Dec 22, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle (32) after an interception during the first half against the Oakland Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers Defense is Progressing

The San Diego Chargers have been on a roll of late and they still have a pulse for the playoffs. The defense has to get props for what they have been able to do late in the season. They are progressing. They are making stops. They are making plays. That interception by Eric Weddle off of Matt McGloin shifted the momentum.

The linebackers are hitting. The youngsters are progressing. Manti Te’o is getting better and better with playing time. He is able to play more instinctual on the field and is getting in better positions to make plays. Donald Butler is a physical force in the middle.

The addition of Melvin Ingram has been a breath of fresh air to the defense. He is moving at a different speed as everyone else on the field. He has fresh legs and he has worked his way around the tackle a few times against the Raiders. He is getting pressure on the quarterback and will be a huge asset if we are able to sneak into the playoffs.

The players in the secondary are settling into their roles. Marcus Gilchrist looks comfortable as the nickel back and Jahleel Addae is getting more reps at the strong safety spot. Eric Weddle has been able to roam around more of late and is getting his hands on the football. Shareece Wright is matched up against the opposing team’s top receivers and he has been able to slow them down.

The defensive line is getting aggressive and they are occupying linemen. Corey Liuget is occupying a pair of linemen and is finding ways to beat them still.

This defense is hitting it’s stride right now. They will need to make plays against the Chiefs this weekend. Hopefully we can get a little bit of luck and we can see this defense make some plays in the playoffs.

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  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Random question, is anybody else possibly returning from our early injuries? How’s Stevie Williams doing? They were all IR’d so im guessing they are all toast.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Pagano has saved his job, as I have mentioned before I wish he made his key adjustments like Lissemore & Marshall in the starting lineup a month earlier, but the progress made the last 4 games cannot be undersold and it has assured that Pagano is the DC in 2014.

    • Peter Thompson

      I think you are right. He has them playing very well right now, and a month ago we were talking about how un-talented this unit was… now that I have talked a boat-load of smack about him, and this defense… they suddenly turn it around. I am still not a fan of how long it took him to adjust, though. I feel the same about Whisenhunt. If they both end up being our coordinators next season, I won’t squeal too loud. But, if I see another season of missed opportunities, and blown coaching decisions… I will be calling for both of their heads again.. and it won’t matter to me how much they turn it around at the end of the season. The road to the playoffs should have been much easier for this team. I will give them a mulligan, as everything is so new on this team. They have to be wiser… PR simply doesn’t have time for these two to “figure out” what they should already know. Plain & simple.

      • diomar espinal

        we had this discussion about a month back Peter. But isnt it funny that are defense is starting to progress now that we started playing alot more cover 2? Not only that but it also helps tremendously that Sean Lissemore doesnt get pushed back 7 yards into the LBs every play like Cam lol

        • Peter Thompson

          Agreed.. although Cam is still acknowledged as the “starter” on the Raiders game TV broadcast. ??? Having Melvin creepin up behind QB’s is $$$$… hahaha. They feel the pitta patta of T-Rex feet behind em. He almost forced a TO on that strip sack on McGloin. Playing cover two works… especially when you have Butler, Johnson, Melvin, and Gilchrist & Weddle playing where they should be. Having said that, Shareece looked out of synch tho, and quite honestly. . there were a couple close ones that were flat out dropped by the Raiders. That one where Stucky almost got burnt, but somehow forced the ball out in the endzone was a little too close for comfort, and could havr gone either way. Good performance by the D, but lucky breaks, and awful Raiders penalties kept us out of harms way, if I have to be truthful. It reminded me of the Indy game, where their receivers kept dropping easy catches all night. Not ready to hang my hat on that. .. but a W was nice.

          • diomar espinal

            that play that stuckey forced the incompletion in the endzone(which i though was a TD) showed me exactly why he doesnt get on the field more. From what i recall we were once again in 2 deep zone, and somehow Stuckey is nowhere to be found? If you cant be counted on to play a simple 2 deep zone then you dont belong on the field and quite frankly its sad because hes one of our more athletic players on the defensive side of the ball. But yea Peter overall i said it for months and months i said it to you and Ernie because i saw it since the preseason. Our cover 2 works very well and makes opposing QBs have to hold the ball longer then they want. Imagine next year if Pagano keeps his head out his ass and actually continues to use the cover 2 with players like freeney and ingram coming off the edge and with maybe a new corner to go along side shareece and Stevie in the slot. I think it has the potential to be a top 12 defense and maybe better. People dont see the sack totals with freeney and think hes washed up, But one thing he does on passing downs for certain is collapse the pocket and make the QB have to move his feet.

  • Cgoodness13

    Honestly though, look at all the possible candidates for DC next year (D.Allen, R.Ryan, L.Smith, etc) why would McCoy settle for a Norv clone when theirs better options available? I still question Paganos play calling (Teo covering a slot without any safety help for example). Don’t mean to be a negative nancy but Pagano took too long to make changes to his starters and his schemes that I do think he should be fired.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    5…That how many games I think the Chargers should have won (Texans, Titans, Bengals, Dolphins, and Skins) and they wouldn’t be in this situation right now…..Next season, if Pagano and Whiz produce the same mediocre results, they better get canned….
    They still need some players, NT, OL, CB, OLB…..
    Man are we ever gonna see Taylor???
    Go Chargers!!!