the game to be televised to the rest of Cincinnati. Chad Johnson has offered to buy up the tickets:

I hope Johnson does buy up the tickets and the Bengals fans don’t come out for the game. Keep it that much more quieter for us when we arrive.

I am expecting Philip Rivers and the San Diego offense to keep that crowd pretty quiet anyway during the game. Time to make some noise! We are going to make some big things happen!

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  • 619chargers4life

    I thought it was rough here in SD , sheesh. Can’t even sell out a playoff game . That’s messed up ! We gonna spank em anyway and they know it lol

  • Tyler Hedrick

    Just like earlier in the season when you guys… Oh… wait.. No… that’s right you lost to us.. CANT wait to have SD on our undefeated home turf this year. Like taking candy from a baby

    • Rob Base

      We shall see Tyler. Happy New Year!

    • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

      I LOVE your confidence T. It’s great to be underestimated. Looking forward to a great game from both sides. BOLT UP!

    • arnie

      the least team that tried to mail it in, lost to us the second time. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
      That turf is undefeated in the REGULAR SEASON, this is the playoffs.

      • Jason Seibel

        Actually, that team almost beat you with a complete team of second stringers and you needed not one, but two huge, botched calls by the officials to win it…in OVERTIME! Your arrogance will be your downfall.

        • arnie

          And your lack of understanding “facts” in “context” will be yours.
          Context; laugh all you want, the facts are a team uses film to study their opponents, and prepare for what may come. Unfortunately, how do you study film on players that haven’t played?
          Facts; Bottom line, Wining is Wining. It don’t matter if you win by a missed field goal, back-ups, botched calls or, in overtime. It was W for the Bolts. As for Back-ups? Look, everyone believes the Chargers players aren’t good enough to be back-ups on any other roster. So, that means it was an evenly matched game or, should the other 8 teams they beat be embarrassed?

          Lastly, when do refs “NOT” blow calls? The lesson here, win more games. “Ice up son, ice up”.

    • Peter Thompson

      Yep… you can already chalk it up as yet another playoff win for the Bengals. .. Oh wait… when was the last playoff game yall won? It was SOOOOOO long ago. To put it in perspective, it was when the Bungles beat the Oilers 24 years ago… bwahaha! No wonder the game won’t sell out.

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  • Alphonse Lucious

    This is our year man, i can feel it. If anyone knows about our team, they know that we r at our best when under the radar. I wont call it a cinderella story but this will be the season i feel will end with a parade in the great city of san diego and begin next yeardefending the title……..MARK MY WORDS!!! Is this the best team weve had, not in the least bit……but we r the hungriest in the playoffs. Ask the Giants (twice), sometimes thats all it takes to bring home the hardware. Lets eat Bolts…….Bengal on the menu, followed by a Bronco horse then whoever has the nuts to see us in the AFC Championship!!!

    • Tyler Hedrick

      I like your guys confidence as well, but the last time we went undefeated at home was in 1981, freezer bowl baby and we went all the way to the big game. If I do recall… It was by knocking you fellas out in the AFC champ game… history repeats perhaps? ; )

      • Ernie Padaon

        Welcome to our board… Your smack talk is welcome here. Much better than any raiders fan

      • billy

        yeah coming off of one of the greatest and grueling football games of all time. had the weather not been such a factor im sure fouts and winslow would have finished business. i also remember that season the chargers defeating the 49ers something the bengals could not do.

      • arnie

        More like history being re-written. The forecast is 39degrees, that’s skiing whether in Cali. Besides I hear the bengals are having trouble selling out the game? Maybe the fans see the writing on the wall, a Chargers Win! See you on Sunday GO BOLTS!

    • Stefanie Smith

      Alphonse, you’re right. I got that feeling yesterday and today. I didn’t feel that right away, but something is happening. Jordon(?) Babineaux said the Chargers should be feared because they are a good team and playing well right now and have some luck mixed in there. Kriegel said the Chargers should be feared, too. I don’t know what it is exactly, but yeah, there is this feeling. No one expects it.. but I think Chargers will end up beating the Bengals. How? I have no clue.

      • Stefanie Smith

        If we win, don’t we play the Patriots? That’s how they have it on I could be confused though. Colts or Chiefs (winner of that round) play the Broncos next week.

        • Ernie Padaon

          We play broncos if we win… If the Bengals win, they would play the Patriots

          • Stefanie Smith

            10-4. Thanks, Ernie.

          • arnie

            It will go like this Stefanie Bengals, Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks.
            Can you see a pattern?

  • arnie

    Chad has money? The City is just going mail in a playoff game? They think this is in the bag? Do they realize the Chargers grounded the high flying passing attack, and only won by a TD? if it wasn’t for two blow coverage assignments the Bengals score three points.
    I love it! going to be a great game.

    • billy

      cant forget gates two fluke fumbles in the red zone.

      • arnie

        You said it, “fluke”.
        (unlikely chance occurrence, esp. a surprising piece of luck)

  • Stefanie Smith

    Slightly off the subject: Man, was Spanos excited. He kept saying that the fans came out in full force. He said when he was on the field somebody would try to talk to him and you couldn’t hear, because the fans were loud. He loved it.

    I hope they win against the Bengals, but seriously, I am so proud of these guys. They did not give up on themselves when some of us had already started to plan for next year. They want to make some noise and give it a good go. The players are on board and I hope they (COACHES and players) let it rip. Pull another Eric Weddle and get a little crazy. It’s a good thing sometimes.

  • Peter Thompson

    Shouldn’t Chad be saving his money for his next girlfriend-beating lawsuit?

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