May 10, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers tackle D.J. Fluker (76) answers questions from members of the media following practice during Chargers rookie minicamp at Chargers park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Getting Away From That Soft Label

We are not the same soft Chargers anymore. Remember back in the day when we had that label of a soft football team. Under Norv Turner, we were a soft football team. Teams would come in to play us looking to punch us in the mouth. We had a few divas on the roster. Vincent Jackson was a good football player, but was a diva. Shaun Phillips was the same.

It seems that the nature of this football team is starting to shift. New leaders are emerging on the roster and they are looking to make the hits first and punch people in the mouth.

Any time I can bring this gif image back, I will:


This is not something a soft football team does! D.J. Fluker is a leader on the football field with his attitude and he is bringing that tough guy mentality onto the field. He wants to consistently beat up the other guy.

Ryan Mathews has been running with a new attitude. He comes with a full head of steam and is looking to lay someone out. Danny Woodhead may be little, but he plays this game like a tough son of a gun. Jeromey Clary may not be the best linemen, but he will work harder than everyone else and he will get onto the football field with a busted clavicle and still produce.

On defense, Donald Butler has always brought it. Jarret Johnson is stepping up as a leader and is bringing in that Baltimore Raven attitude. Corey Liuget brings the toughness. When Melvin Ingram comes back, he has that type of attitude. It is a mentality that this team has changed.

We are the aggressive team looking to punch teams in the mouth now. The attitude is shifting.

Here is some comments from Philip Rivers:

“I think we’re becoming tough,” Rivers said. “I think we’re getting tough. I know that word can be overused, but there is something about being tough, mentally, physically. Just be tough. Find a way. Make it work. I think it’s a mentality you have to have.

“You have to have it when you’re hurt. You have to have it when you lose some tough games. You have to have it when you’re 2-3. You have to have it when you’re 4-3. Hopefully, we can carry the toughness and get us another win.” (UT San Diego)

 There is a new attitude in town.


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  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Did you hear the interview on 1090 yesterday with Pagano? He was saying Reggie (Walker?) is the leader of the huddle on 3rd downs? what does that mean?

    Also he said Taylor can play he just isn’t because of the guys ahead of him, if that is the case he might not be the guy we are all waiting for. He also said Melvin is not practicing but working on the side field and its going to be awhile before they let him even take the regular practice field again.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i need to listen to that interview… if that is what he said about taylor, then we need to find something else. Walker is the main linebacker on 3rd downs it seems. Te’o usually sits out during that time. He has a lot of speed in the middle. likely the leader in the huddle calling the plays since the headset is on the sideline

      • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

        dude, Pags is long long winded when answering questions. I kinda got lost listening to the guy. But he did clarify a few things alot of people have been wondering which MM never does. It was on the Darren Smith show, he said alot of really really interesting info.

        He was saying that Manti is built for being the signal caller, with all the leading he did at ND that the play calling was easy to send through him and he was really good at it.

        He also said Weddle would be the team leader of the defense so far.

        • Ernie Padaon

          taking a listen right now

        • tubbs45

          Pags sounded like he was getting his drink on heavy. Just kind of talking about this and drifting to other topics. But he clearly likes Walkers athleticism in coverage and occasional blitz packages.

    • boltingindiego

      walker for the past 2 weeks was the ilb on 3rd down which makes him the signal caller on d since butlers out and teo not in coverage packages.

  • Stuart Adkins


  • tubbs45

    Love the fact that we are gaining the instinct to compete and put teams away.
    Hard running and smart plays on offense. Defense ‘Bend dont break’ is going to get teams a lot of yards against the Bolt, but they have been way better at shutting down teams in the red zone.

  • Joel Ayala

    Our team is taking the persona of its Coaching staff. TOUGH!! Not with Wimpy Norv. Dam Aj screwed us badly. sorry flash backs. lol. I love what what TT and MM are Brewing!!

