Dec 22, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle (32) celebrates after a win against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 26-13. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers: I Believe

I had written a post with this same title before the season started.  I had many reasons to believe.  I mentioned the off season moves, the ability of our veteran players, the abilities of the new players we had drafted and of course, our new coaching staff.  Also, I never quit believing in Philip Rivers or Ryan Mathews and I took a lot of heat in here for keeping the faith for those two.  I may have been a little off kilter due to too much of my Chargers kool-aid when I thought we would go 14-2 on our trip to the playoffs, but I still think that could have been possible if not for a few key mistakes.

The good news is, that even though the Bolts made mistakes and lost games during the season, that those mistakes were corrected and all of the planets came into alignment in December.  Man, oh man, the Chargers and Philip Rivers are the boys of December if any team ever was and I could not be more excited that we are headed back to the playoffs.  This will be the first time since 2009!

My throat is so sore from all of the yelling, my legs hurt from all of the jumping around and my heart is full of happiness for the hard fight and the win yesterday.  I cannot remember a more exciting day of football – ever.  I’m sure the actual players are in varying sorts of pain, but they all have smiles on their faces as well.

So, thanks for hanging in there with us Chargers faithful!  See you in Cinci on Sunday!


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  • PakMaN

    +1! I listen to ESPN Radio and The mighty 1090 from LA. I think it was Darren Smith who said this one is for the fans. We have literally had our hearts ripped out on week 17th for too long.

    • PakMaN

      wtf? lol I posted this, why did it show up as guest?

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        That happens to me sometimes when I’m on my phone.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    We can beat the Bengals, Dalton turns the ball over like crazy but we really really need to generate a good pass rush, yesterday was one of those games that QB hurries were a stat that didn’t matter. Ingram/Reyes were so close to nailing Daniels it just seemed like he has amazing pocket awareness cause he made us look bad similar to Jake Locker did but thank God we pulled this one off. Great game, Great season

    • arnie

      The Chargers can beat ANY team in AFC playoffs right now.

  • Derek

    The key to the bengals game is no mistakes and controlling the line of scrimmage from both Oline and d line. Their d line has been weakened by injury but their Oline is very strng and they have no problem winning despite Andy dalton they’ve done it all season. If we can take away the running game we can do this. Zimmers schemes are good and burficit reacts to the run well but one thing I’ve seen from these chargers is we can win tough games.

  • PakMaN

    Over the years, I have heard people who claim to be fans of other teams talk all kinds of shit about Charger fans. Saying you guys always have black outs, you never show up to games, you guys play better on the road then at home due to the opposing team’s fans outnumbering your own…etc.

    But after 4 fucking years, of having our heart ripped out year after year of not making the post season due to 1 game. To watching Norv and AJ slowly kill any momentum/pride this team and it’s fan base had by making stupid play calls and time management issues, to shipping out anyone on this team who’s seen the probowl. Were here boys and girls, we’re finally here. I recall PR’s interview a few years ago when he said all it takes is for you to get to the play offs, you just need those 1 or 2 games that’ll get you in. And from there anything and anyone can take it!

    I am getting way ahead of myself, but I fucking said it! I said if this team, regardless of the talent can get hot at the right time (nov/dec) and win out and get into the post season. We are capable of beating any team! We are the only team who can say they have beat the #1 and 2 teams in the AFC this year.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Dude, you must have missed the sweet spot. I got my seats in Club 35 in June. They were not there in May, then in June, bam! Make sure you talk to Makeala, she will hook you up.

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        ps. thanks for the passionate response. This is what this site is all about.

  • Blue&gold_blood

    Me and Pete never gave up hope either. I recall saying that once Chargers made it in the playoffs , that I would slap silly any hater jumping on the ban wagon off and all those nfl analyst for talking so much crap and doubting the chargers . Pete also said he would be doing the same lol… It’s about that time . Chargers got this win at Cincy.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      I can’t wait to see you and Pete throw down with some haters! ha ha

      • Blue&gold_blood

        I’m from LA so I deal with the Raider garbage every day, and yesterday I dealt with some Chiefs fan ( believe it or not ) but think those guys from yesterday just jumped on the chiefs wagon lol

        I try my hardest to keep it fun and peaceful . But ignorant people that don’t know what they talking about and show no respect tick me off quick lol specially the haters that just like to talk shit

  • Cgoodness13

    I’m having my tattoo guy working on my chargers Super Bowl 2013/2014 design :p

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Can’t wait to see it!

  • arnie

    Cindi, I was one of those people that felt 14-2 was far fetched, at the end of the day all i could think, why not us? After seeing them in Camp this season, I strongly believed this team could win 10 games. It appears I was off by 1. In that I made the case a wildcard was not far off the mark with ten wins.
    So to all the 3-13, 5-11, 6-10, 8-8 where you at?
    Cindi they did not go 14-2, but you did believe, the day and victory go to you.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Why, thank you kind sir, but the day and this trip to the playoffs is for all of us. I am so flucking pumped up! Woo Hoo!!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    I never made any public predictions. I just left the light on for those who had lost hope, and kept the positive playoff articles flowing. I refused to concede defeat, until we were mathematically eliminated. The NFL is a crazy place. Anything can happen, and it did. We have a lot of young players that are going to be here for a while. They are all about to get their first taste of the playoffs. And once you taste it, you develop a hunger. This team will be hungry for a while. Our Vets need to settle these youngsters down on Sunday.

    P.S. – Sorry Takeo… but, there may actually be something to that curse after all. Doh!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Chargers lost one game more than what I thought they would. But the direction they are on was expected from the get go with me. Spanos wised up and hired Ron Wolfe to do the hiring of our General Manager. That alone showed me personally that this was going to be a special season. Thanks to Tom Telesco, Mike McCoy, Wisenhunt, Frank R, O line Coach D, even Pagano. CHARGERS ARE BOLTING TOWARDS EXCELLENCE! BOLT UP!