Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; San Diego Chargers wide receiver Eddie Royal (11) celebrates a touchdown during the first half of the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars at EverBank Field. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Reviewing The Rest Of The Chargers Schedule

Here is the final 9 games for the San Diego Chargers regular season.

@ Washington Redskins
vs Denver Broncos
@ Miami Dolphins
@Kansas City Chiefs
vs Cincinnati Bengals
vs New York Giants
@ Denver Broncos
vs Oakland Raiders
vs Kansas City Chiefs

We are sitting at 4-3 and are holding that 6th spot for the playoffs right now. We hold our destiny for that playoff spot, but we have some tough games coming up. We still have 5 divisional matchups left with 4 games against the Chiefs and the Broncos. We also have a game against the AFC North leaders, the Cincinnati Bengals.

The games are going to be tough, but I don’t think that it will be impossible. I believed that we were a 9 win team at the start of the season and that we would be right on the edge of making the playoffs. At this point, that is what we are looking like. We can make those playoffs but we will have to win some games that people don’t expect us to win.

I truly believe that we will sweep the Chiefs. I just don’t think that they are as good as their record says. I could go deeper and deeper into it, but that would be another post and they still have 8 wins already. We definitely can take both games from them though.

The Broncos games are going to be the toughest. Can we steal one of those? If we can get 3 wins in our own division, we definitely should be on the road to the playoffs.

I believe we can pull this thing off.

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  • Stuart Adkins

    I agree with you, but wow–Bengals, Chiefs, Dolphins, Broncos?! Holy cow, we’ve got our work cut out for us. If we make the play-offs we’ll certainly have earned it.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I still think 9-7 is possible, I think if we take 3 of the 4 against KC and Den. we are good.

  • Gunnar Martin


    That’s a tough schedule…

  • philiprules

    I think the Washingtons (in the name of PC-ness), the Dolphins (apologies to the smartest of sea going creatures), the Giants (sorry tall people), and the Raiders (could not care less if they are offended) should be wins. Meaning can our boys (with the help of those fabulous Charger girls, don’t want to be called sexist) get 1 win from the 4 games against KC & Denver? I think the final game of the season is their best hope there. So yeah, 9-7 is definitely possible.
    The really sad part is those losses to the Texans (see comment regarding the Raiders) and the Titans (respectfully said, because pissing off godlike creatures is a bad move) that easily should have been wins are going to cost this team who really should be 6-1 right now.

  • Thomas

    I think the chiefs D is the only thing keeping them undefeated.. Theyre offense isn’t amazing except for Jcharels.. Pretty sure the broncos have a stout run D and correct me if I’m wrong the 31-32ranked pass D.. Better throw on them all day long.. Key to beating the cheifs is NO turnovers and scorin in the redzone.. Key to beating the donkeys.. We better score alot because they are going to TEAR UP our D.. It’ll be a straight up shoot out

  • Bill Nichols

    Hate to say it, but I think cincy is going to be second toughest game, first being the one IN Donkey-ville. Other than that, I agree, we can, and will sweep the Chiefs (so will the Donks), we split with Big Head Manning, and we will yet again, sweep the NFC East, they suck. I am looking at 10 – 11 wins this year, and bring on those play-offs. Loving this new look offense, and the D when Pags opens up the can of “whoop my big brothers ass”, we can hang. Best thing is Rivers, hogging up all the clock, gotta love that shit. Bolt Up and lets Beat the hell out of Washington!!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      Thinking that Bengal game will be tough also

  • Will

    The 6 seed will come down to us and Baltimore. Given our schedule, this game against washington will be crucial. It will make the difference between winning 9 and 10 games which could be the difference given our conference record.

    • Sergio Quintero

      The chargers have zero luxury of losing against teams with losing records, it forces them to have to win against the chiefs and broncos, as it stands they need at least one win against them.

  • Tazzster

    W – November 3 – At Skins
    W – November 10 – Broncos
    W – November 17 – at Miami
    L – November 24 – at KC
    W – December 1 – Bengals
    W – December 8 – Giants
    L – December 12 – at Broncos
    W – December 22 – Raiders
    W – December 29 – Chiefs

    So here is the scenario for 11 games. This requires the Chargers to get hot. Even if they just win the remaining home games they get to 9 wins. Can they win on the road against Washington and Miami? YES! will they…. we will see.

    Can they run the slate at home? I think so. I imagine they will get tripped up in one of those games…. again we will see.

    I know everyone is hot on KC and Denver, but I agree with Ernie, I don’t think KC is that good. They have had a soft schedule and fortunate to play several teams the week after they lost their starting QB.

    Denver has played some of the worst defenses in the league. Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but maybe not as good as advertised. If the Chargers can maintain long drives and keep the ball away from Peyton, the Bolts can win.

    I’m looking at 9 for sure and possibly 10 and a playoff spot.

    Also, remember this team is getting better. What was once one of the worst defenses in the league is know the 9th in scoring defense.

    • Sergio Quintero

      I think the chargers match-up really well vs the chiefs, the Broncos I don’t like, the talent level of the secondary will get exposed. They can beat the Broncos but with something like a +2 on turnovers margin, the broncos will force the chargers to score plus 30.

      So I’ll trade the home win vs. the Broncos to Chiefs on the road, the chargers 3 step drop offense will neutralize a lot of the chiefs rush, and Gates has owned Eric Berry forever up the middle. And we know the chargers have already slipped on the banana peel vs. the Raiders, lets hope they bring their B plus game against every bad team left.

      • Tazzster

        The key to beating Peyton is not the secondary but the line. If you can get pressure on Peyton and make him move in the pocket his effectiveness drops off dramatically.

        • Sergio Quintero

          Liuget & Reyes better bring it that game, Cox better not give up that long ball, and the chargers have a good chance if they can play from ahead, and have some turnovers in favor.

          They have a chance, but quite a bit has to go their way.

    • OregonCopper

      you stole my “thunder”… that’s exactly what I was thinking… thanks for saving me from all that writing :-)

  • tubbs45

    Fuck’em all, we are going heisenberg this year! #boltup mother fuckers… We capture the west in epic fashion!

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  • Andy Knaus

    And people were calling for Pag’s head earlier this year…SMH. The team has a solid shot to make playoffs. They control their own destiny and are playing very well. Go Bolts!

  • Sergio Quintero

    To reach 10-6, they probably have to win all of their poor team games (Giants, Redskins, Dolphins, Raiders), and they need to win 2 of the 5 games against the elite (Bengals, Broncos, Chiefs).

    I predict 10-6, I think they will lose a game they shouldn’t lose, but I think they beat the Bengals and both against the chiefs.

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