Dec 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead (39) carries the ball as he tries to get past New York Giants outside linebacker Jacquian Williams (57) during first half action at Qualcomm Stadium. Woodhead had 50 receiving yards and 42 yards on the ground in the Chargers win. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Power Rankings: Chargers at 18

The Chargers are not going to get any love from the power rankings at this time. We are in need of some miracles to happen in order to make the playoffs, but we have a chance at getting this thing over to a winning record. The Chargers currently rank in at 18 on the ESPN power rankings and here is the little blurb they placed on the team.

The signing of Danny Woodhead elicited about as much excitement as a Jim Kleinsasser touchdown run, but no one can deny his contribution to the Chargers this season. He gained 94 yards from scrimmage and scored a touchdown on just 11 touches in Sunday’s win over the Giants — and now has 65 receptions on the year. The Bolts are still alive.

The more interesting part of the power rankings for Chargers fans can be seen at the very bottom of it. The last two teams on the power rankings are the Houston Texans and the Washington Redskins. Sadly, those are a couple of teams that we have lost to this season and could mean our doom for the chances at the playoffs. We lost games against the two worst teams in the league. The consistency just has not been there for the Chargers this year.

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  • Peter Thompson

    You hit it right on the money. I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday, when I was looking at the Fansided power rankings. That loss against the Texans didn’t seem so bad back then… until they WEREN’T Superbowl contenders!!! Even the Redskin loss didn’t sink in, until I watched the Niners AND Chiefs dismantle them. Such a bummer to have given up those wins over being stubborn to a point of stupidity. I could even absorb the Texans game, as it was the first game of the season, and we were fielding a brand new squad. But, the Skins game was just unforgiveable.. plain & simple. If we lose on tie-breakers.. THAT will be the game everyone will point to.

    • Ernie Padaon

      those games were in the palm of our hands too! such a sad thing!

      • Derek

        Washington yes texans no that was prob Shaubs best game this yr

  • Peter Thompson


    • tubbs45
    • Ernie Padaon

      Ha… Thanks Brotha

      • FitzWilly

        Well fuck me with a fire-hose
        We have the same B-day :)
        Happy B-Day E-Pad

        • Ernie Padaon

          Shut up!!! Happy bday

          • FitzWilly

            If we beat the Donkeys on thursday, that would be the best B-day gift ever :)

  • tubbs45

    The texans and Washigton were tough…. but the RAIDERS game…. THE FUCKIN HURT BAD!!!!

  • bk

    Let me respond to ESPN’s tongue-in-cheek comment about Danny Woodhead the “contributor.” I begin by quoting a Charger player, whose name escapes me, when he recently said to a reporter, “Danny Woodhead means everything to us as a team.” That sounds a bit more important than just a contributor…..Danny Woodhead set the all time 4 year rushing record in all of collegiate and university football in the history of American collegiate sports. He tore up Division II. His record has since been eclipsed which happens to records. At Chadron State University in northwest Nebraska (Division II) he was awarded the Harlan Hill Trophy 2 of his 4 years, which award is the counterpart to the Heisman Trophy in Division I…..Danny is an awesome football player, and now has finally joined a team whose coaches know how to use him. McCoy and (Wise)nhunt saw his trophy caliber and have (wise)ly placed him where he is lethal….But the fact is, each and every player on the Chargers is only as good as the TEAM enables him to be. Every part is critically important to the whole!!! There are no contributors on the Chargers, but only SUPER IMPORTANT TEAM PLAYERS….Danny will always have this stupid HOBBIT STIGMA attached to his name because of his size. Those of us who have watched him in his collegiate and professional career know better. He is a giant talent among giants…..ESPN is about as objective as a severely shortsighted myopic. This is the same network who features Tiger Woods ad nauseum when he is 10 strokes off the lead, while the front runners get by-the-way token comments. ESPN is about as prejudiced and subjective as a network can be. So much for Danny Woodhead as a contributor.

    • arnie

      When football experts say they are looking for “good football players”, they ALL have taken one look at Woodheads size, and immediately are looking at the wrong thing.

  • davacho

    in our defense, we played houston at their best this season… washington though… yah, i got nothing.

  • Derek

    Houston we were still getting a feel for what works and what doesn’t, new coaches new starters. Washington like the bengals when in doubt ran up the middle or picked on cox. If we can fix those 2 spots this offseason it’s sb time