Nov 17, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; Miami Dolphins tight end Charles Clay (42) runs past San Diego Chargers free safety Eric Weddle (32) for a touchdown during the second half at Sun Life Stadium. Miami won 20-16. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Chargers Defense Is A Disaster

The San Diego Chargers defense has been terribly bad. The Miami Dolphins were unable to run the football last week against Tampa Bay. They couldn’t even get over 10 yards for the whole game. Their offensive line has been in all kinds of turmoil and the offense has been struggling, but the Chargers defense is the remedy for their troubles. The Chargers have not been able to stop the run game and the secondary can’t cover you or me. Even worse, they can’t tackle worth a crap.

That catch and run from Dolphins TE Charles Clay just shows it all. How in the world was he able to run past the whole defense and run over the guys in the secondary. That was embarrassing. I wanted to grab a paper bag and put it over my head right after that play. Who coaches this defense? Where are the fundamentals of tackling? Just ridiculous!

I understand that John Pagano is not playing with a full deck, but there are some things that you should be able to expect from some of these players. You would think that they can make some tackles.

I could barely watch when the Chargers defense was on the field. It is hard to trust them to make any kind of stop on defense. I had to hope that the Dolphins would commit a penalty or that the Chargers would finally get through that patchwork offensive line for a sack.

This defense is a mess. There are a lot of things that are wrong with it. The players are not playing well. They are missing key pieces on the defensive front. The corners are playing terrible and nobody on the defense can tackle.

It is a mess to watch this defense. I almost would rather watch this instead:


I said almost!

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  • Rob Base

    Bahahaha wrecking ball. Your killing me! Draft time! Mock draft yet Ernie?

    • chargersfanfromswitzerland

      and please dont come with a running back!!! ;) good job ryan, defense not so good…

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Man, the draft is still so far away. One thing I am confident in is that this defense can’t stop anybody which means we shouldn’t see any kind of winning streak happen like last year. 7-9 would be pretty tough to pull off but with so many really really bad teams this year 5-11 might get us a 6-10 pick which would be pretty sweet positioning in each round.

  • geapetto, florentini

    I wish the chargers were as hot as MileycCyrus before she cut her hair and went crazy. Instead they are about as hot as her twerking in those busted shorts with no ass!

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahahaha! truth!

  • Calman21

    Top ten pick this year. We should trade back and pick up some additional picks. Bengals, and Denver are almost assuredly losses. Knowing the Chargers they will beat the Chiefs once…probably at KC just because. so 6-10 is likely where we end up. We need to part with Clary at the end of the season (he just costs too much). We might also take this opportunity to clear out some of the more expensive people that are not producing at what their cap figures dictate they should (I am looking at you Cox). McClain is probably gone. We might even want to look at trading Gates (I don’t want to but he is getting old and Green is our TE of the future). Thomas probably should be relegated to back-up status if we can/draft or get one in FA. Our WRs corp is actually pretty solid, a little improvement in the Oline and they should get more time for routes and the run game will get even better. And Miley Cyrus is only slightly more of a disaster than the Chargers D .

    • OP Bolt

      I think you are on the right track. Unless there is a slam dunk potential All Pro CB, NT, LT, or deep threat WR, I would also be willing to trade back. We just need better talent levels across the board. Too many of our starters (or survivors) are never going to be better than back-up talent.

      • C.Steele

        I’m cool with that thought process, except the WR. We just have to many issues to pick a WR before the 3rd round. preferably 4th. We basically need someone who’s a deep threat to keep the defense honest. We need as many defense draft picks as we can get our hands on! #GoBolts!

    • CALiFORNiAkiD

      we can’t win on the road and the Chiefs are 9-1….Yeah that game looks like a win. Lol

      • Calman21

        It was more of a nod towards the Charger beating teams they shouldn’t (i.e. the Colts) and their historic inconsistency for the last several years.

  • boltup

    Need to trade for brandon browner and sign the titans corner back in the offseason i forgot his name its not mccourty but the other one hes solid

    • geapetto, florentini


    • Gunnar Martin

      Hahaha don’t make me laugh. There’s a thing called cap space ya know…

  • Tazzster

    I was thinking to myself today…. when was the last time I saw someone on our defense actually lay out someone on the other team?

