Nov 17, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) talks with San Diego Chargers wide receiver Vincent Brown (86) after throwing an interception during the first quarter against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Vincent Brown Has Been A Huge Disappointment So Far

Where has Vincent Brown been? He is a player that some had high hopes coming into the season and he has been getting the opportunity to get a ton of playing time, but he has not been able to be productive. He doesn’t quite fit the scheme and he doesn’t seem to be able to break loose from his corners. He has been the starter for all 10 games this year and he is barely over 500 yards this season. Where is he?

Before his injury last year, there were hopes that he could be the future for the team at the wide receiver position. He made spectacular catches over defenders and was one of the best route runners on the team. Now he can’t get any separation from his defenders and is barely making a mark on Sundays.

I thought that he could be one of the young players that the team could use in the future, but the team might need to start looking in a different direction. Keenan Allen looks to be one of the guys that can help the passing attack in the future, but Vincent Brown has left something to be desired. Who is going to line up opposite of Keenan Allen next season? It would be great to have another playmaker at the other wide receiver position. Currently it doesn’t look like Vincent.

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  • GoBolts

    It sucks to say it, but I totally agree with you. I can’t think of one play he’s made that has left me with that “wow” feeling.

    Do you think Ladarius Green could move to WR?

    • blackroseMD1

      The more ways we can get Ladarius on the field, the better. Dude does nothing but make plays.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i don’t think Green is a wide receiver. He would be most productive as a tight end, but he just needs to get the playing time.

      • Calman21

        Not too sure about that, Jimmy Graham (not saying Green is as talented as him) is primarily used as a WR because of his size, speed, and skill set. Green might be able to be a very good WR and a huge problem for most CBs.

  • supersurge619er

    Is ankle may not be the same quite yet maybe it bothers him still that it slows him down and may not allow him to cut quick idk but I hope he shows up I think he will ….stay CHARGED !!

  • Lee

    dont forget M80 is coming back next year…but he’s always hurt. anyone know when VJAX becomes a free agent again? lol

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahah. i wish!

      • arnie

        Careful what you wish for. There was a lot of people that said there was ” no way meachum was going to be released.” poof he gone.

  • Stefanie Smith

    They are still talking that the Chargers could beat the Chiefs. Along with that, they still question Whisenhunt’s play calling. Quoting here “What it comes down to: How conservative will Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt’s game plan be?”

    About says it all. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I hope Whisenhunt reads that stuff. He is not good.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i honestly don’t have a huge beef with whiz as others do. there are things that the team needs to work on for sure, but the offense has been worlds better than last season. Philip Rivers has been worlds better. I wont say he has been perfect though

      • tubbs45

        I would have to agree. I have had a beef with the packages in the red zone, not having the ‘I formation’ squad in to pound the rock… But it is hard to say that this offense isnt a way better fit for the personnel we have currently.

        • arnie

          Honestly, i’m just concerned a pattern is starting to develop, that may look familiar from Arizona.

  • blackroseMD1

    Is Vincent Brown the future?

    • Ernie Padaon


  • tubbs45

    Man he has been HOT in the past and has cooled dramatically now. I would if the receiver decision making (re-routing) based on the Defense has changed or what the hell is going on. He is also being pushed in to the 2nd WR slot and is a much better slot/middle guy, cause he is just not that fast. Come on VB and River we need you guys to get the magic back and this KC game would be GREAT timing!!!

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I agree man, in this type of offense with PR throwing high percentage passes he just doesn’t fit. Every game there is a coupe missed routes or communication errors with PR, dudes are just not on the same page. I don’t think he will be around next year, I would love to think DA will be back but who knows it might be time to look for that #2 guy, Floyd could possibly retire too that would leave the #2 WR up for grabs.

