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Dear Chargers: It's not me, it's you.

I have been trying to wrap my head around what happened yesterday when the Chargers hosted the Broncos.  I have no idea how the Bolts lost this game.  I had my Mathews jersey on, no blue eye shadow adorned my eyelids and my Chargers shoes complimented my outfit perfectly.  The BoltBeat crew hosted a super fun tailgate and while we ate and got quite tipsy positive Chargers talk was in the air.  We even had a bunch of Broncos fans stop by and that made the event even more fun.  As we headed into the stadium with big smiles on our faces and the beautiful San Diego sun on our backs we knew we were going to beat the Broncos.

We did our part as fans, so what went wrong?  I’ll tell you what went wrong, the Chargers did not do their part.   It wasn’t just the lack of time management or the fact that our defense appeared to be moving in slow motion, it was all of the little things that we just expect professionals to be doing.   I will be the first one to admit that when it comes to the Chargers I lean heavily towards optimism.  But when I see things like botched snaps, delay of game penalties, dropped balls, really really bad play calling and the inability to get the ball into the end zone that optimism starts to fray.

I hate to admit this, but I guess I was wrong.  The optimism that I felt during the off-season is no longer there.  The 14-2 prediction was so obviously wrong and our hopes of a playoff spot are dwindling faster than a candle that has been burning all night.  I have done all I can do, but the Chargers need to do all they can do too.  I know this day will come, but for today, we are on a break.  Once I am done with this post, I am not going to think about football, talk about football, eat football food or plan the activities for this weekends game.  Of course, I will be back in that mode tomorrow (or possibly later today).  I love my Bolts, and  I will never break up with my Bolts and leave them for a another team like so many have done.  I was born a Chargers fan and I will die a Chargers fan, but I would love to have a lot of fond Charger memories, not memories of games we lost due to lack of planning.

Thanks for reading my rant!


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  • Mark Rojas

    you predicted a 14-2 season? during a “rebuilding” year? sorry but its got to be you.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      I was drinking the Bolt Kool-aid. :-(

      • John Alton

        I would say so, it must have made you drunk as all hell.

  • Joey

    u picked them to go 14-2? we have only done that once in our entire history.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Doesn’t that mean we are due? :-(

      • Gunnar Martin

        In a few years, Cindi, in a few years…

  • joerockt

    I think this would be a different team if both sides of the ball weren’t decimated by injuries. We’re working with guys who just have no business on an NFL team (Kaiser, for example, I can’t tell you how many times I
    saw that guy not only get driven backwards, but spun around going the wrong direction). So we have many guys who just do the best they can, but in this league that’s just not good enough, especially when going against good teams. Combine that with some poor rookie coaching choices, you just won’t win very many games. Its extremely frustrating.

    I think we can take solace in the fact that we have Rivers for several more years. He’s the main reason we’re not 1-8 or 2-7. His turnaround has been impressive, we just need to continue to build the team around him.

    • Peter Thompson

      Great words JR. Great words. I am excited that the main choices they have made have been surprisingly good. Even Tourek got a strip sack this week. If Stevie Williams ends up being similarly impressive, we can do a little jig! What did you think about Te’O this week? I know you haven’t been a fan. You think there was any improvement? Just curious.

      • joerockt

        You know, I really didn’t focus on the guy. I’ll have to go back and watch. I saw that he made a few good tackles and blitzes. However, he gets the demerit for not covering Julius Thomas on his TD run. Looked to me that was his responsibility. When he starts lighting people up or getting INT’s then I’ll notice. Until then, he’s just another guy we drafted.

  • Jake

    I was at the game, and in my mind I will respectfully disagree with you on a couple points. “We did our part as fans, so what went wrong?” I’m not sure if you saw, but the stadium was filled with primarily orange yesterday. The fact that we can’t have a legitimate home-field advantage over a bitter division rival is beyond pathetic in my mind and has me doubting how much San Diego wants to keep its team in the America’s Finest City. I heard more “Let’s go Bronco” chants than anything positive for our home team and I think it’s rather embarrassing to see flocks of other teams’ fans week in and week out. I completely understand that fans can’t/won’t/don’t want to buy expensive tickets to see an average to above average team perform. I understand that times are still tough and it’s not in the budgets of many families to attend games. That being said I don’t believe we, as fans, have done our part for the majority of the past few years.
    As far as your 14-2 prediction, I’m all about the optimistic viewpoint, but reality has to set in. The Chargers are a slightly above average team that can play great at times. They are far too inconsistent and have too many flaws right now to be considered a huge threat in the AFC. This is so be somewhat expected with the new coaching staff in place and with the rash of injuries the team has suffered this year (like every other year, it seems).
    That being said, I like where this team is headed under Tom Telesco, Mike McCoy and company. They have been competitive in just about every game and really haven’t been completely blown out yet this year. Hopefully they can continue to turn it around and can start being a major player in the AFC in the years to come.

