Dec 1, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers head coach Mike McCoy questions a call made by officials during the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Qualcomm Stadium. The Bengals won 17-10. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers 7-to-1 Odds for the 6th Seed in AFC

Bovada released their latest betting odds and they added a new prop bet for which team is the most likely to take the 6th seed in the AFC playoff race. The Chargers are 7-to-a odds right now. Here is what the odds are for the rest of the teams that are in the race:

NFL WEEK 14 SPECIALS – Which Team will be the 6th Seed in the AFC Playoffs?      

Baltimore Ravens                      5/4
Miami Dolphins                         7/5
Pittsburgh Steelers                    7/1
San Diego Chargers                  7/1
Tennessee Titans                       10/1
New York Jets                           20/1

The Chargers are still in the hunt for this thing, but the chances are slim when you look at the tie breakers for the team. Still, there is some hope and the Chargers have shown that they can hang with any team this year. They just need to find ways to pull off the victories in those games.

We just need 4 straight wins and we are there…. or at least we have a shot. We need some help along the way, but winning needs to happen on our end.

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  • Will

    Were winning our three home games. Plain and simple. He worst well finish is 8-8. But we would need a lot Of help for that to be enough. And realistically, it won’t be. Howver, 9-7 would be enough to get in, but that means we would have to beat Denver in Denver, which seems literally impossible. But just ask Ray Allen, it’s not over till that fat lady sings.

  • Tazzster

    My prediction…. we will win the rest of our games…. or lose all of them…. or something in between.

    I forgot what we were rooting for again… is it to make the playoffs or to get a better draft pick?

    Ernie, what are the odds that we can get a top 5 pick?

    • Ernie Padaon

      haha… didnt see any odds for us to get that one.

      if i had to choose between a high draft pick and the playoffs, i am going to the playoffs where anything can happen.

  • Derek

    I’ll say it again I hope we don’t make the playoffs. Because you can’t convince the most delusional die hard chargers fan with all the liquor in the world to bet on them wining out and getting a sb ring. It’s nearing 50 yrs and we still have no Lombardi trophys. I feel at this point it’s about winning it all. A respectable reccord, a first round knock out, a barely winning reccord, a middle spot in our division will not put fans in that stadium, it won’t let me be able to buy chargers swag in general sports stores in md instead of online. It’s about the trophy if not this yr then next and that starts with a bad finish like the eagles last yr. I know it kills morale pride and team gelling but from tts history he isn’t the best defensive drafter

    • Trey P

      They can beat any team in the. Playoffs tho so dont get it twisted. They Beat Kc. Beat Indy. Barely losing to cinci and they are gone beat denver so why shouldnt they??

      • Derek

        1 cincy beat us with the oldest play in the book run up the middle. I promise you all of our upcoming games we will see that as the go to play. Especially in Denver! 2 it’s not just the west we have to worry about unless you’re just concerned about a winning reccord. Durring preseason we were exposed for our lack of quality depth players. That’s what first showed me we aren’t ready. The post season is about depth players just as much. That’s where tj Yates became somebody and I could go on.. 3 I still haven’t seen us be consistently dominant in 4 quarters. Every team that is successful (that pulls off atleast one post season victory) has had one game where it was decided at the end of the first quarter. Except the giants. I’m just tired of the same cycle since the norv era of barely making the post season by pulling it together at the end to lose our first playoff game. And be one pick short of our needs. I think some of aj’s picks were scrambles due to our first choice getting snatched. I know for a fact jj watt was supposed to be ours.

    • supersurge619er

      Smh on this comment

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Yup, I love the optimism, but really, stick a fork in it already. These guys went from pulling out that win in KC to the pathetic home game performance vs. Cincy, and it’s been more of the same year in and year out.

    6th seed to only get spanked by the higher seed team they’ll have to face IF they can even get in the contest.

    Nothing leads me to believe this D can cut it right now. From the Smashed Cam who I won’t lie, I bought into all the hype about this kid, to the Bend Over scheme Pagano is calling, I am at a loss…..

    I recorded that Bengals game, watched the sputtering 1st Quarter and deleted it.

    Very disgusting that this is the product Spanos and Company put on the field and expect us fans to eat it with a silver spoon. That homo Bill Johnston last year with his “Chill Pill” sentiments should have been tarred and feathered and asked to leave San Diego outright…………

    Too many fans invest their hard earned money year in and out on tickets, merchandise, DirecTV Sunday Ticket, and it’s not even entertaining anymore…. I want to puke every time I see these guys underachieve.

