Nov 24, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead (39) celebrates a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. San Diego won 41-38. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Offense Overcomes Poor Defense in Kansas City

That was fun. I didn’t get to rant on about the game on Sunday, but I am back in the morning to share the excitement with the rest of the crew. First off, our defense is horrid! We made the Kansas City Chiefs offense look all studly and stuff. Second, what is up with all the penalties in the game. Pass interference, holding, false start and everything. That is sloppy football. Flags and missed tackles. Something needs to be cleaned up.

Finally, to all the awesome things that happened. Philip Rivers and the offense made it happen in the 2nd half of the game. Ladarius Green is getting more and more reps and it is paying off. He is a playmaker. All he does is make big plays. That touchdown run he made was ridiculous. When he runs, you don’t think he is fast when you look at him, but then you notice that nobody is catching him.

Keenan Allen again was a beast catching the football. He eats up single coverage.

The team is trusting Ryan Mathews more and more on short yardage situations. That is HUGE. He has the ability to get it done in those situations. He pulled it off a couple of times.

Danny Woodhead was amazing in the 2 minute drill at the end of the game. He kept picking up huge chunks of yards on the short dumpoffs over to him and he got out of bounds. Such a playmaker.

When we needed a play at the end of the game, Seyi Ajirotutu was the guy that made it. TUTU! Maybe he should get some consideration at being the starter opposite of Keenan Allen. Vincent Brown. ZERO catches.

The offense has to carry the defense and has to outscore other teams. They got the job done against one of the top defenses on Sunday. AND I don’t care who they had on their sideline with injuries.

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  • PakMaN

    It has been so long since we’ve closed a game like that!

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Sejiis always ready to come in no matter what WR spot he fills….Nice!!!
    VB on the other hand is lost…WTH??!

  • Rob Base

    Agree Allen and TuTu as starters unfortunately Brown isn’t getting it done. Allen is a beast lucky 13 all day!

  • chris01

    its funny how the chief fans were making excuses on how they were missing their olb’s while were missing our 2 starting olb’s, 2 starting wr’s, oline is banged up , and our secondary is too smh

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahahaha… .right

      • Blue&gold_blood

        You should make a article about this dude . Good point . For all the chiefs trolls and other charger haters …. No excuses … Plain and simple . They are not as good as their record says .

        • arnie

          That’s a good idea. Done.

        • Ernie Padaon

          Ha. Consider it done

      • guest

        Im a bolts fan and you guys are seriously on crack if you think we going somewhere after letting to chefs looks l8ke a good off team. Our record doesnt deserve the gloat factor. Get real fellas.. smh

        • guest

          Ikr… please dont think we are all dumb fans.

    • Blue&gold_blood

      Damn, good point . Hahaha

    • guest

      Make an article about our current record too..

  • BruisingChargers

    Great win on the road! Loved the comeback by Rivers. Looks like the Chargers are finally listening to US fans ala Mathews flying into the endzone (Love that play), and Green’s 60 yard touchdown was SPECTACULAR!

    • w1LLz

      Right! It seems like it takes the coaching staff 2-3 games to pick up on what we see as fans. I’ve seen everyone here calling for more Ladarius, RM24 and Allen all season. I wonder if they’ll decide to follow this awesome team win up with a patented “complete Charger meltdown” against a decent Bengals team. Let’s go BOLTZ!!! We have the recipe, now let’s follow through!!!

  • bk

    Loud applause to the offense! Woody again comes up huge, 2TDs, 2 key first downs in crunch time at the end. Overall, good pocket protection for Philip. Praying for Ryan, need him back big time. Fluker too! Great to see Rivers spread the ball around. No interceptions! Awesome! 41 points on the road is really something…..Sackcloth and ashes to the pass defense. Perhaps the worst pass defense in the history of the NFL. We have to keep scoring every time we have the ball to have a chance. That will not cut it. Is Pagano the man for the job? The same week after week – watching our secondary make every quaterback in NFL look like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Horrible! It will spell our demise and keep us out of the playoffs. Either Pagano is the dumbest DC in the NFL, or the players are too stupid to learn. Whatever, what we have now is the perfect storm. Something major has to change…..Penalties are a weekly circus. Pass interferences – illegal procedures – holdings etc. etc. etc. Monotonous! That is McCoy’s responsibility, namely, overall team discipline and precision. He is the head coach, and this penalty pattern falls at his feet! Combine constant penalties with no pass defense, and it is a wonder that we have won 5 games……With all of that said, we can build on this great win. We return home for 4 of the last 5 games, and I think we can run the table if we correct the above huge issues to a significant degree. Big If! McCoy, hear the trumpet call, its post time. Take charge of your team and start kicking Bolt Butt.

