Dec 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) scores a touchdown past New York Giants middle linebacker Jon Beason (52) during second half action at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers have 4.06% Chance to Make The Playoffs

Based off of this site called, the Chargers have a 4.06% chance to make the playoffs at this point. DANG! So you’re saying there is a chance?!

Even after a win against the Broncos on Thursday the Chargers chances go up only 3.75%. We need a ton of help in order to make the playoffs.

There still is hope, but we can only control the games that we play. We have the Broncos on Thursday and we have to hope that the teams that are ahead of us falter. The Miami Dolphins are facing off against the New England Patriots this weekend. The Patriots lost their number 1 receiver this season when Rob Gronkowski went down with an injury. We will have to hope Tom Brady pulls that game off for us.

We also have to hope the defending champs falter at home against the Detroit Lions.

If they both lose, we still would only be tied with those teams and we don’t hold many tie breakers against these teams. We need a lot of things to go right, but we have seen miracles work in our favor before.

First things first… BEAT THE BRONCOS!

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  • PakMaN

    In Rivers we trust. Except for my fantasy league, I’m going peyton!

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahaha….. i have peyton also. I lost my playoff game in a league where i have peyton, ap, aj green and eddie lacy! UGH!!!!!

      • Peter Thompson

        This is why fantasy football needs to die… it gets fans rooting for the wrong people / teams to do well… even against their own team!!! It messes up the whole “global consciousness” of Chargers energy from fans that are wishing for the Broncos to lose, and Manning to have an awful day. If everyone were wishing for the same thing, it would come true… but, now that Ernie, PakMaN, and whoever else are wishing for good fantasy stats, it gives the Broncos more collective “winning” energy.

        Everybody… please thank Ernie, for making sure the Broncos win on Thursday, so he can have good fantasy stats…

        THANKS ERNIE!!!!!!

        • Stefanie Smith

          I bench any fantasy players going against the Chargers. I cannot do it. Maybe Welker or Decker is all I put in. And even if I really think the Chargers would lose, I always pick the Chargers. I feel too guilty otherwise.

          I had the Chicago defense a few weeks ago and it got me -2 points. lol

          • Peter Thompson


        • Ernie Padaon

          ha…. my team is already out the playoffs and i would never wish for Peyton Manning to have a good day against the Chargers. He can lose his leg for all i care

        • Sergio Quintero

          I can compartmentalize quite well, and I assure you, I’m in dumpsters when the chargers lose, even though I win a game in my fantasy league. Priority 1 is being a charger fan.

          Because of the chargers I never bet on a chargers’ game, and try to avoid bringing chargers to my fantasy team, its hard being objective.

          • Peter Thompson

            I don’t blame you… I couldn’t be objective either. However, I will usually place a bet against the Raiders when we play them… and I almost always win. Earlier this season, I felt funny about it, because of the game-time being moved, so I didn’t… which was a good call. I’ll be betting against them next week, though… hahaha.

        • PakMaN

          That is actually why I don’t plan to play fantasy next year. It’s less stressful and makes football more enjoyable to watch.

      • Peter Thompson

        Oh, and you also messed up the Global Collective for Allen beating out Lacey for Rookie of the Year… Did you start Green against the Chargers last weekend too?!!!! That would explain everything! SMH

        • Ernie Padaon

          ha… i have allen on that roster too! and still lost the stupid game!

          • Sergio Quintero

            Philip has been good luck for me, he’s 8-0 for me in my fantasy league. I only have Keenan Allen as the other charger on my fantasy team.

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Mr. December!!!

  • Stefanie Smith

    Still kills me that the 2-14 team is going to the play offs and we likely will not.

    • davacho

      huh? am i missing something?

      • Ernie Padaon

        the chefs

        • Stefanie Smith

          Thank you, Ernie. Can’t even speak/type the enemy’s name.

  • Peter Thompson

    Well…. if we win in Denver, that would make me feel pretty awesome, no matter what happened playoff-wise. As for our chances… The Ravens need to lose two, and the Dolphins need to lose two. The Ravens play AT the Lions, Host New England, and play AT Cincinnati. They could potentially lose all three of those. The Dolphins have it a little bit easier. We just need the Patriots to beat them (which happens more often than not), and for them to hopefully lose to the Jets & the Bills. The Bills suck, but at least Miami has to go to Buffalo for that one. The Jets suck too, but I can’t say that the Jets couldn’t pull off an upset. In fact, this scenario wouldn’t really be so “far fetched” if we didn’t have to play Denver IN Denver this week. That’s the bugaboo = /

    • Sergio Quintero

      If they can get into the playoffs they sure would have earned it, because they do have to run the table. And it sure looks like it will be hard in the playoffs as it will certainly mean a matchup vs the Bengals in Cincy.

      • Peter Thompson

        Absolutely true… however, I would rather play AT Cincy in the playoffs, than play them in SD during the regular season… they always seem to tank in the playoffs.. hahaha.

        • Sergio Quintero

          I sure would like to test Dalton ability to be clutch in the playoffs. Seed 2-3 has not been settled, if Cincy can tie the Pats they will have the 2. But the reality is that we have Pats fans the rest of the season with games with the Ravens & Dolphins on their schedule, which beyond rooting for one divisional rivals, the pats rank 1 as the team I least want to root for in the AFC.

  • Blue&gold_blood

    Just kills me how many games we had and just let them slip for whatever reason.

  • Sergio Quintero

    If they beat Denver that number shoots up, the Ravens I probably think will lose 2 games their schedule is a beast, but Miami’s is whole lot more manageable. They need the bills to do them a solid like in 2008 by beating the fish.

  • tubbs45

    So what your saying is there is a chance…. With every win we creep closer. hopefully the ravens, dolphins and Jets implode in to one big ACF mess… I dont give a shit what anyone says, I want the Bolts in the playoffs!!!

    • Peter Thompson

      Me too… The Jets play the Dolphins, so I hope they beat them, and implode the other two games.. hahaha! I just can’t count on the Bills to beat the Dolphins.. not even in Buffalo. I am pretty confident New England will beat Miami, even without Gronk.

    • arnie

      Good tubbs!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Mr. December will prevail! Don’t sweat nothing else but the next game and the next man up. It’s time to show the world what this team is truly capable of. BOLTING TOWARDS EXCELLENCE!!!

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