Dec 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) hands off to running back Ryan Mathews (24) in the fourth quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The San Diego Chargers defeated the Denver Broncos 27-20. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Mission: Impossible – Chargers Playoff Hopes Slipping Away

Sadly, it seems that the playoff situations are slowly slipping out of our hands. The losses against the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans all are holding us back now and we can only sit and watch while the Miami Dolphins keep finding ways to win their games.

The mission seems impossible in order to make the playoffs at this point. We have to see the Miami Dolphins fold in their final 2 games of the season and we have to win our final 2 games. We still need to see the Baltimore Ravens fall down a couple of times also. That seems more likely though. The Miami Dolphins have the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets left on their schedule. We have to root for the Bills and the Jets to take care of our business while the Patriots were unable to get the job done for us.

We have games against the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs left on the schedule, but I have a lot more confidence in us winning those games than having the Miami Dolphins folding.

We need a Christmas miracle!

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  • Campbell Parker

    Miracles do happen, but in the end the Bolts will have to live with the results as they are the ones that played the games. I do think the mentality of the team is moving towards the positive. A couple more good drafts & this team will be back in the hunt.

    • Peter Thompson

      And some more playing time to. I think that a lot of folks underestimate the amount of time it takes for a team to get it’s legs underneath itself, while learning a completely new system. I believe that is why we are suddenly seeing the performances we have seen over the last four weeks. Except for the Bengals game, we played great against the Chiefs, Broncos, and Giants. They are slowly starting to put more complete games together. I think our first glimpse was in Indy. Now we are starting to see them string them together. If this team was playing the way they are now, at the beginning of the season, we would be a top seeded team.

  • PakMaN

    We have missed the post season in 3 of the last 4 years by 1 game. We haven’t watched our team play in January in over 4 years.

    • tubbs45
      • PakMaN

        God damn I wanted Norv to eat his words!

        • Peter Thompson

          I think he has to anyway. The new regime has already equaled last year’s record, and with a bunch of newbies, guys off the street, and depth players due to injury. He went 13-3, 9-7, 8-8, 7-9 in the last four seasons. If we had gotten 6 wins this season (like so many people were pessimistically predicting), then Norv may have had a point. If nothing else, TT & McCoy have stopped the bleeding, and made some really refreshing changes this season. Gutting a rotten team, and building a contender takes time. There is so much that I am excited about now. I think we all knew this season was going to be turbulent, even if we were surprised with a shot at the playoffs.. which we (somehow) still have. We were done in the first week of December last season. That is automatically improvement.

        • arnie

          He is. Don’t they have 4 wins under his play callin in cleveland?

          • PakMaN

            I agree, that team was stacked. If that guy was such a genius he would have had 2 rings on his hand at the moment.

  • tubbs45

    I find myself routing for some very odd combinations of teams…

  • vct

    Wish we could trade gates and green to the pats for just that game even tho trade deadline is over lol.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Actually, if we win the rest of our games, and don’t make the playoffs, we will end up 9-7. That is progress. We have the makings of a team right now. Need to bring a few pieces together, stop screwing with things that aren’t broken (always thinking the next draft will save us). If we get to 9-7 that means we already have a decent team, that will win those games that we lost last year. We need to work on being powerful and consistent and stop with the continual rebuilding. We have the pieces if we get to 9-7. Stabilize the situation, stop continually screwing with it and get strong.

    It’s been awhile since we have been to post season, but still we (the fans) have to stop thinking like losers. We are there. It took us a little time to adjust to a new coaching staff. A 9-7 season (assuming we do that) is nothing to hang our heads about.

    • Peter Thompson

      Great comments Stef! Even at 8-8, it is a success for the new regime in my eyes. Simply because we would be trending upward, instead of slowly losing one more game a year, while depleting the roster like Norv & AJ did. (Last 4 seasons under Norv – 13-3, 9-7, 8-8, 7-9). A handful of close losses is better than total blowouts (Caroilina & Atlanta last season), unprecedented meltdowns (Denver Broncos last season), and total ineptitude (4th & 29 against the Ravens last season). I guess we DID have the Redskins & Titans this year, but those aren’t going to be joked about endlessly by the trolls who come in here on a regular basis. I never thought we would hear the end of the Denver meltdown, and 4th & 29… don’t even get me started on the Norv & AJ insults we had to stomach! I knew it was bad when we had trolls actually sympathizing with us for having Norv & AJ at the helm! It was really bad… I don’t feel that way anymore, and that “sick feeling” we all used to get is slowly going away… even if it isn’t completely gone yet.

