Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Cecil Shorts III (84) runs up the field past San Diego Chargers cornerback Derek Cox (22) and free safety Eric Weddle (32) during the first half at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Cox Back Practicing With The Ones

San Diego Chargers CB Derek Cox was back practicing with the starters today, because who else do we have on the roster that could start? Cox has been benched in each of the last couple of games for not performing up to his expectations, but he still is getting the reps as a starter for the team.

It has been painful watching him at times. He has given up huge plays and he doesn’t like to get physical and tackle people. He has been a bad signing for the team in the offseason.

He was expected to be a solid player in the secondary as long as he was healthy. He has been healthy the whole season, but has not been anywhere near solid for the defense. He doesn’t have much competition for the starting job though. Johnny Patrick and Richard Marshall are the best options to start at corner, but they are just as reliable as Cox. Maybe worse.


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  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks


    My email was read on D. Smith right now, I am Alex in Fullerton lol, that was awesome he gave me props after he read it too. Made my day for sure.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon


  • Michael

    I said it before,,,,, we might be able to pick up some nice table cloths at wallmart, they may cover better

  • phobos57

    Sorry to hear that. Can’t wait until we’re shed of him.

  • Carlos J Manzano

    I’ve said this before, and I’m sure other as well, but he’s most effective in press rather than in zone. Playing zone against Manning made it easy for him.

    • diomar espinal

      thank you man for pointing out the obvious. I honestly think its time we part ways with Pagano. He reminds me of Norv in the sense that he clearly does not play to his players strengths instead just relies on his terrible scheme. All he does is consistently put his players in position to fail. Derrick Cox and Shareece wright arent Darrelle Revis. We cant consistently leave these guys on islands expecting them to succeed. But yet thats exactly what we do. Shareece and Derricks strengths like Carlos said are press man coverage. Instead we play 10 yards off receivers and play these super soft cover 3s that get torched with ease. Now go back to that same Denver game to the 2nd half when we started playing a basic 2 man shell? what happened? We stopped giving up all these long ass gains and made peyton have to hold the ball longer? Did that work pretty well for us and did our corners look wayyyyy better? i believe so. This goes all the way back to the preseason when we played the seahawks. They could barely move the ball on us when we stayed in our basic 2 man shell and rushed 4. Like i said Shareece and Derrick arent world beaters, but if you put safety help over the top and let them play press man all of a sudden they are pretty solid and make plays on the ball. People will argue with me that we have to blitz consistently because we dont get pressure sending only 4? But i mean if we go back to the game tape and for the most part Tourek and Thomas did a solid job of collapsing the pocket. Overall playing the shell it plays tremendously to our corners strengths and forces teams to have to dink and dunk against us as opposed to us giving up 20 yard bombs on every down. You guys let me know which one you prefer. Also please respond to this post and let me know what you guys think, thank you and sorry for this chapter i wrote lol

      • arnie

        Been on this ride for a while now. Cox gets beat, an i can’t argue that, but i try to see things in context, which is Cox doesn’t call the plays. I stated i couldn’t defend him anymore after the washington game, and could see why he was benched. I also stated if the Defense got better, then the right decision was made. It Didn’t. Now who do the Chargers bench? Weddle? My point was i think Pagano has put his blinders on, and chose to “stay the course”. Sound familiar?
        If Pagano is watching the same games i am, in film i can’t see how he can justify playing zone. Unless he thinks, “Cox has got to make that play” from ten yards away? That would tell me he thinks his system is fine and the players need to get better at playing it. But i’m only speculating

        • Aaron Johnson

          McCoy has stated its about buy in to the system. Staying the course is what I expect based on those interviews. If they change the system they are basically saying they dont buy in. Our problem on D is talent. Plain and simple. The bend dont (always) break mentality works when you have an inconsistent team. We are in every game but we dont always finish every game. Im still a Pagano fan and this season is not his entire body of work. With more talent, less injuries and a GM that seems to care about winning, we will have a good D again.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      I just don’t understand why we don’t switch that defense to play more man

      • C.Steele

        We can’t play more man, because both corners get roasted in man! Not to mention our SS is always out of position in terms of the over the top help. Now, add the facts that the FS has been played like in the box like a linebacker all year long and a mediocre pass rush. Those calling for more man to man coverage are essentially calling for giving up the long TD play vs the current bend, bend, and break strategy currently being employed.. #DamnedIfYouDo!DamendifYouDont! #Gobolts!

