Oct 20, 2013; Jacksonville, FL, USA; San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Manti Te

Manti Te’o 2nd Most Hated Player Behind Michael Vick


Forbes conducted a survey to see who the most hated player in the NFL is and at the top of the list was Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick. Vick has been at or near the top of the list for a while due to his dog fighting incident. Number 2 on the list is the San Diego Chargers rookie LB Manti T’eo.

Here is the notes out of Forbes:

San Diego Chargers

Pct. Dislike: 48%

Not enough playing time as a rookie yet to erase memories of the bizarre fake girlfriend episode at Notre Dame last year.

That is one hell of a surprise. How in the world is Manti Te’o the 2nd most hated player in the NFL over players that have done all kinds of stupid things. Why isn’t Aaron Hernandez on this list?

Manti was catfished in front of America. Someone pulled a prank on him and now people hate him because of it? How does that make any sense in the world?

Manti Te’o is getting a bad break, but he has everyone’s eyes looking at him and his every move on the field and off of the field. Don’t know what he can do to get out of that public eye. All he can do is play some good football and get people to forget about that dumb mess.


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  • Jordan

    That doesn’t make any sense at all. Doesn’t he lead jersey sales for rookies???

  • tubbs45

    I find it interesting that Rapellburger, dirty dog Suh, cutler, hell even Rivers don’t rank higher in this obvious dumb ass list.

  • OP Bolt

    Another meaningless article by a media channel trying desperately to attract attention from outside their normal demographic. No sourcing or explanation on who/how data was gathered.

  • Rob Base

    Wow really that’s crazy Vic I can understand why people don’t like him but Te’o. C’mon man that’s a little overboard in my opinion. Don’t people have other things to do with their life than judge somone else’s life? What happened to morals people?

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      Actually… no they don’t… hahahaha! They are “holier than thou” types. How are those boys of yours doing, mang? All good, I hope = )

      • Rob Base

        The boys are good. Last week Gabe had to get more glass removed from the bridge of his nose. He has a scar but he’s fine. Manny is struggling in school and is experiencing some depression. He has another nuerlogy apt next month. He’s got a long recover ahead of him but he’s determined to get better. I think it’s hard on Manny knowing he may never play football again but he’s grateful to be alive. Thanks for asking bro.

        • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

          It’s gotta be tough. I had a best buddy that was hit by a car when we were little. He got hurt pretty bad. When he came back to school, I expected to jump right in where we left off (being a kid and all). He wasn’t the same, whatsoever. I kept thinking he didn’t like me anymore, because he was acting different toward me. I didn’t understand the emotional part of it. It took him a good year or two to get back to his old self again. But, he worked through it, and was just fine after a while. Poor little guy… must be hard for him. I’ll keep praying for them both, Mr. Base!!!! Glad to hear they are doing better, though ; )

        • arnie

          I didn’t know, so I will keep you and the boys in my prayers Rob.

          • Rob Base

            Ya it happened back in May bro. Very scary man I wouldn’t want any parent to experience that. I appreciate all the love and support!

  • asd

    I love Manti- ever since he’s been playing this defense has been on a roll. Just like their defense when they went 12-0 in his senior year and mostly because of their defense. Yeah Te’o do your thing and work your magic.

  • Boltfan

    Let’s see, Vick tortured and killed many dogs in his dog fight club. Manti….got scammed. Oh I see the connection. People are morons!!

    • Rob Base

      Morons with way to big of an EGO!

    • Will

      Stfu and learn about shit before u talk about it u dumbass

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    What the hell? People are seriously stupid, the guy got catfished on a national level by a weird perv thats no reason to hate someone. People really suck now days at getting over things or leaving them alone Jesus!

    All I know is since Manti has been calling the plays and starting we have been winning and have not given up 1 touchdown.

  • joerockt

    He admitted to lying about it, and people still hold him aganst that. It will never go away, unfortunately for him.

    But as far as everything after, no one should have any reason not to like him.

  • Cgoodness13

    I ripped on Manti just like everyone else, but this is a little much…they’re racists, thieves, sex offenders, etc all over the nfl (mostly on the raiders and eagles) but the guy who got caught in a catfish scandal is #2? I blame today’s parents and politicians

  • 619chargers4life

    Now ain’t that cute !!! Now I really hope he turns into a beast of a player .

