Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Telesco's Shopping List Will Be Long

How do you know its a rebuilding season when the major needs the GM has to deal with exceed 5:

  1. Get a new DC, according to the stat heads at PFF the chargers have the 5th worst defense in the last 20 years, and 32th this year.
  2. Rebuild the secondary, meaning a veteran free agent CB and a high pick in the draft, the chargers starting corners are 75 & 76 out of 76 qualifying corners in the NFL according to PFF.
  3. OLB is a black-hole, with only Ingram a lock to be here next year, if you run a 3-4 OLB must be a strength in a pass league, I expect a pick in the first 2 picks here.
  4. Safety play has been poor, is the solution on roster or outside, probably has to be in the roster there just wont be enough money or picks to address it in any other way.
  5. WR2 is no production spot as well, if Floyd is healthy there is the solution, when the interviewed him, he seemed spooked I can expect him to retire. VB has done nothing.
  6. LT, Dunlap is the solution if he can stay healthy, but health is a skill and they guy doesn’t seem to have it. LT don’t come cheap either they come from round 1-2 or from an expensive contract. Maybe they play by ear next year, but the offense wont take the next step if Clary is playing RT next year.
  7. Is Gates on this roster next year?, he’s very close to being overpaid, and in the NFL you don’t pay for past production.
  8. Backup feature back, Mathews misses a game here and half there and this offense can’t replace him, they need to spend a middle round pick on someone.
  9. Nose Tackle, if they are playing 3-4 next year they need a solid get it done NT, C.Thomas has failed miserably, I wont spend a top 10-15 pick on a NT, but somewhere around a 2-3 rounder sure, or a veteran free agent.

That sure sounds like they are rebuilding and TT is going to be busy this offseason.

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  • serg21

    Also resign Butler

    • Sergio Quintero

      Decide what to do with Butler, will they franchise him, because of the injury issue, or trust him with a contract.

      • joerockt

        They should sign him to a long term. He’s a leader of the D and really one of the best players on the squad.

  • jeffrey scharf

    I couldnt agree with an article more then this. Olb or cb in first round, and either or in second. Lt or oline depth in 3rd, rb in 4th. Please get new DC.

    • Sergio Quintero

      This franchise has basically zero history of developing star corners in the last 20 years, that means they better buy their corners expensively. Time to open that check book and bring one in here. I would still make a serious move at getting the Seahawks secondary coach as the new DC, to teach this no good group to press cover and improve their in the air ball skils, since everyone in their roster seems to know how to press, and play the ball in the air.

      It easier to find a plug and play OLB in the draft, so the first rounder is OLB for me, the UT has the chargers taking Khalil Mack in the first, that sounds about right.

      • joerockt

        I agree. Lucky for us there are lots of UFA CB’s next year.

        • Sergio Quintero

          I like Brent Grimes or Aquib Talib as targets to bring in.

          • joerockt

            Whitner would be a good UFA pickup for safety.

      • Calman21

        Only problem is the Chargers will have very little money to do that with. Their cap situation is and will probably continue to be tight through next year unless they make some drastic moves.

        • Sergio Quintero

          Acee mentioned that the chargers front office was disgusted with the production from the secondary, that sure sounds like the time for desperate action at least in one position.

          • Calman21

            Possible, hopefully we can get a good one for a fair price.

  • Calman21

    Gates needs to take a serious pay cut or be traded. I like the guy, but he is getting old and has fumbled quite a few times this season (I believe 4). Clary could stay if he took a pay cut. Royal should go (I like him in this offense but he is over paid) and VB could take the slot spot. Floyd is getting older and I am not sure he comes back, would love to start out with DX but the FO may decide he is too injury prone at this point. Troutman should be a starting G next season and we need to draft a C to start training a replacement for Hardwick. McClain should go (we don’t use him), I am actually okay with Ronnie Brown sticking around as he fulfills his function nicely (unless we can find a younger/cheaper guy that is just as good). J. Phillips is a great blocking tight end and I would like to keep him. We should draft an LT in the first few rounds that has the basic build blocks (or is awesome if in the first round) but needs a bit of time to develop, that way we can hang on to Dunlap and train his replacement. I want Fluker to stay on the right, he could lose weight (and move to the left like he said he would like to) but that might cut in to his ability to dominate people.