    • 1ofHis2

      I totally agree Jake. Frustration & disappointment happen when our expectations are not met. So let’s be real. Even 8-8 might not be real “in the state the team is in now”. So, if we get to 8-8, or 7-9 this 1st year with the new staff, that should be somewhat encouraging, I think we may have been expecting a little too much this year. I’ll be shocked if we even get near a play-off but with my change of heart about our Bolts, I definitely will NOT be disappointed or frustrated again this year. But I’m HOPING to be SHOCKED! Go Bolts!

      • Peter Thompson

        Amen… They were forced to gut the team. We had a bunch of aging players on our roster, that weren’t going to be able to do much better than what we are seeing on the field now. Nor were they the “future of the team”. We are learning a lot about who our depth players are this season, and what they are capable of. We have seen the turnovers & sacks reduced, Philip is playing MUCH better, Ryan Mathews is starting to look better, we picked up some good free agents, we are getting some good players back next season, we had a pretty darn good draft, we are at LEAST hanging in there with the league’s best team. There are still a lot of things that need to change, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. The secondary & o-line will be addressed this upcoming year.. probably a nose tackle & a pass rusher too… then we will see wholesale improvements. Might even see a new DC, which would be nice.

    • Peter Thompson

      I dunno… San Diego is also a city full of transplants from other places. It makes our city pleasantly diverse on one hand, and sucks for sporting events on the other. Lot’s of military.. lot’s of East Coast business types.. lots of people from other places who move to S.D. just for the weather. Half the people I know in SD come from somewhere else. It doesn’t surprise me that we have a lot of fans from other cities at our games. Not that we don’t need more native SD support, but I also realize that the Denver Broncos & Peyton Manning are the new “bandwagon team” for those “football fans” who just like to support whoever they think is a winning team. It used to be Green Bay, or the Patriots. My co-workers are constantly switching their support blindly to whatever team is winning, and then switch the following year. Some do it mid-season. I don’t agree with it, but San Diego is a much smaller market than cities like New York, where there are enough Giants fans to pack the stadium, no problem. I know small markets like KC or Green Bay get the job done, but they have MUCH less diversity in their communities.. I mean.. who the heck wants to live in those places besides the locals? Hahahaha.

      • ChargerGirl Cindi

        Really good point. All of the Bronco fans who came by were not native San Diegans. We are a city full of transplants and I respect that they stick by their team. Fortunately, I was in a section with only two Denver fans.

      • jonpviv

        Finally, someone who gets it. This is a transient city. Go to the beach any day and start asking people where they are from. 1, maybe 2 out of 10 are from San Diego. The one thing I don’t understand is that if your city sucked so bad that you don’t want to even live there, why do you root for their sports teams?

        • Peter Thompson

          Totally agree. If I had to put a number on it.. out of every ten people I know in SD… half or more are from East of the Rockies. But, I also don’t live where I went to high school. .. knowwattamean.. thank God.

    • joerockt

      It happens with all teams here. I’ve been to every SDSU home game this year and many teams travel well to SD (especially Fresno St.). Heck even during the Gulls heyday, Bakersfield’s team fans traveled well here. When you live in America’s Finest City and its 78 degrees in November, its not a stretch to make it a vacation. And like Pete said below, there are just a lot of people who live here that are not native. New stadium, old stadium, 14-2 or 1-15 there will always be a large contingency of other teams fans .

  • kris

    I’m with ya Cindi. Unfortunately I’ve felt this way for the last few seasons and has no confidence we would be anywhere near 14-2. I thought we might make 10-6 but we wont even do that. My new prediction is a sub .500 year again. The problem with the fans on this site is they are too forgiving and hopped up on the “kool aid.” If we don’t expect more and show our disapproval more the Chargers aren’t held accountable the way they should be. The excuses we make as fans are uttered from our coaches and players during pressers. The what if’s and learning experiences are no longer acceptable. Obviously Norv wasn’t the only problem as many suggested. Don’t get me wrong Norv HAD to go. But the lack of fortitude as mentioned by another person here remains. My only thought here is we will need another crop of guys through the draft and free agency, as well as out injured guys to return and contribute. Then maybe we will have another shot to redeem ourselves next year. Here’s to a high and awesome first round draft pick!

