Dec 1, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) reacts after a penalty during the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Qualcomm Stadium. The Bengals won 17-10. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers 10 – Bengals 17: Turnovers Are A Killer

Right on cue. Any time that the Chargers have given us a glimmer of hope, they come right back and make us scratch our heads all over again. We scored 10 points today?! How many points did we score against one of the best defenses last week? Ridiculous.

Our team is so Jekyll and Hyde. The offense puts up a ton of points and then falls flat on their face. Our defense can’t stop anyone and then they hold a team to 17 points! The life of being a Chargers fan!

Antonio Gates frustrated a ton of Chargers fans today with his slippery little hands. He dropped a fumble and also let the defender rip the football out of his hands to give up an “interception.” Gates has gotten away with carrying that football away from his body for a long time, but he has lost the football a couple of times this year. Maybe he should get some handling skills from Ryan…. never mind.

We needed the offense to put up points today, but we stalled out a couple of times because of turnovers. The defense held the Bengals for the most part. You can’t expect to win a football game by scoring 10 points though. The Chargers just made us all throw up some of that Thanksgiving grub.

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  • VCT

    Team should tank for higher draft picks? Maybe TT will pick up one or two steals in the draft like he did with KA.

  • Bill Nichols

    My god man, finally the D plays decent, cept’ the running it down our throats the first half, oh yeah, and the start of the second… But for real, held them to 17 points by golly! Too many flubs Gates. We all know, that if that would have been Mathews coughing up the rock, he would have been benched. Come on damn it, quit!! Bolt Up!

    • Stefanie Smith

      Then you missed the blown coverage of AJ Green in the end zone.

      • Bill Nichols

        Come on….. You don’t think that was an improvement? Surely we had more stops than usual. We didn’t give up 30 something points, had a couple 3 and outs. Yes, I would say the D improved, but who cares, we still lost.

        • Stefanie Smith

          “No defense has more coverage busts than the Chargers. When guys get open against their secondary, they get wide open. And too often, the Chargers give up big plays after a reception is made like a crucial Andrew Hawkins catch and run in the second half.” —–taken straight from an article on that recapped the Bengals game.

          They also commented on Chargers’ D getting not one QB sack or hit.
          That is a poor performance. Can’t spin it any other way.

          • dsad

            17 is the 3rd lowest score they’ve had all year,, they played great. Scoring is all that matters or not scoring believe it or not,Everything else is just eye candy.

  • Alex Pitrofsky

    I realize that Gates has been a massive contribution to our wins this year. Even when he doesn’t have a ton of catches, he draws a lot of attention. But today, I couldn’t help but be super pissed at him. He truly cost us the game. Our poor run defense didn’t help, but Gates threw away our oppurtunities. Out Defensive line is also pathetic. Time for Tom Telesco to build us a Super Bowl team!!!

  • Derek

    Games over so’s the season I’m talkin draft. We need to get a cb, they’re the most expensive free agents. Verrett or derrnard.

  • mike

    1st chargers need a franchise left tackle. 2nd another OLB to pair up with M. Ingram. 3rd 2 decent CB’s. 4th more impact players in the middle and inside linebacker position. In other words T.T. has to built a D from scratch. Chargers need 5 players from the 2014 draft to become instant starters and pick up 4 F.A. starters to built a good chargers team. if T.T. makes the right move on draft day and F.A. he will have the same success as the late John Butler and aj.smith. T.T. and M.M. you have what most teams don’t have a franchise QB. So built around him, please.

  • chargers:(

    I know this is off topic so please dont get angry but would you guys go after ben tate this free agency? I think he would be good for our running game

    • arnie

      When he’s healthy.

      • chargers:(

        Yeah true thanx for your opinion :)

  • Stefanie Smith

    Why does everyone say the D played great? No pass rush, no sacks … blown coverages, etc. How is that good? Because Cincinnati didn’t score a bunch? Weddle is the only one who did well and performed as he should. At least, he got interceptions.

    • Tazzster

      I agree with you Steph. People are saying the D played well, because we held them to 17 points and we expect our Offense to score more than 10 – but they let us down.

      The blown coverage on the touchdown pass is a perfect example of lots of things going wrong. Go back and rewatch the play. The CB drops down in to the flat to cover the running back coming out of the backfield . This leaves Teo and Butler to cover the two wide recievers. Teo goes with the guy on the out route and Butler is confused and just releases Green. Gilchrist totally loses Green and starts to drop down to cover the guy running the out route and by the time he realizes his mistake it is too late.