  • RZ

    These fools that hate Te’o are mad because they believe he stole their “fake” girlfriends away from them…bunch of clueless idiots. LMAO!!

  • Rudy Rullan

    Only idiots will vote for Manti as most Hated player. Forbes is also an idiot for putting his name on the list. Manti is just playing hard and trying to be the best NLF player he can be.

  • Randy

    Aaron Hernandez isn’t on the list because he isn’t an NFL player.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    Keep in mind that half of our country is comprised of country bumpkins.. just go to Alabama sometime.. hahaha. The same group would probably vote for the actors in “Transformers the Movie” to receive academy awards for their top notch acting = )

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    What do I have to say to the Te’O haters? Glad you asked……

    Stop pissing on our parade, for no reason, or you’ll get what’s comin’ to ya!!!!!!!


    • Cgoodness13

      C’mon man kids could be seeing that

  • http://boltbeat.com/ ChargerGirl Cindi

    Totally odd. He’s such a nice kid!

  • arnie


  • Gunnar Martin

    We live in a sad, sad world.

  • Michael Johnson

    Hernandez isn’t on the list because he isn’t an NFL Player.

  • theonlywrightone

    how could that be true!!! i’ve always liked Manti and always will, but to put him on a most disliked list at all, let alone with Michael Vick is extremely questionable!! Michael CHOSE TO DO THE DOG FIGHTING THING and MANTI DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE CATFISHED!! because of Manti i am a CHARGER FAN again!! FORBES MAGAZINE SHOULD DO WHAT THEY DO…MAKE UP LISTS OF RICH PEOPLE, not f with my baby MANTI TE’O.

  • theonlywrightone

    the gif at the bottom of the page is funny as heck!!! nasty skank…..must Not be a CHARGERS FAN!!

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  • Bill Nichols

    Bull shit, Dog Killer, and Suh, they own it, and belong there. Manti’? Dude is a stud, and San Diego has your back brother. These polls are retarded, if he played in any city in the US, they too would know he isn’t a douche bag. Get off it already idiots. Te’o is solid, and going to be a long time Charger helping get us to the promised land. Watch, community is going to reap big time rewards from this guy once he gets through these first few years. His game will introduce the rest of the world to his true self, solid , hard working, very intelligent team mate. Now go get us some pick 6′s, and shut them all up. Bolt Up!!

  • Heidijoy

    Ernie, This is an Old Poll. Why rehash it!!! Now the new guy from ESPN posted the info and asking Manti and Keisler about it. Old GARBAGE!! Forbes doesn’t deserve to have it published. No good can come of this ridiculous Poll.

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      Pretty sure that this was just published by forbes. At least I thought I was sure

      • Heidijoy

        Yes it was Forbes months ago. ESPN got it from your article.(new guy, Ernie) writes about Chargers. New the last month or so. This Poll by Forbes was months ago.

        • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

          Ha… Crazy I didn’t know. I saw a few people post about it today and went with it. Ha. Dude at ESPN does follow me on twitter

        • Thomas

          Espn got it from Ernie .. No disrespect but LOL

  • manti_lovah

    This is really stupid! What did he do to be hated so much? Last time i checked it wasnt his fault he got cat fished

  • Thomas

    What a joke!!! Manti the second most hated player LOL people have no fucking lives if you are going to vote manti as a most hated player… What did he ever do? Get a prank pulled on him.. Immature people really piss me off.. He’s just a rookie tryin to make it in the nfl.. Give him a break for Pete sake he’s just a kid

  • Will

    And this list shows hot stupid people are. Michael Vick made a mistake. That’s how he grew up. Since then he’s done more than anyone for animal rights. What’s pathetic is people hate him because everyone values the life of an animal way more than that of a person. And how anyone could hate mark Sanchez is a joke. If you aren’t a jets fan, why the hell would u hate someone just because they underachieve. There’s plenty of bad players in the nfl, but nobody talks about them. And what’s more pathetic is mark Sanchez is one of the nicest guys I’m the world. People are a joke.