    Too many holes to fill on this roster, so prepare for more let downs in the coming seasons……

    • Derek


  • Peter Thompson

    I get that people want “better draft picks” and all. But, realistically.. picking higher doesn’t guarantee anything. It gives you more options, for sure. But, at the end of the day, TT picked at the 11th position last year, and knocked it out of the park! Maybe if we picked higher we would have gotten a better player than Fluker… but, would we have? Furthermore, all this talk about how “we wouldn’t be able to do anything in the playoffs, anyway.. so what’s the point”?

    The point is… that it would look great on McCoy & TT’s reume.. give the fans something to cheer about, since it would literally be a miracle… it would give this young team a HUGE boost of confidence, and give them PRICELESS experience playing in a playoff game. People overlook that factor. Almost every player on this team seems to be new, or have never played in the playoffs. How many times have you seen really good teams go to the playoffs, and tank HARD because there were only a few players that had ever been in the playoff game atmosphere, and 90% of the team got shellshock under the extreme pressure?

    I’ll take a playoff appearance over a better draft pick ANY day, no matter how badly we played in that game. And, as Trey P said…. it’s strange that people are so confident that we couldn’t pull off a playoff win, after we have already beaten some of the teams that will be in the playoffs this year. How does that make any sense?

    • Gunnar Martin

      Air five!

    • Derek

      But we’ve seen this story before. Norv took a team to playoffs multiple times and aj kept wasting picks until we got here. Vs the Jim harbough way of taking a few early draft picks and riding them to the Super Bowl. True a high draft pick doesn’t mean a quality player but it increases your odds. Look at tts stats on defensive picks not just for sd. He needs some help.

      • arnie

        Fair enough, just two things. This is McCoy’s first year, so i dis-agree if you’re implying he is just as bad at being HC as norv.

        The other, 49ers had a monster of draft picks THIS season, and how is the working for them? Look there is magic way to be a better team, and if we look a the statistics “in context” just as many good player can be found in FA. The difference is TT had a crappy cap to work with, created by AJ Smith. Add to that Norv’s lack of development of young players and here we are.

        If we look at the numbers for the defense, they are almost identical to the veteran squad in 2012. This leaves with, a) the 2013 group is not as bad as we would like to think. B) The consistency between squads is the DC and the Chargers look there to improve first.

        This leads me in the direction that MORE PICKS isn’t necessary. Just better one’s..

        • Derek

          Jury’s still out on 49ers draft because they purposely drafted good players with injuries with the picks they kept. Tank and latimore are gonna replace gore and smith. The guy they needed to play now is doing well (Reid) fa is not as good as the draft because you gotta pay them what they’re worth which is something we can’t do . I’ll still cross my fingers for Patrick Peterson though. On our DC I wanted him to succeed so bad I’m still willing to throw him the “players didn’t execute or weren’t the caliber” but if Rex or the dolphins dc is available pick em up. We are 1 good coach and cb from a top 10 defense. O and Ron milus needs to go. I’ve been waiting too damn long for a db not named weddle to make a play…. Well addae is coming along in his role

          • arnie

            LOL There’s no jury, this is the second good draft they had. There fortunes changed because of good coaching. However if you want to go that route the same can be said for the players that are here now. Most of the payers are new, or just new starters. This team has lost close games, but using the “quality of talent” as reason to tank and get more picks doesn’t apply. This team is still trying a lot of NEW things, including finding its playmakers and using them consistently. YET, they’ve still remained competitive despite losing 10+ starters.
            Again if the the players on this squad were so bad, the facts and numbers would support that. But they simply don’t. The truth is there are plenty of good players on this roster, “right now”, than we want to believe. They’re simply underdeveloped. As for the DC better players will help, but the numbers show the defense is consistent with him in charge.
            I’m not trying to convince you we don’t need more picks, more picks are great. The facts simply don’t support that “tanking” to get them, will equate to a better team. The 9er’s prove that as well. Great players, that didn’t play well until Harbough arrived. There are simply to many variables to narrow it down to one “home run” player in draft, to change everything.