        • diomar espinal

          I think you are mistaken man. You are right that in man our corners get roasted. But that’s in Man to Man with no help over the top which is a re occurring theme with Pagano . Everytime weve played a man shell (2 man under 2 safetys Back) weve looked very good and have made Qbs have to hold the ball for longer then they want which is what I saw consistently in the offseason and the 2nd half vs the broncos. but I will give you also that our safeties are idiots and I cant count how many times Gilcrest is supposed to be helping Cox over the top and is never anywhere to be found. that being said I prefer us consistently rushing 4 and keeping 2 safeties back and making teams have to dink and dunk us upfield as opposed to us gambling and leaving single coverage on both sides of the field every play and giving up 20 yard gains. What do you think?

          • C.Steele

            I mean that sounds good. I actually would rather see that alignment myself. However, the whole reason we have been playing Weddle in the box is we have been getting dominated in the run game.If we keep 2 safeties back you will see Weddle diving at a running backs feet to stop the touch down run..

            On the subject of safeties; I don’t see Gilchrist making the team more than 2 more season. He isn’t that good of a corner and performs worse as a safety. If Addai or Taylor don’t win the job next season, I think TT will be looking for his replacment in the 2015 draft.

            Also, I wonder why if our linemen (Cam & Corey)are suppose to be natural one gap players, why we don’t switch to a 4-3 alignment (I thought when we picked up Freeny, Pagano said it wouldn’t be a problem to work that in anyway?).

          • diomar espinal

            Our base 3-4 isnt bad we are just missing the most important piece of a 3-4 which is why corey and kendall cant do what is expected of them. As long as ur base NT is being pushed 4 5 yards on run plays you will never be good. Im pretty sure TT will draft high on a NT in this years draft.

          • C.Steele

            No doubt! You are absolutely correct if we want to continue to run the 3-4 we have to draft (or FA sign) a NT next year But!!!!! If you ain’t got it now, why not work with what you do got? Which is linemen who are better suited for a 4-3! And, in addition to helping out those lineman, it might just free up our ILBs who look like shit cause 300+OL are constantly hitting them in the grill! We know Te’o can’t fight his way out of wet paper bag right now much less an actual block ;) #GoBolts!

          • diomar espinal

            well what you said goes back to my original point with this guy Pagano. He refuses to play to his players strengths and its costing us. Bill Belichik doesnt give 2 shits about what the “scheme” is he does what caters best to his players abilities and that is why he is a great coach.Every week you will see the Pats in a base 4-3, if he thinks its not working he will immediately switch to a 3-4. What does Pagano do? He says the system is fine and the players should be making plays? Cam Thomas has gotten abused all season at NT which doesnt allow Corey or Kendall to do anything up front. As a result of the DL getting smashed then our ILB’s have to take on giant OG’s coming full steam at them consistently which is why you see Teo and even Butler struggling. What would a good coach do in that situation? Maybe he could go back to the film room and be like hey maybe this shit isnt working why dont we try a 4-3, like you had stated. But do we do that? Never. Let me know what you think.

          • C.Steele

            Nothing to add to that. You’re spot on!

    • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

      So damn true, Him and Sharese are Press Corners why don’t they use them in press…..Aliens

  • Stefanie Smith

    Why is Pagano insistent on zone coverage so much?

  • Tazzster

    I said it before… the secondary is a mess. I’m not sure anyone there is playing well. However Cox is the only one making $4 million, except Eric Weddle. But I think Weddle is playing well, he just needs help so he can play safety instead of linebacker.

    • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

      True as fuck they stay putting him at MLB

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    COURTNEY Cox would have at least pushed Thomas out of bounds… she’s a tough lady ; )

  • tubbs45

    Wait, for a second there I thought we were talking about Jammer or Cason from last year. It occurs to me we have lacked shut down corners for a long damn time. TT this has to change in the draft and a free agent or two.

    • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

      Shit when jammer was in his prime he was a shutdown corner, he played great every season except last season when he was going thru an Divorce

      • tubbs45

        There is no doubt. Jammer got destroyed by fans last year is all I’m saying!

        • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

          True and ot showed on the feild along woth that Divorce

  • http://www.signonsandiego.com/ Ambitoos

    As long as we play Derrick Cox. We are assured of a high draft pick.

  • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

    Whete yhe hell os that Cromartie, we jad during Pre-season they need to throw him in there

  • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

    Lets tell this to Tt and MM on Twitter so we know their reading our suggestions