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Manti Te’o Listed in Biggest Rookie Disappointments

A list of the top 15 rookies in the league was posted by NFL.com and at the bottom of the list was there biggest rookie disappointments so far this season. One of the names that was mentioned was Chargers rookie LB Manti Te’o.

Te’o has been on the field for 3 games and was barely on the field for that rookie debut. He hasn’t stood out with his play yet, but how can we already declare him as a disappointment? He hasn’t been terrible for the team and he will be getting more and more opportunities to make plays this season.

This weekend against the Colts was his best performance for the Chargers. He was calling the defensive signals for the team and was running around all over the field. He still has to clean up that tackling and I think he will get better if he spends more time in that locker room.

Te’o is a smart player and is always around the football. He reminds me of Eric Weddle, because he is always going to be around the play. He hasn’t been making the plays yet, but those are going to come. He is going to grab interceptions and he is going to be around the pile if he is not making the play. Give him some games and he will get that breakout game.

Disappointment? Ridiculous to say that with him only playing in 3 games thus far.

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  • tubbs45

    To call him anything other than ‘To be Determined’ is very premature. I thought he performed ok aside from several missed tackles.

    • Stefanie Smith

      That is a good way to say it. I agree with that. He made a few mistakes, but he is just getting going. McCoy and crew have a handle on it.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I’m with you on this one Ernie, he still hasn’t played enough to figure out what we have in him yet. That is something we can do when the seasons over and we can look back at what he’s done. For now he’s still trying to get up to speed and just need’s to get as many snaps as possible. I wouldn’t ever take him out on 3rd downs, his catching ability and nose for the ball is like Weddle and he is waay better then anyone that could sub in for him on 3rd.

    The media just likes to throw his name out there so everyone can think he’s sucking but that is not what is actually going on. I really hope he puts up some numbers and has some big plays against the Jags and Redskins. Couple good games would get the media idiots to shut it.

  • Rob Base

    I think he will getter better every week. Not a lot of rookies can take the feild and call signal plays especially after 3 weeks play time. Give him the rest of season before making judgement. I know I’ve talked smack only cause I’d hate to see another English 2.0!

  • Ryan Elliott

    I am a fan of T’eo but I have to agree, so far in the first 3 games he’s looking like a JAG (just a guy) who played Alabama in the BCS Championship game, rather than the guy we saw dominate at ND for 3 of the 4 years.
    Some may say it’s to be determined or it’s too soon to tell, but if you look at other players in the league who came out and came out swinging (Peterson, Watt, Cushing, Mathieu, Alonso, Kerrigan, Jenkins, Burfict, etc. etc.etc.)
    The game wasn’t too big for those players and many more with that talent which is what T’eo would be categorized with coming out of college.

    I’m not calling hm a bust, but now a days, majority of the really good to elite players don’t really need that safety blanket to develop their skills, they usually have them upon entering the league

    • boltingindiego

      out of all those guys did anyone of those players come out of the gate hurt. which jenkins are you talking about?

      • Ryan Elliott

        not necessarily, but that’s not the point, I was just stating that I (me, myself, who has my own opinion which may differ from yours and looks like it does) see’s more of the guy who faced a good Alabama team (which had the talent of many players he was going to be facing at the next level) so far than what people think he is going to be.

        I think he’s going to be a very solid contributor when all is said and done, but I don’t think he will ever reach the hype he is constantly receiving from his name.

        As I’ve said before, I am happy we drafted him and I love the kid for no more than who he is, and his work ethic. And as long as he is giving 100% every play thats all we can ask for. But when I hear people compare him to 55, that is an insult to the late and great man. I don’t think he’ll every be close to that level of talent, I just don’t.

        • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

          MJD and Morris will be 2 good tests over the next 2 games to see if he can take down good RB’s, Squaring up Richardson (even though he’s kinda slow) and Lacy (Alabama game) both kinda the same guy that Alot of dudes get run over by. The real test will be guys that are smaller backs like MJD & Morris.

        • boltingindiego

          no ones comparing him to 55 especially in this article. I just stated that Teo is basically just finished his preseason since this is just his 4th game played overall. He could have been playing out of the gate but he was hurt for about a month and half we just don’t know.

  • boltingindiego

    as of right now he basically just finished preseason.

  • ioane

    Missed all but one pre-season game, didnt get to play until Dallas game and has only been a starter the last 2 games. Way too early to make any judgemet on Te’o.

    He was the signal caller for the D against the Colts and the defense was flying around all game and didn’t give up a single TD against Luck and that potent offense and that was without Butler and Johnson. We have to give him some credit for that right? He is known for his football intelligence and I think he displayed it quite well on MNF.

    Did he miss some tackles? Yes he did. But who else saw our 300+ lb D-line men bounce off of Richardson? The tackeling for the entire defense has been poor and its been a probelm for this defense for a few years now. This team needs to improve as a whole when it comes to taking down the opponent with the ball.