  • PakMaN

    Yesterday’s game was entertaining. I did not find it the least disturbing. Why? Because I threw in the towel after last weeks goal line failure. It’s McCoy’s first season AS a head coach. He’s got a pass and so does everyone else on the roster. We aren’t band wagoners we are in it for the long haul, and the one thing I know is that our team is building something great. We have some young key players we can build around and within the 5 years I expect us to be contenders once more. It’s a shame where this team was (2006/7) and was unable to finish. But those days are gone, now it is time to look at this team like we did in the early 2000′s.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Think we can get LT to come back? :-(

  • Dean

    I am a Bolts Fan till the end, but It is disturbing to watch the game from my home(Bakersfield) and see the sea of Orange throughout the whole stadium. I usually attend 3 to 4 games a year and it’s always the flood of the opposing teams colors. Sad to feel like a visitor in my own home.

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      My section was not bad at all. Make sure you get tickets on the home side and not field level, then you will be with more Bolt fans.

  • Peter Thompson

    Awww… I hear ya Cindi! Oh, well… let’s look forward to this weekend, I suppose.
    Hope that the Tailgate went well for you & Dave. Please email me the deets of how it went, etc.. I would love to hear them = )
    The Bolt Beat banner looks great!!!! I will be seeing you for the Giants tailgate on 12/8 w/ Dave, and we can have a great time anyway! Hope we still have something to cheer about by then… = )

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      The tailgate was really fun. Dave got a lot of pics and interviews, I just chatted, ate and drank. His post should be good. See you on the 8th! Boltup!

  • supersurge619er

    Well said cindi …idk but this staff really gotta start calling different better plays on certain situations and certain different down etc…also the defence coordinator really gotta start mixing it up from blitzes to tight coverages because that man to man been killing us idk we all got different opinions I just hope this staff including the players can stop killing them selfs because its also killing us !! But either way I was born a chargers fan and ill DIE a chargers fan!! Boltup

    • ChargerGirl Cindi


  • DXW

    Nah, the Chargers showed up and played as hard as they could. They just lost to a much better team. No shame in that. And the future looks good for SD. You have a fantastic coach who is in the process of rebuilding. Give it a couple years. Once Manning retires, SD will have the best shot to take over from Denver as the best team in the AFC West… Unless Elway works more of his magic.

  • Stefanie Smith

    “Next year, next year, next year” — heard that for at least 4 years now–going on 5. Oh yeah, the draft was supposed to save us. Still waiting for the saving to happen. It is very discouraging. And to those that go to games when the Chargers lose so badly—I am sorry. People work hard for their money. It is not fun to go to a game upwards of $200 just to leave the place feeling bad and disappointed. No, being a fan doesn’t mean we have to pay to be disappointed. Chargers better start putting out a decent product-.. Still a fan, but dang, it’s not pleasant watching how they play and then getting sick about it.

  • jonpviv

    Why is this woman on Bolt Beat?. Bolt Beat is seriously going downhill. Because she had all her Charger gear on and was all hyped up they are supposed to win? Her “optimism” is obvioulsy “doesn’t know a thing about football”. 14-2? You gotta be kidding me. That is just plain stupid. This team is going in the right direction. Way too many people in San Diego are acting like the Bolts of ’13 have the talent of the ’06 team. Norv is gone people. AJ is gone. but the mess AJ created won’t be corrected for a few years. The talent level is way down and the team has been decimated by injuries. They are doing just fine and heading in the direction. Sorry folks, but we aren’t going to the super bowl this year……….more junk like I’ve read recently on Bolt Beat and it’s delete Bolt Beat time.

  • BruisingChargers

    Cindi, first off, you are “Gorgeous”, secondly you are a die-hard Chargers fan as am I. I feel your disappointment with the team’s performance so far. REALITY CHECK…. This team is in TRANSITION/REBUILDING MODE. I think we will be lucky to finish 8-8 at this point in time.. Having said that, we might just go “Tear-It-Up” the last part of the season. Bolt-Up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marco

    We did our part? I saw more orange jerseys than charger jerseys. Every good play broncos did you could hear the crowd going crazy. So where are the real chargers fans? Its been like that for years, we cannot sell out games. I wish we could fill the stadium just like packers, chiefs, broncos, where home field advantage matters.

  • Tom Spalsbury

    I think the coaching staff might not be good enough for our Chargers ?

    • Jake

      Gotta give them a chance to get their guys in. They are still playing with the majority of Norv/AJ players. After seeing Telesco and McCoy’s first draft together, I think it’s safe they are well on their way to getting guys in San Diego that can win. 9 games can’t define these guys, let’s give them a chance to turn it around. I personally like the direction we’re going in