          • Derek

            But the only reason we are competitive is our offense which got huge help from our last draft. Who has been a consistently good player on defense. Forgive me but even weddle has struggled (granted on some plays he has been asked to be an lb, cover 2 zones and shut down all pro recievers and te’s solo)

          • Derek

            All I’m saying is last yr we had not so good cbs and this yr cox has made them worse for sure. So when the qb knows he can count to 3 and find a open reciever due to no pass rush efficiency how do you fix that? Yeah rob Ryan is doing it but liuget and Reyes are 3-4 ends they’re not going to be sacktastic they’re job was to make freeny and Ingram look good. Both who are injured so we rely on our undeveloped tourek and developing kaiser along with jj who is a converted 3-4 rush lb. In that situation how do you scheme to force a 3 n out

          • arnie

            Were you watching the Bengals game? They forced 3 n out for almost the entire first half, due the the play of Richard Marshal. They basically shut down Aj Green for most of the game. the runs up the middle were Te’o out of position and missing some tackles, Cam getting pushed around, some breakdowns in pass protection from the ILB, and asking two green pass rushers to get it done, is a but much. Add on top of that Pages didn’t loads the box like he has all season.
            Now How do you fix that? Stop running the 3-4 like a 4-3. Pags put the same guys in the same spot, on almost every down. That is not how a 3-4 is run. He does not use delayed passe rushes, stunts and no over load and i’m just talking about sending 4 or 5 guys. Pags does not attack the weaknesses in protection, or confuse the offense on who’s coming.
            All i’m saying is, tanking to get more picks is not going to fix the current problems, because it goes beyond “just picks”. I could be wrong. But like Peter said, ” we’ll see.” ;)

          • Derek

            I saw the bengals game and I rarely saw when the game was out of their control (bengals) personally I think they knew they could fall back on the running game and tried to kill Dalton’s cold spell. Nothing was more telling than the final seconds where they ran the same play 8 times and picked up 4-5 yards a pop. I’m not fully sure if he is running this 4-3 base consistently by choice. I think what we’re seeing is the lemonade he’s made from a roster of lemons. How hard is it to consider liuget is a better pass rusher than tourek and walker maybe even jj. From what I seen in the dolphins game these guys can’t attack weaknesses (back up linemen) and leads me to believe if he did scheme and blitz it would lead to more big plays offensively. Hell when the bengals lost their right guard they were so secure that they replaced them with their lt and Andy still was only in trouble after he held the ball all day. But hey only the chargers org will know what’s the split on defensive failures between bad players and vanilla schemes.

          • arnie

            LOL that’s one of the reasons they’re competitive. Again, with younger inexperienced players the defense is consistently as bad as last years. What I’m saying is, less experienced players, should make this D “worse”. But they’re not. They’re the same. So the facts say they are “better” than expected. Time a some picks along the way will improve them. Pagano’s scheme is not helping.

      • Peter Thompson

        There aren’t any stats before SD, in my eyes. I thought the GM’s… in Indy’s case Bill Polian & Grigson… were ultimately responsible for the picks that are made. We don’t blame AJ’s scouts for his picks, do we? Telesco may have been mentoring under / scouting for Polian, but that doesn’t make him bad at picking defensive players. How do we know if he even agreed with the final picks? TT is still young, and I can’t name one “bad pick” that he made in his first draft, unless you are disappointed in Tourek (who was a 6th rounder, and still might be good enough for depth & in situational downs). Do you mean Te’O? He seems to be getting better too.. slowly. He is starting at MLB…, good or bad. Williams got injured before we could really see what he could do, but looked promising before he got hurt. So, I’m not sure we can say “he is bad at picking defensive players”, just because they didn’t light up the league in their first year like Allen, or Fluker. The jury is still out on all three of those guys. Tying him to Indy’s picks doesn’t really mean much to me.

        • Derek

          You’re right. Who knows how much say he had in the colts defensive picks. I’m just saying u can’t love him for what he did to the colts and ignore the mistakes they made. I noticed a pattern of offensive hits and defensive misses in the colts draft history.

          • Peter Thompson

            Honestly, I only saw the end products.. meaning the picks. Was TT highly responsible for the misses on defense? If so, you could be right. I’m not discounting your point, at all. I just see it like this… I work for a really good, efficient company. I bring in a group of qualified people for my boss to interview. He gets my thoughts & recommendations on them, then picks one out of about 5. He doesn’t usually pick the one I think he should (not sure why) and he ends up with a few that surprise me, but mostly more that end up not working out. Although I stand by my company, and I think it is pretty good… I would do things differently if it were mine.

            You see, I believe in that… every man should have a chance to make his own legacy, when given the chance to be the “head honcho”. You can sort of get an idea of what he is from his past dealings while he was on a “team” of people making decisions… but, that doesn’t mean he will be the same as the ultimate leader of “his” team. I dunno… maybe you are right… we should know in a couple of years. Guess we will have to wait and see ; )

    • arnie

      Just keep banging the drum Peter. More does not equal better.