    I love the energy that Te’o plays with and how aggressive he gets (sometimes too aggressive) but if you watch him on the field, its very obvious that he’s thinkink too much instead of just reacting.

    once he’s fully comfortable and he gets a bit more confident, Im sure will see him make plays.

  • Joel Ayala

    Way too soon to tell. I see improvement. but I see a kid was ballhawking abilities. Like the kid a bunch.

  • Luke

    #1 pick Eric Fisher has been just as much a disappointment then any rookie.

    • boltingindiego

      i agree the #1 pick was supposed to handle the blind side and he cant even handle the rt spot. Also not by his fault but the #2 pick is done for the season with an injury which is another disappointment.

  • Sergio Quintero

    This is more related to the unrealistic hype that surrounded him early, has he been elite no, has he been poor no, he’s been okay, and that was what we should have expected considering learning curve, missing a long time and the other factors.

    I expect him to get better, by feeling more comfortable with experience, and getting stronger with strength work and this being a better tackler. So clearly an overreaction.

  • Leonardo Velazquez

    Plus he was a second round pick…

  • RZ

    Why do they even have such a stupid list so early…They can’t wait until the season is over? Waste of space and time posting it NFL. SMH! …..in other news “CHARGERS READY TO CRUSH JAGS”!!

    • Thomas

      I totally agree way too early… They get really bored over there at the network..

  • Thomas

    You know.. I liked teo… But to watch him in the championship game and in the nfl are all to similar.. If he ever comes up to blitz unless he isn’t blocked he’s automaticly taken out of the play.. Needs to get a hell of alot more physical.. I
    Understand he’s more of a instincts and reaction type guy but it’s men’s league and he looks like a boy amoungst men so far.. To sum it up I’m not hating on manti I just think it’ll take a year or two for him to fully develop just like Melvin.. Can’t wait for Melvin to be back.. I think Melvin will be a sack machine…

    • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

      Yeah Melvin is gonna kill when he gets back


    Many people were calling Dontari Poe a bust after last season as well and that hasn’t been the case this year at all, he’s been an absolute stud . People need to just give Te o some time and he’ll be just fine…..

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    Agreed, Ernie… and look at what someone just FB’d me… Can people just get over it?

  • Aaron Johnson

    If I am not mistaken he dropped what should have been an INT against the colts.

    • arnie

      LOL not unless he’s spiderman. That ball was deflected of his fingertips….
      He’ll have to work on his supergrip. i think his cape wasn’t working.

      • Aaron Johnson

        Then I am mistaken. I wont lie, I pregame Chargers football with a few beers so even the bad games are fun

  • Tyreece Kaete Sr.

    So damn true, Te’o takes alot of shit from the media

  • arnie

    What??? Correct me if i’m wrong but nobody had any high expectations of Te’o before the draft anyway. Did i miss something? The Kid plays three games and the “experts” are calling it? Please roll out the list of Rookies that teams trust to call the defense?

  • OP Bolt

    Let’s see – a rookie MLB, missing most of the preseason and the first couple of games, starts in his second game, and is calling the defense in his third game. Makes some mistakes, but none are game changers and shows improvement. I’m not saying he is ROY, but to call this a bust sounds like a gaggle of make-believe movie wanna-be no-loads sitting around making snide comments about dresses and hair-dos.

    So, I actually listened to the podcast. Sounded like one adult and a group of middle school dweebs. They said they were going to talk about 1st round busts, but then threw Te’o in the mix, I suppose because facts should never interfere with preconceived notions. They then opined a snarky comment about San Diego can’t even sell tickets to the game, implying that that had something to do with Te’o’s play. They didn’t seem to know whether or not he had been injured, so they just moved on and decided he is a bust. Overall, the only players they really knew anything about were east coast guys, because that is all they really follow or care about. Pretty typical in my opinion.

  • Lennay Kekua

    He will make the plays because he is deteremined to succeed at his game. This has been his dream and he will show no mercy when its his time. Go Chargers Go!!!!! Thats my man Manti MJ Teo. Love you babe. Always. :)

    • NativeSanDiegan

      Lennay? Are ‘t you on Oahu,or are you simply a figment of imagination Babe.

      • Lennay Kekua

        No sweetie I’m in Chicago. So stop with the imagination stuff u jerk. Also, my babe Manti Teo will come through because he always does. For all those who think I dont exist I do. :P

        • Lennay Kekua

          Sorry if I called you a jerk NativeSanDiegan. It just gets really annoying when people keep saying that I don’t exist. Then you get made fun of at school and stuff. I want to come out but I’m scared of how this might affect me getting in to the best Medical School in the nation you know. Also, don’t want to mess things up for my Manti either. This whole thing is so confusing because on one hand they told me he died in a car accident, then they told me he didn’t exist, that they were playing Mantis voice, they I read a article on a Manti Teo and more of them. I’m so totally lost don’t know which way to go or anything. I’m sorry though for calling you a jerk and hopefully you can except my appology. I mean here I’ll post a pic of minime.

  • tim

    yeah. the two games teo has been the quarterback of the D, they have not allowed a TD. Real disappointment.