    Butler should be resigned, we should roll with Ingram and Freeney as our starter OLB and develop Keiser into a more complete OLB. C. Thomas should be the new back-up NT and we should draft one early. TT is going to need to be proactive in FA again, we might have another misfire like Cox, but I can deal with that if he gets more guys like Lissemore and Woodhead. Te’o needs more time to develop and needs to put on some weight. I like Gilchrist and I would like to see Taylor out there (to see what he can do). Wright needs more time to develop but we should see some growth by the end of the season or start looking elsewhere.

    Pagano needs to go (seems nice enough but performance is what counts), above all his influence seems to be the overriding factor in the overall failure of the defense. We are missing people but the Chargers D is so freaking bad it is painful to watch. We might actually have better players that are being used/trained improperly, but we won’t know under Pagano.

    • Sergio Quintero

      Have we seen anything from Pagano to say this guy is an elite DC, bend but don’t break DC’s are a long list, and rarely live up to anything. Joe D at the Oline was consired an elite coach, and see what he has done in one season.

      • Calman21

        At this point I would take a solid DC.

      • joerockt

        Coach D should win assistant coach of the year, if there is such a thing, for doing a tremendous job of getting that line prepared despite the injuries.

    • joerockt

      DX was cut, not a Charger anymore.

      • Calman21

        Ahh, that is right. I forgot about that.

    • 1961 Fan

      I said the same thing about Gates and some posters jumped all over me. Apparently they think trading Gates while he is healthy is a bad idea. We should up grade the team with a balance of new youthful players that can mature into full time quality players not a roster full of has been cast offs from other teams. Dumping Pagano is not the answer-getting better players is!

      • Calman21

        Gates could be worth a lot still, but is likely to go into rapid decline. This team has a lot of holes and a potentially great TE waiting in the wings. A trade for Gates could net a pretty good supply of younger players or picks. I don’t think Pagano is the answer. I think he is a nice guy but he doesn’t seem like he can get guys to produce at higher levels. It seems like everyone on the defense has regressed and that is a bad sign.

    • Lee

      i still think we could probably resign DX for super cheap. whats the chances he tears ANOTHER acl?

      • Calman21

        Given his history….probably pretty good.

  • joerockt

    F the 3-4. We haven’t run it well since Wade left. Hire a proven 4-3 coach (Lovie Smith’s Cover-2 would be perfect) Draft a 4-3 defensive end, use Ingram, line up Reyes and Liuget as DT’s, bring back Freeney to rotate in. Butler the Mike, Te’o the Sam and whoever for the Will. Just DO it.

    • Sergio Quintero

      We have seen what an elite coach can do with Joe D and the O-Line, the truth is Pagano is not a difference maker. Their new DC could be a proven guy like Lovie, if you can get him no discussion bring him in, if not,if you are still sold on doing the 3-4 Keith Butler is the anointed successor for the Steelers but LeBeau appears in no hurry to retire. I mentioned the Seattle secondary coach, to bring in that press coverage scheme with big corners. I kind of suspect that someone from the Broncos staff or someone related to Vic Fangio who coached in Carolina will be the new DC.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      what if we get wade to run it again? he might be free

    • Gunnar Martin

      Love the idea of bringing in Lovie (see what I did there? haha). I’ve been dreaming of that pickup since the preseason.

  • ioane

    Too much to do and not enough resources to do it. I would we address left tackle, OlB, CB in the first 3 rounds and than Maybe WR, RD in the 4th and 5th. I would target Shag Evans WR and Marion Grice RB in those rounds.

