Oct 6, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) tries to escape San Diego Chargers inside linebacker Donald Butler (56) during the fourth quarter at O.co Coliseum. The Oakland Raiders defeated the San Diego Chargers 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Butler Expected to Miss Game vs Jaguars

San Diego Chargers LB Donald Butler is expected to miss Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Andrew Gachkar could get the start in the middle for the second straight game. With Butler out also, Manti Te’o will be relaying the plays to the defensive huddle again.

Butler has been sidelined with a groin injury and will take some extra time to rest. After the Jaguars game, we come up on the BYE week and Butler will get an extra week to recuperate.

Butler was injured in week 5 against the Oakland Raiders. He has 31 tackles this season and 1/2 a sack.

It would be nice to have all of our starting linebackers on the field at the same time. When one returns, it seems like another one goes down.

H/T Michael Gehlken

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  • tubbs45

    We want him healthy for the second half. Heal thy self and let the youngsters get some reps!!

  • Julien Bélair

    don’t resign this injury prone TT

    • Gunnar Martin

      Are you kidding?

      • Julien Bélair

        no he missed his first season, last year he missed 4 games and this year let’s face it he is not playing well plus he is injured again. We just can’t count on him. If we resign him as a top ILB price we need serious depth behind him.

        I love the guy(when he is on the field, except for this year) but unfortunately I think he’s not worth a big contract and a think that is what he wants.

        • JoseSD

          i said a similar thing ( i didnt say dont resign him though) when Brian Cushing signed his huge deal at the beginning of the year everyone was saying how Butler was next and he should get a similar deal. then someone replied on my comment “Cushing just came off a torn ACL IDIOT!!” but the fact of the matter is that Butler seems to be Injury prone. Cushing tore an ACL because matt Slauson did an illegal block from behind at his knees. in butler’s case he missed his whole rookie year cause he tore his achiles in training camp, luckily he played all 16 games his 2nd year but he missed the last 4 games last year with a groin injury and now hes on his 3rd missed game because of a groin again those arent injuries caused by an opposing player. its possible the groin didnt fully heal from last year and he aggravated the injury but i think TT needs to really asses the situation and tread carefully. Butler is really good when he plays but hes already missed 23 out of 54 possible games, id prefer it if he stays but not with Cushing type money which i think was around 51 mil

        • Gunnar Martin

          Yes, he seems to be a bit injury prone. But he is an obvious leader of this young defense and has made many crucial plays in the past. The team would take a huge hit if we let him walk. Another thing to consider is that we probably won’t have to pay him nearly as much as we thought we would, with the way his season has gone so far. I doubt he’ll be in such high demand that we’ll have to break the bank. Plus, he has repeated time and time again how much he wants to stay in San Diego. I don’t envision him in a different uniform next year.

          • Julien Bélair

            but the money has to be right

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    He is a leader and motivator on this team and he is still getting better. Butler and Te’o have it locked down in the middle for years to come.

    • JoseSD

      the injuries are a concern though, missed whole rookie season with an achiles injury, 4 games last year with a groin and 3 so far this year because of a groin again.

    • Julien Bélair

      i would agree if it wasn’t for injuries

  • Sergio Quintero

    Have a feeling the chargers are not going to lock him up, at best franchise tag him, to prove he can stay healthy, his history says he will miss multiple games per season.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      That;s what I’m talking about, can’t give him the big $ when he doesn’t play or perform.

      • Sergio Quintero

        I would franchise him if the number is reasonable but his history of injuries is too repetitive to just call it bad luck, no way do I offer a long term deal. I actually would like to give Gachkar more run he seems to play well every time he gets a chance, unlike many late round guys the guy can really run.

        The run defense seems just fine without Butler, and with Gachkar’s speed he should do fine in coverage.

        • NativeSanDiegan

          In my humble opinion Gachkar looked pretty good out there. He actually contributed by being around the ball a lot. Obviously we need to see more of him to see how he handles the guard and his pass def. I think he’ll be a solid blitzer who can squeeze through the cracks in o-line and finish the play. I was very pleasantly surprised.

  • 619chargers4life

    Not signing him to a huge long term deal looks like it was a good call. At least he will be cheaper to resign .

  • blu3ny3llow

    So now no one wants D Butler…..smh

    • AmmoniaStrong

      I want him to stay with the team. However im pretty sure this is a contract year for him. IDK if Tom Telesco will re-sign him, I mean he has no ties with him and in the past weve seen the GM cut Shaun Phillips, Quentin Jammer, Antoine Cason like nothing. D Butler always seems to miss 3-4 games a season as well. I dont see him getting 30-40 Million contract from US.

  • arnie

    I like how we just throw the “injury prone” tag around. I like Butler and i hope TT is watching the situation. However at the end of the day if we can’t depend on Butler, then who? There are other ILB but none of them can produce in full season, that Donald can in 10 games. having him a round, and some depth is the best way to go. But at this point, i don’t think it’s a coincidence that injuries are popping up. One medical research proves that a certain amount of work is required to get players into game shape. The key is rest is good for muscles, not tendons, even the ones attached to your groin. In the recent CBA that was negotiated, there are no more 2-a-days, and OTA’s were shortened and basically reduced to class room studies.
    Now i’m not trying to deflect blame, because quite honestly it’s nearly impossible to be 100% healthy in the NFL. Rather look at the situation in “context”. If we can put up with Larry English over the last 5 seasons, healthy or not, and his un-productive butt, i can cut some slack to a good LB that has been more of an asset to this team, in his short time he’s been on the field. D
    Do i think he should get Cushing money, heck no. Do i think he should be resigned, absolutely, if his contract was reasonable and incentive based.

    • Sergio Quintero

      32 GM’s, some are more gamblers than others, and someone will offer him a contract based on talent, he wont sign an incentive heavy deal. You either pay him for his talent or you let him go, the little I know of Telesco doesn’t seem the gambling type.

      • arnie

        I agree TT seems to know when to move on and there could be players on this roster that will not be here next year. But let’s not assume what Butler will or won’t do, until the time comes. Unless you know him personally or your his agent?

        • Sergio Quintero

          My point is that the chargers will probably offer an incentive laden deal, and that there will be at least one team and maybe more teams that will offer a lot more base salary.

          So do you think Butler will take less money to stay in SD?

          • arnie

            I got your point the first time. The truth is, i don’t know? The tendency is the players take more money. Butler make surprise us. On that, if they franchise him, he stays healthy and he plays out of his mind, Butler is in the drivers seat. Then the Chargers missed on an opportunity to lock up a young player, for less.
            Like i stated earlier TT needs to decide if he’s worth the wait.

          • Sergio Quintero

            If this were A.J. Smith we knew the playbook, he would franchise him and almost certainly let him go. We saw it with Vincent Jackson & Sproles, Butler will be a very interesting test case, and his history of injuries will add more intrigue.

  • ccove

    I wonder if all the teams have as many injuries as the Chargers? As for $$$, these guys should get paid based on amount of time playing, and quality of play… Just my stupid opinion, ofcourse