  • joerockt

    It just continues to show what a real difference a competent HC can make. I always remember the Norv apologists saying “Well Norv didn’t make Rivers throw that INT” or “Well Norv didn’t make the punt team miss blocks”. Norv set Rivers up for failure, no question. MM doesn’t make excuses like Norv did. MM calls out players and holds them accountable when appropriate. I like that approach. Its the whole “You’re coach is yelling at you because he wants you to succeed, not because he hates you”. It builds character and along with praise it builds confidence, confidence builds swagger and toughness. Then it takes the leaders to motivate and inspire and you’ve got what could be a winning attitude.

  • Peter Thompson

    If this team goes to the playoffs… or even falls just short, but with a good record… I want a written apology from Norv Turner for saying “this team just doesn’t have the talent, and is miles away from contending”.

    Now that I think about it… I want that apology now. This team may not be out of the woods yet, but they have already “fixed” Ryan Mathews & Philip Rivers, and the o-line.. and it’s only game 7.

    So glad that guy is gone! Nobody cares about ya, Norv… Deuces bitch!

    • Ernie Padaon

      hahaha.. was going to say… we need that apology yesterday

  • asd

    LMAO You just wanted an excuse to show the gif huh?

  • FitzWilly

    Just mentioning Norv’s (Wrinkles) name makes me soft :(

    Am I right Ladies :)

    • Ernie Padaon


      • FitzWilly

        Hey E-Pad
        Sorry to hear the BB COW passed away
        I hope he’s in Hamburger Heaven now :)

        • Ernie Padaon

          Hahaha… I need to bring it back. For some reason been craxy busy

          • FitzWilly

            amen brother
            can you gif that youtube video that i left for Gunnar above
            tried but didn’t work out

            Tx Ernie

    • Stefanie Smith

      You are so outrageous. lol

      • FitzWilly

        Tx Stef
        That’s why the Ladies love Fitzy :) lol

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    No explaining, no complaining, just finding solutions! This is Mike McCoys favorite quote and new attitude for this team. If there is one word to express this, it would be TOUGH! I’m loving it to! BOLT UP!

  • Gunnar Martin

    Now where’s that GIF where Mathews smashed Tyvon Branch against the Raiders a couple years ago? That one was just as good…

    • FitzWilly
    • FitzWilly

      I tried

      maybe Ernie can GIF this Bitch :)

      • arnie

        That works too. LOL

    • Ernie Padaon

      Agreed… I need to find that one now too

  • Stefanie Smith

    Hey, they better not be crying that the game is not sold out, because I just went over to the Chargers site and tried to get 2 best available seats and the site said none available and referred me to the resale section.

  • bk

    Being tough does not mean injuring the other guy. The Su guy from Detroit represents that sick kind of toughness – toughness at the expense of moral character. There are enough players in the NFL being seriously hurt without Su’s morally bankrupt kind of toughness…..Being tough means mental and physical and even spiritual toughness which says that as an individual and as a team I-We are better than you, and I-We will do whatever it takes to beat you, and I-We will beat you on every play.Toughness comes from insatiable hunger to win, red-hot burning desire to excel, big-time team unity and pride, utter fearlessness and courage, strong physical conditioning, and from a coaching staff that instills all of the above in every player…..I recall in my high-school basketball days the varsity coach before a game telling us that we were better than the opponent, and that we were going to beat the opponent. As he went off on us for any indication of fear or sissiness, he jammed his forefinger into a locker door, split the nail down to the cuticle with blood squirting everywhere, and he never flinched but went right on shouting and inspiring us. We were ready that night to spit nails, and we beat the opponent bad even though they had a better record and were highly touted to beat us hollow……Yes I Can! Yes we will! I’ve got your back! TEAM! TEAM! TEAM! And I will do whatever it takes for the team to excel, even if I have to die doing it! No pain – no gain! All for one and one for all! GO CHARGERS!!!!

  • Bill Nichols

    Love what we are morphing into, solid, smart, and indeed tough. New regime, and especially the coaching have instilled a major shot of “beat that ass” mentality. Gotta hand to Telesco, dude is building something special, and building it fast. Now get that stadium started fools!!

  • davacho

    “Any time I can bring this gif image back, I will” i freaking love you ernie! bwahahahaha!