    I hope we target Linvel Joseph from the Giants as our NT replacement I’m free agency. I really like Byron Jerideau as a NT who was a UDFA for us. It’s too bad he got hurt.

    Brent Grimes has been stellar for the Dolphins, I hope we can get into contact with him and maybe even Nicks.

    TELESCO needs to work his Draft magic for us again next year.
    I just hope he’s better at addressing the secondary than thr Colts did when he was there.

    • Sergio Quintero

      Nice suggestion on Linval Joseph, and Grimes would be perfect Free agent.

      • Gunnar Martin

        I really doubt the Fins let Grimes go, considering how productive he’s been in just his first year with them. He probably doesn’t want to leave either cuz it would be a bit of a risk. Just saying.

  • Jacob

    Louis Nix at nose takle. Get pick up that would be.

  • Blue&gold_blood

    Bring back DX on a cheap/ short contract

  • Michael

    Don’t forget, TT will have to do this all on a strapped salary cap, not gonna be much better than this year

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  • C.Steele

    Sergio. Your Title is so Spot on! TT list is ridiculously long!! My take:

    1. Due to the lack of talent on team, I have been trying to give Pagano the benefit of the doubt. However, After watching the transformation of the NO defense in one season with the hiring of a good DC, the lack of adjustments made through out the year on our defense, and terrible use of Eric Weddle. I am now firmly on the get a new DC Band wagon. I don’t care if it’s Lovie, Wade, or a damn good assistant. But, we gotta get someone with imagination and talent. I’ll leave that up to TT.

    2.) CBs: Cox is gone, Wright we will be competing to make the roster. There will be 2 CB drafted next year the first in the 2nd round the last mid to late rounds (4-6). The kid who was drafted last year and subsequently placed on IR will make the team, and Cromartie maybe moved up from the practice squad. I know this means a bunch of CBs with virtually no experience, but do we really have the cap room to get a high quality CB? I think not, when you bargain shop you end up with a Cox!

    3.) In addition to Ingram, Freeny will be back. Due to the forced development of Keisr and Tourek this year I don’t see TT spend anything before a late round pick if any on an OLB.

    4.) We don’t have the luxury of spending an early round pick on a SS. He’s on roster and it’s probably not Gilchrist (although he will probably make the roster). I’m hoping Addai or Taylor prove worthy.

    5.) Besides the LT spot, the WR position will be the key acquisition on the offensive side of the ball. Probably a 4th round pick that can stretch the field (Don’t rule out picking up a speedster in FAgency).

    6.) LT. Gonna be the first or 2nd pick depending on grading out vs CB.

    7.)Gates is Overpaid. And, I would argue holding Rivers back at this point due to the fact he can’t get separation like he did in the past. This causes Philip to stay with him too long on pass plays to the detriment of the passing game. I’m fine with him taking a walk. Go Ladrious!

    8.) Im actually cool with the RB situation Woodhead and Brown do a nice job filling in.

    9.) The Key acquistion for the defense (If we continue to run a 3-4). We need to spend money in FA and get a NT that can clog the middle and demand a double team. This player will probably be older, so drafting the future in the 3rd round would be a solid move!

    Haha my $.02


    • Sergio Quintero

      I Still think pass rusher has to be a consideration, have a feeling Freeney has played his last down as a charger. Clowney, Barr, Mack are all considered elite to close to elite prospects, if any of those guys is at pick you have to take one. We still don’t know what Ingram is as well, in a passing league can’t have enough pass rushers and corners. In terms of corners, desperate times call for desperate measure, the checkbook must be opened.

      WR2 can be covered if Floyd comes back, big if but I’m hopeful.

      RB2, I just think its a young man’s game at RB, so a middle round guy to backup Mathews is my suggestion.

      LT, is maybe the most intriguing position because Dunlap has played well, but the line drop off without him is to high to not bring in someone. They could take a 1-2 rounder, or completely ignore it.