Nov 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tight end Ladarius Green (89) prior to the game against the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers TE Ladarius Green Needs More Offensive Snaps

Ladarius Green gets limited opportunities on the field, but every time he gets out there he seems to make a long reception down the field. He is a mismatch for defenses. He has the speed like Julius Thomas of the Denver Broncos. He may not be able to block that well for a tight end, but he can stretch the field and make  tough catches. Did you see that catch he made over the corner on Sunday?

I can’t understand why he is not in the game more on offense. With Vincent Brown struggling to get open, why not keep a two tight end look on offense? If defenses want to keep an extra linebacker in the game to counter the look, then we can beat them with the pass the whole game. If they try to keep an extra man for the secondary in the game, then we can run it down their throats. He forces mismatches on the field.

Get Ladarius on the field.

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  • supersurge619er

    I agree also his hight is a big weapon for rivers you know rivers loves tall recievers that go after the ball and take a hit idk but this whole staff gotta start making better adjustments for players and plays ….go CHARGERS

    • Ernie Padaon

      we need to take advantage of him. He can be such a huge weapon on offense.

  • Pooleshark

    Great call that was a hell of a catch!!

  • Gunnar Martin

    At least we’ll be in pretty good shape when Antonio leaves town.

  • WalkingDead801

    I complety agree! It seems like Gates is dropping passes that should be caught almost every game. Green needs to be in the field!

  • blu3ny3llow

    They should use the sh*t out of him in the red zone

  • Thomas

    Kids a beast we need him out there way more!! Everytime he gets his chance he shows he can make plays!!

  • Peter Thompson

    Ernie. .. it’s amazing that we are still talking about this in week 10, after what we have seen. It’s a testament to how hard headed this staff is. Won’t put Mathews in… won’t put Ladarius in… only leads me to believe that Taylor should be in, but they have no clue what they are doing, or how to assess the young talent in front of them. Are they going to make Ingram sit all next year to play it safe too? Its getting ridiculous.

  • 619chargers4life

    I think they are just grooming the shit out him . His time will come

  • C.Steele

    No doubt Ernie! We have been all calling for this since Pre-Season. I’m gonna take it one step further. If Wisenhunt isn’t going to run 2 TE sets, (Dun, Dun, Duuun) Ladarius should be getting about 1/2 of Antonio’s snaps. Before, anyone looses their minds hear me out.

    For sure, Antonio is great! but he isn’t what he was. He’s dropped numerous passes this year. I know he is having one of his best years stat wise, but he gets more targets that everyone except Danny. I also think Philip makes up his mind before the ball is snapped he’s going to him, and/or stays with him too long on a play to the detriment of the offense. He simply doesn’t have the speed to pull away from most defenders now.

    I’ll say up front, Ladirus is no blocking machine. But lets be honest, when was the last time you say Antonio make solid contact with a defender and do anything with it. I call them a draw with their blocking or lack thereof. Speed. Really? Not even close! Hands; I haven’t seen the kid drop a pass this year (that’s including Pre-season). Being up for the moment, like I said he hasn’t dropped a pass and on the few occasions he’s been called on, he’s made the big play.

    Too me this smacks of “Norvisim”. Antonio’s getting the snaps because he’s the veteran and on his name. I mean seriously, are the offensive gurus really gonna have this kid ride out his entire rookie contract on the bench? And, for McCoy to keep getting lauded for “Putting his players in a position to win”, How can you justify keeping one of your best offensive mismatches/players on the sideline?

    Finally, Antonio is great ! He use to be unstoppable. Ladrius is the future. The HC and OC need to earn their paychecks and figure out how to get them both on the field while they have them both and the senior is still producing!
    #Go Bolts

    • Ernie Padaon

      i won’t even hate on that comment. Ladarius needs reps and needs to get in the mix. Get him out there with Gates, because we know that Vincent Brown is not doing anything to strike fear in a defense

  • arnie

    Ya Think?
    Decker, Thomas, Welker, and Moreno, what do they all have in common? Yes i know they belong to the donkeys, the other common. They are the broncos “Playmakers”, and the broncos go out of their way to get the ball in their hands. They do not spread the ball around in the mile high, they play favorites. plain and simple. Green has been magic every time he gotten the ball, yet instead of feeding him more after a spectacular catch, he goes to the bench. i love Gates, he can make plays but he’s in double coverage a lot. The Chargers have been missing the BiG Play ability of DX and M80, which would open things underneath, where Gates lives. Green gives that BIG TARGET Rivers throws it up over the DB, back to the passing game, which creates a dilemma for defenses. Do we double Allen, Gates, Woodhead, or Green?
    What i would like the Chargers to do is take advantage of this situation. If they double Gates, we’re going to Green or Allen “ALL DAY”. You Double Green, it’s Gates, Allen Woodhead “ALL DAY”. You bring in extra DB to cover or take the 8th man out of the box? I hit you with RM24′s 5 yards a carry, off the edges “ALL DAY”. i just want them to stop killing their own momentum, and let the opposing defense figure that out.
    Woodhead, Allen, Gates, Green, Mathews, Royal, these are the Chargers “Playmakers”. You don’t have to be cute. The broncos ran the same screen plays with Moreno Welker and Thomas all getting touches. Get Green the ball. OFTEN.

  • Mdmax

    Throw him the fucking ball. Gates is the past the future HOF is Green. So wake up against the Broncos and unleash this kid.