  • Sergio Quintero

    I predicted 9 wins, I promised to myself I would be happy if they did that well. They can and should cover that, the season has played out differently than I expected. The defense was supposed to carry this team this year and into the future. This was supposed to be the pro bowl year for Corey Liuget & Donald Butler, and the breakout year for Reyes, Wright and Te’o was supposed to be a rookie of the year candidate. It took them 13 games to figure out what type of defense they are, and it cost them the playoffs, but if they can carry it over I confidently expect them to be in the playoffs in 2014.

    The Panthers closed 2012 very strongly, and they appear to have taken that momentum to a 10 plus win season and a super bowl contender. So play out the remaining games the best you can, and find the team you are supposed to be for 2014.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i was right there with you. Predicted 9, but thought that the defense would be much stronger than it is. I was also hoping for 9 and the playoffs!

      • Sergio Quintero

        There exists the very real possibility that even 10 wins wouldn’t have gotten this team in the playoffs, Miami will be favored in their 2 remaining games, if they win 10 games, even if the chargers won the Redskins game they would still be out. You can’t count on 9 wins being enough.

        • Peter Thompson

          You are absolutely right, Sergio! The AFC is weak this year, so it was a real possibility that we could make it. However, sometimes even TEN wins isn’t enough!!! Look at the Bears last season. They went 10-6, missed the playoffs, and fired Lovie. Take a look at those apples, if you want to talk about the harsh realities of the NFL.

    • diomar espinal

      sucks that it took pagano 13 weeks to figure out that a simple cover 2 defense was best for his players and this team. I said it was our best defense since the preseason. Hopefully the rest of the year he continues to use it and avoids that stupid cover 3

      • Sergio Quintero

        Pagano being slow on the adjustments is my biggest frustration for 2013:
        - Cox is playing horribly it took to game 12 to permanently bench him.
        - It took 150 yards rushing in one half against the Bengals (game 12) to finally admit maybe I should start Lissemore over Thomas.
        - It took till week 13, to consistently see Liuget & Reyes play one gap penetrating, and to trim down their first down snaps. If you watch the Giants & Broncos games, you will see Thomas, Lissemore and Guy playing in running downs, and Liuget & Reyes almost exclusively play nickel.
        - It took till week 13 to make 2 deep zone the basis of their pass coverage.

        If these adjustments were made weeks in advance the chargers would have 1-3 more wins.

        • diomar espinal

          your spot on about everything you said man and it sucks because we could easily have 10 or 11 wins right now if he adjusted faster. One thing i have to ask your thoughts on though. You saw that TD Richard Marshall gave up when he was on an island vs the broncos. These were basically the same long gains and TDs that Derrick Cox had been giving up all season. That being said dont you think Derrick would benefit if he were starting again from this scheme change. i argued this before with Pete . I argued that although Derrick has played horrible i knew the scheme we were using didnt fit him. Now that we are employing the scheme he is best suited for he is not playing. I believe deep down he is still an upgrade in our deep cover 2 man coverage over Richard Marshall, although ill say richard is a significant upgrade in zone cushion coverage because he is a better tackler. Let me know what you think.

          • Sergio Quintero

            I think corners that lose their confidence have a hard time getting back into the game, even Antonio Cromartie lost all his mojo 2008 after Brandon Marshall torched him.

            So the fact the chargers have made a concerted effort to get him on the field as little as possible for the last 2 weeks; I think the divorce papers have been served, he being cut is a formality.

            I think its virtually a certainty the chargers will draft a CB in the first 2 rounds, the only question is will that rookie start or be gradually integrated and start the season behind Marshall.

    • Peter Thompson

      I am giving them a mulligan, as everything was new.. players, coaching, systems.. you name it… it was a complete overhaul to the point where everyone wanted to call it “re-building”.. even Ladanian Tomlinson is still saying that. 7-7 for a “rebuilding team” is pretty good, when you look at other teams that are rebuilding, like the Raiders & the Browns.

  • Tazzster

    Sad thing is, we just needed a couple of plays to be in the playoffs. A run play at the one yard line against Washington. And better defense against the Titans with 27 seconds to play…. ugh.

    Good news is that this team is moving in the right direction. If we can add a few pieces on defense next year, we should be looking at 11 wins (or better) and the playoffs.
    But there is still hope… It would be nice to make the playoffs just to see if we could make some noise, because the boys are playing pretty good right now.

    • Sergio Quintero

      Jay Paris was talking about this team, being a mirror image of 2005 team, that was talented and played up & down to competition, and unclutch in tight games. Among the highlights of that team was breaking the Patriots long home winning streak & beating the 13-0 Colts at home. They also had a late season close loss to the Dolphins that cost them the playoffs, sounds familiar. As we know the 2006 team went 14-2, we can hope 2014 is that good, with better luck than 2006 team in the playoffs.