    I can’t remember a time from this season….

    In looking forward there are only two guys I would keep… Butler and Weddle. How do we replace nine guys in one year?

    • geapetto, florentini

      Addae layed out some fool this year

      • C.Steele

        Yep! Addae! He rocked a couple different guys this year. I wonder if Taylor will be able to win that SS spot next year. I know Gilchrist ain’t keeping it!

    • Ambitoos

      Weddle has fallen off this year. He’s ranked #21 in tackles by the league. He’s not worth that $40 million contract that he signed. He’s not tackling like he used to.

      • Tazzster

        Thats because in our defensive scheme this year, Weddle is mostly playing MLB.

      • Why O Why

        Weddle is being used wrong this season. That doesn’t excuse why he isn’t playing with ferocity. Against oakland, he was sitting and waiting for Pryor all game instead of attacking him. Respect the speed, don’t be afraid of it.
        2 plays this season went for points because Weddle “assumed” that another player was making the play and he was right there.
        Other than the play that he separated a player from the ball at the goal line he has been playing “soft”.

    • arnie

      True. Keep in mind though, this is the first year a lot of these guys are starting, and playing together. While Wright an Gilchrist are 2nd an 3rd year guys they didn’t get a lot of playing time behind Jammer, Cason and Bigby. Wright has actually played “decent” not good, “decent”. He is literally the starter by default, an thrown into a defensive system that is “flawed” to say the least.

  • w1LLz

    It seems to be all doom and gloom around here lately and I for one, am right there with you all. If there were a trophy for playing just good enough to lose it all in the end we would be the undisputed world champs by now. I actually came to grips with our standing as a team after the Denver loss. Yesterday was just confirmation. I’m still looking forward to getting Danario back next season (I hope).

  • veazy

    I’m fucking sick of this Miley Virus bitch.

  • arnie

    Ernie, why you upset? This is virtually the “same” defensive look we got from the 2012 unit. What’s the common denominator?

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahahahahahahahahah… i wonder!!!!


    We had over 400 yards and scored 16 points!! Lol The offense is the real joke

    • Tazzster

      That is Red Zone issue… which is the coaches fault… which is Whisenhunt

      Can we draft a new Offensive Coordinator?

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        We had the ball a couple of times down by 4 and couldn’t score FG’s

    • Ernie Padaon

      how crazy! cant get into that end zone!

  • Cgoodness13

    Ugh can we just tape a pic of Paganos brother on all our opponents coaches faces so he can coach a decent game?

  • Alter Ego

    Nice rant Ernie. It sure seems like we are horrible at times – those times are normally when the opposition has just kicked our ass and slapped our defense in the face.
    The reality according to :
    The Chargers are 11th in league for team defense.
    We just suck when the game is on the line – hope we fix that crap.

  • Mark Viguri

    If Liuget doesn’t hit the QB late that terrible Charger defense would have held the Fish to 13 points. How many games can the Chargers win when Rivers and company only score 16-17 points a game?

    • Mark Viguri

      16 points and that even after Patrick’s INT that let Rivers start at Miami’s 15 yard line.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Seattle and some of the other teams win with under 20 points. It does not have to be huge points. Yeah, and no penalty from Liuget — maybe we could have won. And Rivers cannot pass when bodies on his left an right are falling over like bowling pins…i.e. Fluker. His o-line was horrific on Sunday. Where were you when he was passing like a maniac?

  • Ambitoos

    Time to go to Kansas City.

    • C.Steele

      LOL! Awesome! #GoBolts!

  • philiprules

    The really sad part is watching these guys in coverage almost makes me miss Jammer & Cason.
    And the next time I see Mathews power the ball inside the 20 only to get replaced by Woodhead so we can gain nothing in 2 straight runs up the middle my flat screen just may not survive.

    • C.Steele

      Yeah explain that one. You get inside the 20 when running gets tougher because there is less real estate and your gonna have to break some tackles to get in the endzone; so take out your power back and replace him with the smallest guy on the team! Wait! Wait! Wait! Best part. It hasn’t worked all year long…. SO KEEP DOING IT! #Priceless #GoBolts!!