      I think what happened is Butler thought he had responsibility on the RB, which makes sense. How Gilchrist does not see Green, and how he does not pick up the guy streaking the middle of the field is beyond me.

      • Stefanie Smith

        Only Charger fans think the D played well. The sports folks think our defense was horrible. A good D is judged by the sacks and hits also. We had ZERO.

        • Mark G

          Everyone seems to be looking at certain plays – like that Bengals TD. Good call to confuse our D. But like Tazz said – it was our offense that let us down. But I say our offensive coach. I live in Augusta, GA and hope Ken W comes back here permanently to his home town after this season. He is not using the talent on this team well. 31 points against KC in the second half last week – 3 points this week. Maybe he is not to blame but I expect sooo much more from the offensive talent on this team. It has got to get better next year.

          • Stefanie Smith

            No, the D failed its responsibilities. The D blew coverage in the end zone and allowed Green to get a TD. How is that the offense’s fault?

          • Mark G

            That was one play. We lost the game because the offense failed to advance past the Bengals 40 yard line over and over again. In this game I would have gladly got 4 field goals to win the game – but we couldn’t even get that close. No D is perfect but as a long time Charger fan, if the D keeps it under 20 points, we better damn well win the game.

          • Stefanie Smith

            Tazz did not say the offense let us down. Read what he wrote. He is writing about the blown coverage play.

    • 1961 Fan

      Perhaps they were watching that Marshall kid take over for Derek Cox. Richard Marshall (31) Fresno State. He played like a guy fighting for a roster spot. Cox got the big four year contract (part guaranteed) now he can show up each week and collect a game check. It is about time McCoy started kicking some butts and instill integrity in this Club. * Watching from home the cameras showed Defensive Coordinator (Mike Zimmer) chewing out his players for bad play.

  • Blue&gold_blood

    Am I the only charger fan that doesn’t feel any emotions towards them right now?

    • Blue&gold_blood

      Then they wonder why they can’t sell tickets !!!!

      • Stefanie Smith

        Yes. We should pay upwards of $100 a ticket times 2 (at least) plus all the rest–to come out of the game feeling lousy. No, sorry. Not going to pay to go feel lousy.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Also I am sick and tired of them swapping out players. What happened to Ajirotutu? Where did he go? They screw around with stuff way too much over there.

  • Cgoodness13

    Gates has had a fumbling problem all year, that said the refs sucked

    • Stefanie Smith

      Yep, Gates fumbled and our D let the Bengals capitalize on those fumbles.

  • Nick in PB

    With the season on the line, we played terrible. The few times we got rolling, BAM, fumble. There is a reason we were blacked out and that is faith that our team can come out and play well. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Charger game where we looked so feeble. Even though the score was close, it didn’t seem like we were playing with the kind of urgency it takes to win a game in the NFL and a Home game at that. Gates, a veteran and a Hal of Famer, made some drive killing mistakes. I hate being down on this guy, but this is not what you expect from one of the team leaders.

    • Stefanie Smith

      I read somewhere that he had been out of practice for about a week. Can’t recall where I read it and did not know if he was injured. Was he injured or is the coach just letting him take time off like they let Tony Gonzalez do on the Falcons?

      Personally, I think he has packed it in for the season. Many on the Chargers have already packed it in. They can say something different, but their performance says its all.

      • Nick in PB

        Stefanie, yes, hamstring injury. Played last week with the same injury. I can’t believe the team has packed in in, not intentionally. But, after being there yesterday, it certainly seemed that way. After fumbling away a couple drives, they didn’t play with a shred of confidence and it showed.

  • Nick in PB

    Here’s the second problem. 98.00 ticket (great seats in the endzone) 25.00 parking. 2 10.00 beers. I also kicked in a 45.00 fixing of Jersey Mikes subs. That’s 188.00 for 1 person, at the time of year when money is tight. With a victory, I might have said it was worth it but, this team played about as bad as they played in Oakland, maybe worse.

    • 1961 Fan

      Wait until you get like me, stay home and watch on the tube. The NFL is pricing itself out of the entertainment market; especially here in San Diego. Far too many things to do here in Paradise on a sunny fall day, and far more cheaper. Mix in a sloppy football team and you get a Blackout. Even the normal sponsors did not pony up to purchase the extra tickets. Be thankful you did not purchase those over priced Club seats; I wonder how Chargergirl (14-2) Cindi is feeling about now?