    • Peter Thompson

      Agreed. If we are missing the playoffs by a smidgen, that is much better than we did last year. We were already 4-8 when we played The Bengals in the first week of December last season. At least we are inching closer. If the Chiefs hadn’t have had a miracle turnaround this year, there would be 2 playoff spots open. It looks like we could sweep them, too! I would love for us to end up 4-2 in the division this season, even if we don’t make the playoffs. Personally, I think that Raider game was a fluke. We really should have gone 5-1 in the division. Since the road to the playoffs goes through your division (usually), I am glad we are still able to win in our own division. Let’s sweep these last two, and show the AFC West who is the bully on the block!!!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    I look at it this way. This team is already as good as Norv Turner’s team last year, but without the extra baggage, and is trending in the right direction. We dumped Gaither, Meachem, Bigby, Jammer, Cason, Dombrowski, Tyrone Green, Brinkly, Battle, Molk, and a few other players that were not cut out for this squad. We took some players that were on the bench or backups last season (Ladarius, Troutman, Thomas, English) and found out if they could play. Some worked out wonderfully, others did not. We found out that Mathews & Rivers AREN’T broken.. it was Norv’s system that was broken. We got a HECK of an o-line coach! We even got SuperMel back in record time!!! Not to mention, if all of the players that got knocked out early this season come back healthy next year (Freeney, Taylor, Alexander, Floyd, Steve Williams, Jerideau, Mouton, Willie, Gronkowski, DePalma), this team will look a whole lot better, even if some of them are depth players.

    I know people don’t want to hurt our draft stock, but going 9-7 would be a really huge success, especially with what was dealt to Telesco when he got here, and the injuries that were suffered all year long. Going from 7-9 to 9-7 would receive a BIG round of applause for Mike McCoy. If we lose Ken Whisenhunt, so what? I think we would be pretty attractive to a new high-profile coordinator at 9-7, don’t you think? All of our games were close. Mistakes were made, but we never got blown out. And that is something I was very glad to see change. We never lost by more than 10 points. Remember the Panthers & Atlanta, games last season? Talk about embarrassing! A lot of our other losses were by a margin of 7-10 points, or greater, as well. (Broncos twice, Bucs, Bengals, Saints). Small improvements, but improvements, regardless.

    • Sergio Quintero

      In terms of draft stock this might be a year it wont hurt that much, one of the deepest positions in the draft is cornerback with Justin Gilbert, Jason Verrett, Darkeze Dennard, Loucheiz Purefoy, Bradley Roby & Aaron Colvin all have very similar mid first to late first round grades. At worst you get access just one of the first 3 mentioned by the chargers pick.

      Or if you go pass rusher I don’t think there is a huge gap between Trent Murphy, Vic Beasley or Kyle Van Noy. By the chargers pick should get a clear shot at Murphy and Van Noy.

      • Peter Thompson

        Call it a hunch, Sergio… but, something tells me that we won’t pick a pass rusher, or a CB in the first. I just get this feeling TT surprises us again… except we won’t have the same reaction we did when he picked Fluker, now that we have seen what a great player he is.

  • Steven Jeffrey Ross

    Complete and utter denial all of you…The Chargers have accomplished Nothing yet again other than proven 100% that they will Never, ever win a thing with Rivers as QB, who is clearly a spoiled rotten under achieving child !!!

    He cannot scramble for beans and may be one the best passing QB’s ever and that’s where that all ends…

    The Play calling which he himself provided over most of the course of this season is / was some of the worst ever called in NFL history, the coaching staff as well, just incredibly dumb decisions and field goal kicking at the most useless of times yet again and just deplorable play calling !!!

    That is one franchise right there that is dying an even slower death now because of Fans whom just flat out refuse to come up from the bowels of their own constant and complete Denial !!!

    Philip Rivers is the Carey Price of the NFL and he will Never ever win a thing for this team !!!

    • Sergio Quintero

      I have to ask what team do you root for Steven?, if you root for chargers, I have some bad news for you, because Rivers will be the QB for 2014. In terms of the playcalling that responsibility falls under Ken Whisenhunt, who almost certainly will be hired by another franchise to be their head coach because of the brilliance of his playcalling. If you believe he’s brilliant or not, he’s well above average in his playcalling in my book. And he took the Cardinals to the Super Bowl, that alone means the guy is pretty smart and well above average at his job.

      If you root for another team, we get it Rivers rubs you the wrong way, you can’t stand the guy, if you want express your anger & vitriol a chargers forum is not really the place. I’m sure you will find a lot of other teams’ pages to get your anger & frustration about Rivers fully appreciated.

      • arnie

        You forgot to mention, Whiz has a Superbowl ring as the Steelers play caller. Just sayin’ to rub it in for the guy that is cluless…..


    I knew after the Redskins game that we wouldn’t be making the playoffs.
    We’ve lost to some of the worst teams in the league.
    I knew it would come back to haunt us.