    • Peter Thompson

      I will say this… I saw Pagano screaming like a rabid dog on the sideline. Even the announcers were making comments on it.. especially on that blitz where they all went in, but nobody did what they were supposed to. Pagano lost his mind on National Television!!!! Even if he isn’t the best coach, or running the best schemes.. he was letting the players know that they looked awful out there. Even when he was giving them a motivational speech, it looked like he gave them a “good ole’ fashioned rear-end whoopin’” before it… I could hear what he saying, but I remember he was getting crazy on them.. hahaha! At least that’s SOME kind of effort to kick their asses up and down Main Street.. they need a lot more of that.

      • bk

        You are right Peter! I saw it too! But, when it comes to pass defense and penalties, after 11 games, one has the right to look for maturation, progress, change, improvement, whatever you want to call it. I don’t see it. Both of those categories are huge, and they are making the offense score on every possession. That is unrealistic! We need much more than the offense. We need a complete team! Without defense, particularly pass defense, there is only half a team. Something MAJOR must be done now!

  • w1LLz

    Does anyone think we’ll see more reps for Tutu after yesterday’s big win? Damn, I hope so. I think he’s definitely earned it. Everyone (on offense) did their part yesterday, and contributed. Except 1 receiver who shall remain nameless. This roller coaster ride of a season has been crazy, and with a little more consistency on the defensive side of the ball then maybe, just maybe…

  • w1LLz

    One more thought…While you’re right about sloppy coverage and penalties, it seemed as though the secondary was playing much harder and actually contesting balls and being physical with receivers. Hopefully they can get better. I mean, they’ve got nowhere to go but up right?!

  • diomar espinal

    Idk if u guys noticed but on one play Keenan made Shaun smith fall right off the line of scrimmage it was crazy. The kid is somthing special. Second im sorry VB has to hit the bench in favor of TUTU. The guy has had more then enough time to prove himself. I stated in other posts and ill say again the guy cannot get open in press man coverage at ALL. Hes basically been single covered the past 3 weeks with teams focusing on gates and keenan and he still cant do anything. Hes a nice kid and all but this isnt about being a nice guy its about putting guys out there who produce and clearly he is not one of them. Lastly, our defense continues to be horrid but i really dont believe its because of the personnel. Our DC just is not good. Thankfully PR and keenan were able to get the job done.

    • Peter Thompson

      Our players AND our defensive coach are bad. Bad coverage, dumb penalties, horrible tackling… then throw the bad scheme on top of it. The good news is that some of these guys are young, and will improve. However, Pagano’s days are numbered… I hope.

      • diomar espinal

        good coaches and good schemes can make up for the lack of talent. Clearly we dont have the right coaches. Tell me something Peter. If your a DC and have seen time and time again in the film room that your corners are not capable of being put in single coverage situations, why continue to do it? Idk if you noticed but in the first QTR we went to the cover 2 man shell on third downs and got off the field. IMO its the best defense for this team and i have seen it work consistently better then anything else weve tried all season, but yet for some odd reason we never do it. With better schemes and coaching i really believe we would not be the worst defense in the NFL. Let me know your thoughts on that.

        • Peter Thompson

          I’m not disagreeing that Pagano’s schemes suck, or that with better coaching / schemes this defense couldn’t be SLIGHTLY better. You are very correct in saying that. But, the players need to not screw up designed blitz packages, and not get penalties every other play, and constantly blow their assignments, and not fail to make easy tackles. .. the list goes on. Those are just fundamentals. There are 31 other defenses in this league that are either better at doing that, or just as bad… nobody is worse, actually. That’s why I said it’s both. Wholesale changes need to be made across the board. You might be able to mask it for a while, but it needs to be fixed, not masked. And, since we are ripping up the floors already, this is the time to do it… TT can’t wait untl 2015, and try to roll with what’s out there now. The talent is awful, to the point where it’s a really bad joke to watch it.