  • Stefanie Smith

    The sportscasters covering the game even laughed at the blown coverage in the end zone when the Bengals scored. “Looks like somebody screwed up on that coverage in the end zone.”

  • FitzWilly

    Time to “Tank for Rank”

    get some D in here

    and JP needs to start updating his resume

    San Diego Chargers Defensive Coordinators

    Fuck up 4th Quater drives
    Play zone coverage when we should have played Man
    Coach D Cox, to no avail

  • 1961 Fan

    It is time to think about next year.

    (1) Trade Gates (in the off season) while he is still healthy and the Bolts can get some value for him.
    (2) Trade Matthews (in the off season) for as high a draft choice as you can get.
    (3) Trade down in the draft to gain as many draft choices in the 2nd & third rounds as possible.
    (4) If you are going to cut Vincent Brown in the off season try getting a GOOD draft choice for him.
    * Amass as many draft choices (preferably in the second round) as possible to rebuild the defense.
    With the proper choices and intelligent planning the Chargers could be legitimate contenders next year.

    • arnie

      LOL So what your sayin is trade two of the best players on the roster, for a bunch of players you may or may not like? While all this may be possible the consequences would be no more single coverage for Allen and Green, Gates draws doubles an still can make plays. And Mathews is doing what the team needed, taking pressure off Rivers. Without him we go back to Rivers getting sacked because defenses are dropping into coverage and giving him no targets.
      Trades sound great. “sell the cows so we can plant more grass”. The reality is Mathews will be a FA and Gates will not get more than 4 round pick. the best way is to re-sign them, make them relevant again, and then trade with time on their deals.

      • 1961 Fan

        Matthews is a bust as a RB, same for English. Why not make room for some new young fresh players. Perhaps find a great third rounder like Keenan Allen. Sure hold on to Gates and find out that he breaks down again and is not worth your fourth rounder. Some of us tried to tell you it was a REBUILDING year and I went out on a limb and said 8-8; can I take that back now? You are just angry the team is 5 -7, instead of 7-5 and in the hunt. It is time to face reality. Perhaps the TT & MM acquisition was another blunder by the prince of stupid-Dean Spanos. That is the quality you get when you send a message to the world of football that 14 – 2 in not good enough. That is what I am saying!

        • John Alton

          Chill out before you have a heart attack. Not everybody is going to agree with your flawed plan for the team.

          • 1961 Fan

            What is your GREAT plan; are you one of those rah rah fans we hear from every year telling us we are going to the Super Bowl? Save up your Christmas money and buy season tickets; then we shall see how complacent you become.

          • 1961 Fan

            Here is what you said two weeks ago John Alton in a reply to Peter Thompson’s Nov 13 post.
            ” Has anybody really stopped and taken a good look at this team? THIS IS NOT A PLAY OFF TEAM. McCoy is a rookie head coach. The talent on this team has to be restocked.”

        • showbe

          This guy thinks finding talent in the draft as if they grow on trees. Getting KA in the 3rd round was a huge steal and very unlikely in other drafts. Gates even if he is a shell of his former self is still better than 80% of the TE’s in the league. And is a huge red zone target for defenses to game plan against. Most draft picks from rounds 4-7 RARELY make the team. After you get out of the first round the chances of a player developing and staying in the league goes down each round. Especially finding pro bowlers and very good players which isnt common after you get out of the first 2 rounds.

          I doubt Telesco would want to rebuild for 3-4 years if there is a chance we can win now. Which is possible when you have a QB like Rivers on your team. But even having Rivers or even a QB like Manning wouldnt matter if you strip him of all his weapons/receivers like what this kid wants to do. Ya our biggest strength is our offense, yet you want us to get rid of them and rely on unknowns. Once Floyd/ Gates are gone we have nothing at WR except KA that teams will need to game plan around. Our team wasnt even 100% rebuilding. With the right pieces we are contenders again. And with the recent signing of Flowers, it made our biggest weakness into one of our strengths now that we actually have depth at CB. Chargers are flying under the radar which is exactly what we want and nobody expects us to make the playoffs last year and look what we did even though we barely got in. Next year it will be the same thing again until our team surprises everyone and makes it in.