    • Ernie Padaon

      it is crazy. i had some high expectations out of him this season. The offense moves the football and Brown has not been a part of it.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      Have to agree about Floyd, but still hope he returns 100% healthy. Here in Hi. never got to see Brown or Alexander last year, but took everyone’s opinion that they are both very good. Saw it in Alexander in preseason up until his expected knee injury. This year Brown seems slow out of cuts, not fast downfield, and mistimes his jump. A lot could be due to injury but not the speed. I’d keep him at low price, work on rehabbing the ankle more, & keep him in the slot. But I might be tempted to use Green in the slot even more often than Brown. Green may not be the best blocker in the world, but could be very effective blocking and receiving from the slot and benefit from good coaching. Could keep defenses off balance.

  • arnie

    Without making excuses, Vincent Brown is just a rookie, all over again. He missed time his first year, broke his ankle and missed all last season, now he has to learn an entire new offense and be the starter. In comparison Keenan Allen has done well, so it’s hard to make that case. For what i see, VBrown is just a natural slot receiver, unfortunately Royal is in that spot, which may not be for long if he can’t stay healthy. To be realistic i never expected him to be DX or Floyd. So i can’t say i’m disappointed, it’s just sad to see he hasn’t made the most of his opportunities.

  • Peter Thompson

    You have no choice, but to wonder…

    Did Meachem’s bad luck rub off on him? Is it our bad luck with receivers? Is it the scheme? Is it the injury he suffered? Is it the new playbook he has to learn? Is it being thrust into the #2 receiver position? Is it Philip? Is it Whisenhunt? Or, is it just Vincent himself? Lots of questions… with very few CLEAR answers.

    So weird that Meachem went back to the Saints, and immediately picks up where he left off… but, we couldn’t get the guy to do anything for us. The Saints seem to get so much more production out of him. I mean, his stats aren’t eye-popping, but he hasn’t been bad, either. 10 catches, 237 yards, Averaging 23.7 yards per catch, with a long of 60, and a TD. That’s already MUCH better than we did with him all of last year, and he’s only played 9 games. I know, “context”, right? LOL… just kinda strange.. IDK. Is Sean Payton just that much better of an offensive mind than other guys? Maybe he is.

    • diomar espinal

      i honestly thinks its Vincent himself. I just dont think he can win battles at the line of scrimmage and create separation consistently. Hes not very big at all and hes not fast at all and to top all that off he doesnt have those basketball style cuts that keenan and antonio gates use to keep defenders off balance. With the style of offense we have been using this season i feel like Vincent should have shined if he was as good as people thought he was going to be. Sadly i just dont see it. Maybe he is better suited for the slot? Even that i have a hard time believing because aside from having solid hands i just dont think he does anything else very well. Teams have been doubling up and Shading to Keenans side the past 3 weeks and he still hasnt been able to do a dam thing? I mean idk maybe im wrong but what do you guys think?

      • Ernie Padaon

        I tend to agree with everything you have said on here.

        • diomar espinal

          Lol thanx my man i know everyone has their own opinions but pretty much i just go by what i see and what kind of player the guy is. I like the rest of us believed Vincent was going to be somthing special. But im not afraid to say i think i was wrong he just doesnt have those special traits i named earlier like keenan or antonio have. But yea i mean whats your take? Clearly weve all seen the other teams game planning to stop keenan the past couple weeks. If one player has that much attention on him and you cant exploint single coverage than im sorry but i dont see use for you as a starter

        • diomar espinal

          Hey by the way im curious as to your thoughts on Cam Thomas. If you could type up an article on your thoughts on hom

  • BruisingChargers

    Cut the guy ALREADY! More RM and LG………….

  • C.Steele

    I was wondering when this article was coming? Not saying I disagree with anything int it. But, he really has been NO factor at all this year. I just keep thinking “is this going to be his week”. But hell, him and Philip aren’t even on the same page this late in the season in terms of what they are seeing on the field. I wonder if it’s him or the scheme?

    • Ernie Padaon

      i think it is a little bit of both. i don’t know if he is a starter. i thought he would be, but it seems like he can’t get off of the jam