          • diomar espinal

            Ill be honest Peter. Our defense as a whole has been terrible, but overall i feel theres only one player whose been especially terrible, and no its not derrick Cox. Marcus Gilcrest has been by far the worst player on that side of the ball i think. You see him this week run into his own guy and fall on a blitz? that was just pitiful. Where hes really been pitiful is in the deep secondary. Since weve been using Weddle so much in the box hes been the primary deep zone guy and he hasnt been anywhere to be found all season. He is supposed to be the primary help on deep balls yet you see guys running free downfield all season and it gets blamed on Cox and shareece for getting beat. Guess what though this clown Marcus is supposed to be the one helping them over the top and hes just been clueless all season. That is one of the main reasons im not as hard on Cox and Wright as others are on this website. Marcus literally has no awareness when hes on the field

          • Peter Thompson

            Yeah… Gilly is really bad. I wrote a piece on here about how bad he was going to be at strong safety before the season even began. I said what a bad mistake it was for TT to make him the starter. Just about everyone took my head off… they said “Marcus used to play safety in college.. it’s his natural position, Pete”. PLEASE!!!! He sucks, and won’t get any better! I knew it then, and they are seeing what I was talking about now. I said the same thing about Cox, and almost got killed for it by the commenters… now look at Cox… ya see what I was talking about? I know a bad CB when I see one… I watched Cason & Jammer suck for YEARS.

            I usually don’t give Cox grief when it isn’t his fault, though. Only when he gets burnt, all by himself. Like this weekend, when Addae was helping two other guys triple-cover some dude down below, and Cox released his guy. Addae was supposed to be behind Cox, but nobody was there, and it was a TD. I don’t blame him for that. But seriously… Cox has FOUR passes defensed this year. That’s awful. That’s what I mean about wholesale changes. We have at least two secondary positions to fill, before we even think about drafting a pass rusher, o-lineman, etc… unless Taylor FINALLY gets some playing time. What are your thoughts on that? It seems that the fans have been lulled into forgetting that Taylor isn’t out there contributing. The topic has become forgotten, since they haven’t put him out there whatsoever, and the season is almost over. Are Gilchrist & Addae THAT much better, or do you think Taylor is still hurt?

          • diomar espinal

            Honestly Peter i have not seen Brandon play to give you an honest assessment. What i can say which i think you and i can both agree on is that there is NO POSSIBLE way he can be worse then what Marcus has been this season. Theres just no way. So in that sense i wonder why he hasnt been able to get on the field like you said. One thing i do want to say though Pete is that it might sound dumb but i really have not gave up on Derrick. Hes been pitiful out there but i know deep down he is not being used in a scheme which benefits his talents. Not only that but like we both agreed on this clumsy guy Gilcrest has been no where to be found all season with his help. I say i havent gaven up on Derrick and ill tell you why. Some people might look at the scheme excuse and say its not a big deal but it really is. When i was in high school i was a CB also. Im 6’2 which is very tall for a corner and derrick is around 6’1. Guys who are taller and have longer arms are better suited to be in press coverage because us being taller it allows us to use our longer arms to slow the receivers momentum when he starts his route, which allows taller corners to be able to run with receivers regardless of the speed and agility disadvantage that the CB might have. Now when you take this same type of corner and make him play soft zone coverage 10 yards off WRs. They are at a great disadvantage because now the quicker receivers are able to greatly exploit the difference in agility and speed like i stated. I say that because i myself Pete struggled when put in that off coverage because without being able to deter the WRs route there was no way for me to be able to stay with the quicker guys, but in press i could jam them and easily run step for step and shut them down. My point is i think the next DC that gets hired will know our players strengths Pete and i think this will greatly help Derrick. But as of right now Pagano is basically Norv Turner Jr in that he only believes in his scheme and is not willing to change. You see the difference McCoy made with basically the same talent we had last year Pete. I believe a new DC who plays to the guys strengths that we have will do the same. Let me know your thoughts on that, and sorry for the long ass read lol

  • Conor Cahill

    that was easily the best Chargers game I’ve watched in the last 3 years. awesome

  • Blue&gold_blood

    Two things that really bother me yesterday . I’ll start of with VB, time to bench him. When Rivers finally went to him, he slipped and fell on the comeback route. Enough is enough. It’s just a matter of time till Allen starts getting double covered . Then what … Tutu time to prove your self kid ( come on give us the help me need) . Second it pissed me of when we got the ball back in the fourth Up by a field goal, with like 7 minutes to go. What do the chargers do. Play conservative and do two HB draws up the middle, pass on 3rd and then punt. We can’t be doing that . We should have marched down the field and scored again , at the minimum get in field goal position . Play calling when we are in the lead is really predictable . We need to always try to put points on the board at all times .