          This kid has no idea how to build a team. Most fans have enough common sense to see what is right or wrong moves when it comes to building a contender. If you havent noticed almost all of Telescos draft picks have mentors/veterans to show them the ropes. You can bet having Gates on the team for another year will greatly improve Greens development. Gates for Green, Flowers/Weddle for Verret and the rest of our DB’s, Freeney/Johnson for Attatachou/Ingram, Butler for Teo to just name a few.

    • showbe

      After reading these old conversations, I must say this guy has no idea how to build a team. This isnt Madden… LMAO…

      Ya trade Gates who is our only threat on offense that will force double teams, Then trade away Mathews when he is having his best year as a pro since drafted. Who does he honestly expect to replace him to take some pressure off of Rivers. A rookie RB will just bring more rookie problems and doubtful they are good in pass protection.

      Trading down in the draft? Ever since Bill Bellicheck did that so many people want to do try and do the same. In reality this draft was extremely great in the first round unlike that year BB traded down when the talent in the 2nd/3rd round was as good as the first. Which isnt so this draft. Stop playing Madden and being an armchair GM. Theres a good reason why your not running an NFL team or ever going to do anything.

      We probably would be forced out of the playoffs with such moves for years and probably end Rivers Career by getting rid of all his weapons/talent like how AJ Smith did but instead trade them for draft picks who we dont know will be good or bad. By the time they develop Rivers will be much older by then. Gates still brings much more to the table than 80% of the NFLs TE’s and will mentor Green which is valuable information for him.

      • Robert Fairbanks

        If Gates gets Plascher Facititis he will be lost for the season as in a past season. Everyone is big on Floyd coming back and Vincent Jackson stepping up plus the Rookie of the Year Keenan Allen, apparently you forgot about them. Now Donald Brown is in town to help Woodhead because Mathews has one good year out of four and you think he is another Adrain Peterson. Who knows if the rookie RB will even make the 53 man roster. I don’t play fantasy football or read comic books nor do I play or what ever you do with this Madden stuff.
        Shut your ignorant hole. This years first round draft choice may not be in shape (shoulder surgery) for the first game; therefore trading down can SOMETIMES prove fruitful with more draft picks.Look again nitwit we just lucked into (by luck) the playoffs because we beat the imploding Chiefs and the Ravens and Dolphins went in the dumper. Go sit in the corner.

        • showbe

          Your an idiot if you think KA or Floyd will draw as much attention as Gates would. Floyd has only played a full season once in his career and you want to rely on him to take pressure off our other receivers?? Having Gates just on the field opens up MANY things for KA/Floyd. You cant double all 3, but if we did trade Gates away from say a 4th rounder, defenses would be all over both of them. Especially when your expecting Floyd to play another full season at his age. If Floyd goes down without Gates on our team. KA would have one hell of a time and probably have a big down year with no other legitimate/proven threats on offense.

          Do you honestly expect rookies to explode when they come into the NFL? It takes on average 3 years for most players to get acclimated to the NFL and have their good years. RB’s take less but not every RB is Adrian Peterson. Ryan Mathews did fine as far as development goes. He was the reason why we even made the play offs last year when the Chargers started running the ball more towards the last half of the season. I never once said Mathews was as good as Peterson or even implied that.

          Even if Verret doesnt play the first game, do you honestly expect a rookie CB to be a huge contributor in his first year? I wouldnt expect someone like you to know that CB is one of the hardest transitions to make from college to the pros. Trading down makes no sense when the drop off of talent at CB after Verret/Robey was HUGE. No prospects after them were worth grabbing if we traded down as they all had huge question marks after them. And you probably would of wanted us to grab Nix when we have good prospects at NT. Kwame Geathers was projected to be a 4th-6th round pick that we got as a UDFA. Our guys at NT are serviceable but our needs at CB were much bigger. Something you basically would of avoided if we traded down like what you wanted us to do.

          Even if we snuck into the playoffs we still made it. And our chances at making the Playoffs next year would be even lower when you trade away weapons that teams have to respect/game plan for every week. You honestly think trading away our 2 best weapons on offense will give us any chance at making the play offs next year? We probably would get a 3rd round pick for Mathews, a 2nd if were lucky and 4th-5th round pick for Gates. They wouldnt even have as big of an impact as both of them would and theres no telling that they would still be in the league a couple years from now.

          So many what ifs and horrible assumptions. Just goes to show you stupid you are when it comes to the NFL and our team. No one has agreed with any points you have made in this article.