Aug 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers linebacker Frank Beltre (46) chases down San Francisco 49ers running back LaMichael James (23) behind the line of scrimmage for a loss during first quarter action at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY

A Possible Trade Idea For The Chargers

The trading deadline is just around the corner and I would love for the Chargers to give the San Francisco 49ers a call about one of their players. I know that the team already has a ton of options on offense, but why not add another one if it could come for a cheap price? What do the 49ers want for RB LaMichael James?

The Chargers have been making a killing with Danny Woodhead at the position and know how to get the most out of a player with that skill set. They still try to trot Ronnie Brown onto the field to make some of those plays and it just doesn’t happen. Could you imagine the team giving LaMichael James a shot at some of those opportunities?

LaMichael James has been a healthy inactive a number of times for the 49ers. He has complained about playing time and the 49ers don’t even make him active on game day. He is not getting used at all out there and I am sure we could find a good use for him.

They spent a 2nd round draft pick to select him, but there is no way that I would want to send them that high of a draft pick. I wonder if they would take a 5th or even something later?

Anyway, I could just imagine the possibilities with him on offense. He could be used in the same exact way as Danny Woodhead is used. Get him the ball in space and watch what he does with it. He is good at running the football and can make plays in the passing game. He would be another weapon for Philip Rivers and the offense. If you didn’t know, I love my offensive weapons and would love to add more and more.

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  • Rob Base

    That would be sick! Do it…Do it…

  • sgv chargers

    Don’t think so…we need our draft picks n quite frankly we don’t really need a brb we just need RM to keep stepping up like he has been and DW to keep doing what he’s doing and of course for brown to step it up

  • Justin Lefty Lackey

    We need a shutdown corner not another rb we have woodhead Matthews and brown

  • Moke Braddah Boltz

    As a USC Fan, he whipped our tail for years and as Chargers Fan, LaMichael James at Oregon was a playmaker and believe he could be again …. he’d bring value to this team similarly to Darren Sproles and Woodhead … but we have more of a glaring need at Offensive Line.

  • Toño

    We need DB’s or D-line or even O-line with all the in-juries

  • tubbs45

    I get wanting to keep picks, but I think there is a balance between value of an actual player vs some potetial draft pick. I think that if the 9′ers are willing to get him off the books, I think a 5th or 6th would be a steal. I think they are more willing to dump hillman with all the fumble issues.

    • Stefanie Smith

      Denver will not trade Hillman or anyone else to the Chargers–even Hillman will his fumbling issues.

      • tubbs45

        No, just saying fumbling makes a running back trade eligible.

    • Ernie Padaon

      That is exactly what I am saying… Get a 2nd round talent for a 5th round pick

      • Stefanie Smith

        That’s called smart shopping, Ernie. Yeah, that would be good.

      • tubbs45

        He would be a huge upgrade from Brown.

    • Peter Thompson

      Remember… James was part of the reason that SF lost the Super Bowl. He fumbled the ball away. Not saying he’s got problems, but I would look closely at why the niners aren’t finding SOME way to use him right now.

  • joerockt

    I was hoping we would draft him in 2012. I think he would be a great addition, but really with the way Mathews is playing at the moment, probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I would rather us keep the draft picks.

  • ioane

    I like the idea of trading a 4th and Vincent Brown for Josh Gordon. I also love the idea of getting LaMichael James for a 5th. Imagine if we did both trades?

    The 49ers might already be offering James and a pick for Gordon, which I can see happening.

    • tubbs45

      VB and a pick, no way we are short on WRs already.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Sounds good, but The D needs more peices….

  • Jon Marine

    I like LaMichael, but I don’t think we need more help at RB. I think we should look towards finding some help at the O-Line or OLB.

  • jamfed

    Trades always sound beneficial and easy (on paper), but I’d guess there are several other teams that would LOVE to have LaMichael James too (like the Giants, Cardinals, Buccaneers, Rams, Browns and the Raiders – just to name a few)
    Some could offer a LOT more for James than what SD could offer.

    • Peter Thompson

      Having sense. It’s a good thing. Our hope of James were gone after last year’s draft.

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Chargers should try to get those youngsters just waived from The Texans. De, and OLB. Just what the docter ordered. Montgomery is a baller!

    • tubbs45

      Pot smoking=suspension

      • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

        Inconclusive evidence. They said it was just a cigar. Drug test them and bring them aboard. Would be great additions. Just my opinion.

  • shane

    doesn’t make sense…woodhead and james are two of the same players, what if rm24 goes down? you can’t trust either of those guys to carry the ball too much. That’s why you need a steady, while un exciting, ronnie brown there, not too scat backs.

  • Daryl Peek

    I think Lavell Hawkins could give us the same thing James could. I’d rather we keep picks for o-line, DB’s and OLB

    • Ernie Padaon

      but lavelle hawkins plays wide receiver and LaMichael would be used at running back over Ronnie Brown.

      • CALiFORNiAkiD

        I’d welcome LaMichael James.

        He isn’t being used properly in SF….he doesn’t fit in, kinda of like how Meachem was in SD.

      • Daryl Peek

        That’s understood. I could see Hawk being used like Desean Jackson. They both played together at Cal and Hawk is a very physical WR, he probably could take a few RB hits.

        • arnie

          True. The Chargers are already using Royal on reverses…not the same but he’s still making plays from the backfield.

  • Sergio Quintero

    How about a trade with the Steelers for Lamarr Woodley, you not only get a very needed pass rusher but you also get a mean S.O.B. which might be what this team to raise the intensity and the nasty of the defense.

    It would probably require a 3rd round pick but I think its a worthy investment.

    • Ernie Padaon

      that would be some type of awesome

      • Sergio Quintero

        Any chance the chargers open up their check book and finally bring in a premier corner like Aqib Talib, just seeing him limit Jimmy Graham & Julio Jones I’m convinced the guy is a stud.


    I wish the Chargers could make a trade for Larry Fitzgerald.

    I bet Larry hates losing in Arizona and probably wants to be traded

  • tubbs45

    What would it take to get a player like AP or Foster from a losing team? Wouldn’t happen this season with our cap situation, just thinking out loud.

  • OregonCopper

    While I would LOVE to have LaMichael in the mix (I was so hoping they would draft him) I think a better way to go would be to keep our draft picks (especially if TT keeps drafting like he did this year). if you Ernie are set on having in Oregon running back wait to you see the “Black Mamba” DAT in action!!

    …plus I agree with other posters that both lines and LB are far more important right now…

    Go Bolts!!

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