Nov 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Danny Woodhead (39) scores during the third quarter against Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Dead Zone Offense

How many times can the Chargers get to the end zone and fail? Maybe the Chargers should look at the Denver Broncos offense and look at the different ways that they get their receivers open in that area. It was nice to see that they trusted Ryan Mathews down in that area.

The Chargers have the players to score in that area. Keenan Allen is excellent at getting separation in short spaces and he has the ability to out leap defenders. Antonio Gates is a tough matchup for any linebacker in that short area. Danny Woodhead is another tough assignment. Ryan Mathews always falls forward when he is running the football and rarely has negative plays.

We have the playmakers to get it done down there, but our woes in that area has been our biggest downfall this season. The defense has been bad at times, but the lack of touchdowns in the red zone is where we are losing our games. We have been in every contest this year. We should have won so many games this year. Just look back at all the games and see how many times we left points on the board down in that area. We can’t seem to figure it out. We are going to week 11 and we still are having issues.


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  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I really think we need to start targeting Green in the redzone and utilizing his size & speed like other teams are doing with their freakish TE’s. Gates in the redzone is a bit slow these days, got to start mixing them up more, taking Gates out for Green and getting him some old man rest would be a great thing and would get Green more snaps. I also loved the RM TD, that play that called back in the 1st might have been his nicest run ever in the NFL.

    • Alex Pitrofsky

      I 100% agree about using Green in the red zone. Good answer to a really bad problem

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        I would use him exactly like the Saints use Graham, I would even steal some of their plays (if Whiz can’t figure it our steal Sean Peyton’s TE plays). River’s is awesome at hitting his huge targets, he’s even proven awesome hitting the little guys this year but lets not get 100% away from him hitting the big dudes.

  • Tazzster

    Ernie, I believe this is the biggest problem with the Chargers right now. Bigger than injuries on the O-line. Bigger than a porous secondary.

    And sadly this is the one thing they should be able to fix. Get it done…Steal plays from other teams if you have to.

    • Ernie Padaon

      this definitely is our biggest issue. we drive so far down the field to get NOTHING!

  • Sergio Quintero

    First off there is no law against a play action pass in the red zone, put in multiplie TE’s and run/play action pass out of it.

    Second, learn from teams that are really good in the red zone, once again there is no law against Copy-Paste from other teams. If I had problem like they had I would identify 10 plays a week that I really liked and install them, practice them till they became second nature. You know from team like say the broncos, you could say yeah that some great play design lets do that.

  • Peter Thompson

    Outside of the fumble in the beginning of the season (where he would have scored if he held onto the ball)… notice that every time they give Mathews the ball in the red zone, we have gotten a TD. Sadly, that is only twice. I just don’t understand it. It’s like they use him once a game for that kind of situation, and it works.. but, they keep changing it up for no reason. There was a play where it was 3rd & 1, and they passed. In fact, Mathews was going back to the line… because him and I BOTH know that he should be getting the ball right there… and they waived him back off of the field. Then, they called a passing play, and it never even had a chance. We could have kept that drive alive!

    These are the things that are holding us back, and driving fans crazy! After all the fan & media backlash this week…. Whisenhunt STILL did it “his way”, and it’s costing the team points. I can’t say for sure we would have scored a TD, but we might have gotten a FG. We would have had another set of downs, and we already had the ball for 38 minutes in the game. That could have been another 2-4 minutes, and possibly the game… assuming we scored there. If I had to say what needs to be changed immediately… it’s Cox, Whisenhunt’s bad play calling, and Pagano’s zone coverage schemes (whether it’s firing them, or putting them on notice). Everything else we could get by with… even the injuries on the o-line, and the weak pass rush. These few people are giving the game away before it’s even played!

    • bk

      As always, great insight Peter. Don’t stop writing, and you and Ernie should send all your writings to every coach. Thanks!

      • Peter Thompson

        Thanks BK! Wish I could write more about how perfect the play calling has been.

  • Cgoodness13

    Here’s my guess as to why our GL offense struggles, usually our pass plays involves sending someone deep to spread the field and allow the quick routes to get 1vs1, but In GL we can’t do that, Whiz needs to realize we got a mauler in Fluker, a juggernaut in McClain, and a hammer in Mathews so run the damn ball

    • Ernie Padaon

      yes please

  • bk

    I know the feeling Ernie! Thanks for expressing your frustration. For anyone with football savvy, the feelings are real and deep…..I found myself last night giving up, but this morning, the sun came up and I found renewed hope…..Prayer helps! I prayed for the team that they would not be hopeless, but that the Lord would give them a new sense of determination, hope, and guts…..And I prayed that Wisenhunt will run Ryan the Beast and not take him out after one down if he only gets a yard. I prayed that Pagano will scrap the zone pass defense which is killing us, and put in a man to man defense tight at the line of scrimmage, as well as putting Teo on the running back like glue. I prayed that Woodhead will be used often and creatively to maximize his quickness and agility. I prayed that someone would become THE STRONG TEAM LEADER on the field, and start kicking butt including his own……You might be asking, “What in the world does prayer have to do with football?” I ask, “What can it hurt?” And furthermore, I believe prayer has every bless-ed thing to do with everything. Join me and my wife in prayer at 12:45 EST this Sunday for protection, good sportsmanship, great team spirit, and ferocious hunger for victory. See you then, because I am desperate.

  • Tom Spalsbury

    Ether Philip Rivers has no confidence or Ken Wisenhunt sucks as a play caller ???