    • Ernie Padaon

      That play calling did suck… Especially with Ryan out of the game!

  • Cgoodness13

    Thank god TT put together a WR group full of depth in the preseason. And I herd this upcoming draft class is full of good CBs. Btw I told you all we would win this game, though I said it would be a stomp we still won.

  • Shane

    Can the writers and fans quit being such downers on here now?? We are tied for the wildcard. Tied. We were one game out last week and everyone was writing off the team. Just cuz the team is on a constant roller coaster doesn’t mean everybody on here needs to be like that. Keep the faith. Bolt up.

    • Peter Thompson

      Hey there, Shane… to be fair… I’m a writer on here, and I keep posting articles about how we are still in the hunt… keep posting other wild card team’s schedules, analyzing the probability of each team winning / losing, and where we would stand in different scenarios, etc….. I keep saying that we aren’t out of it yet…. but, nobody comments, except to say that “we are not going to make the playoffs”, and that I am “dreaming”. Been on record numerous times saying that I am not giving up until we are mathematically out. But, those posts get little support, unfortunately. David O’Rourke has posted articles like that too. People let their emotions swing back and forth with each win or loss. I mean, I have also reported on the losses too, and point out areas of concern.. but just because it needs to be reported, and discussed.. not to be a Debbie Downer. But, it’s seems like a lot of people call you “a dreamer” if you write anything positive about us possibly making the playoffs… but, the second we are back in the hunt, everyone suddenly gets excited again. Not picking on you, but the articles I have written about us being in the hunt are a ghost town. Please be sure to comment, when you see those. Bolt Up!!!!!

      • Gunnar Martin

        I’ll make sure to speak my mind on those now Pete! I still believe!

        • Peter Thompson

          I know you will G. I said it before… I have the entire offseason to be bummed, if we don’t make it. While we are still in it, let’s enjoy the wins, and absorb the losses with class. It’s a new era.

      • shane

        alrighth whiskey pete…sorry you’re right, you have written some more optimistic pieces…i’ll comment. i guess true to most things in life, its easier to comment on the negative. but yeah, we’re totally still in it. yes our defense is real soft AMBITOOS…but we still have a chance.

    • Ambitoos

      Get real Shane. How far can we go with a defense that’s ranked #27. I don’t consider myself as being a downer but more of a realist. I’m looking forward to next year.

  • Michael Popowich

    It was great to see our offense get us the win again, but you can’t rely on offense every game, even though it is a pass oriented league. We know that the defense is this team’s weakness, so I’m not sure how far we will go this year, if we make it to the playoffs, but it is def the biggest issue to address in the offseason. They did step a few times to make some key stops on Kc’s third down, and you could see Pagano’s happiness, espec since he knows his job is on the line. Lets see how they do these next three games. Go Bolts!

  • Sergio Quintero

    - Ladarius Green must play more, dude is going to be a star, 2 TE offense has to be the basis for the future, study some Patriots film guys.
    - The red zone offense will be fine if Mathews is on the field, you know you can play action pass with Mathews in the red zone, i’m sure you will find Green/Phillips open in the end zone once in a while.
    - Major props to Joe D’ its a miracle how much this group has improved, if they can get Dunlap healthy they may truly push this into high gear.

    - According to the stat heads at Pro Football focus the chargers have the worst D in the league, zero argument from me. Even though they haven’t given up the most points, the yards per play is disgusting, and you add the lowest turnover total, no discussion Pagano must go.
    - Cox, V.Brown you guys should only see the field because of injury, I have no patience for either of you.

    - Ajirotutu should play more, save the high draft pick pride on Brown, its obvious as of right now Tutu is a better player.
    - I haven’t seen anything that can actually work for this defense, they even were miss-timing blitzes and running into each other, if you guys have answer in how to improve this D, I’m open to suggestions.
    - What is keeping this team from running the I-formation in the red zone, and using TE’s and fullback please answer me, and yes a play action pass of a run heavy formation would be nice thing to see.
    - Can I see some more back shoulder throws, everybody else seems to throw those in bunches, something to emphasize for this offense in the future. See what the rest of the league is doing and you know, copy it.
    - Have to seriously improve the returners for 2014, nobody brings anything special out of the current lot.
    - Christmas present for 2014 a big time corner, can I have one TT, please, please, please!?!?!.