Oct 14, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers receiver Keenan Allen (13) makes a diving catch in the end zone for a touchdown during the first half against the Indianapolis Colts at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers Red Zone Offense

We won. It feels good to win. We did let the Indianapolis Colts hang around that game a little longer than we should have with our play in the red zone though. We were deep down in the opponent’s side of the field all dang day and came up short of that golden goodness. We have to bring in 7s deep down in that territory.

We have the players to be good down there too, but we still have couldn’t get it done. Remember when Eddie Royal was that touchdown machine to start out the year? Keenan Allen looks like a perfect weapon down in that area.  He can get open right off of the line of scrimmage and pick up yards after the catch. Vincent Brown will jump up and get after the football if you toss it to him. Antonio Gates is a threat down there all the time.

Ryan Mathews likely has to be featured down in that area a little more. We have all those weapons in the passing game down in that area, but we have no threat of running the football. In the red zone, that is where the backs make that money. Mathews looked more like a power running back last night and we will need someone to move that football down in that area.

We have the people to get it done. We have the weapons. We just need to execute and get those 7s. The more chances we bring it down there, the more practice we get.

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  • tubbs45

    KA is so damn quick off the line. Every time they tried to pressure on the line he blew them up. It is actually funny to go back and watch. Didnt matter who covered him, If they didnt have help over the top they were beaten… Vincent Brown was doubled an awful lot and/or forced off his route.


    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      I like that PR throws him the ball when he’s covered but has position to make the catch even with the DB hanging on him he brings in all the catches. Guy does have the best hands on the team.

      • tubbs45

        I really didn’t realize when we drafted him that he was so big, 6’3 210 is a big frame. With KA and VB they are 2 WR that have that physical advantage when they can get position defenders dont have much of a chance. I did love KA’s body work to, in the air, roll over to land on his back instead of the ball.

        • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

          VB plays bigger than his actual size. dude is only 5-foot-11

          • shayaaa

            Keep in mind he’s listed at 5’11” and he seems a little shorter in person.

          • JoseSD

            Allen looks so small to me and VB looks like the big target, i guess its all in how you play, loved seeing VB get elevation and snatch the ball from the DB on that 3rd down

  • arnie

    Agreed. I don’t know why the Chargers are running Ronnie Brown in the redzone? If they want to double Gates, fine. Send Gates in the slot, Green, Allen an VB lined up outside, and RM24 in the back field as an option.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Ya seriously, I was almost hoping he would throw it sometime like he did back in the day on Miami. The Ronnie Brown running experiment barely ever gets any yards, especially out of the shotgun.

      • tubbs45

        Damn Ronnie Brown looks like he is running in slow motion or his feet have grass magnets on them. Wish we had kept Fozzy… I will give Brown high raise for blocking when he was in there.

  • Mark G

    It appears our coaches haven’t perfected the immediate pass that gets TDs deep in the red zone. PR is a thinking QB and prefers to have that extra 30 seconds that you don’t always have in the red zone. I know he can do it, but they need to work on it. I think the bye week will come at a perfect time if they use it right to develop some new plays.

    • tubbs45

      We were dink and dunking all night (with a few exceptions), but that is partly because of PR wanting to avoid sack situations and the other part is to grind the seconds off the clock. Those midfield passes will come once PR knows the line will hold for just a little bit longer than his 3.5 seconds!

  • Tazzster

    We almost had a second TD. I don’t remember who it was (Keenan Allen) coming across the back of the endzone with a linebacker on him. Phillip just threw the ball low or it would have been an easy 7.

    • JoseSD

      yep, i couldn’t believe how low philip threw that. Allen had about 2 yards on his guy open in the back of the endzone

  • JoseSD

    when will they use Ladarius Green more?!!! i know hes a liability in blocking but damn you see what he can do. Freeman was out with a concussion and that Linebacker #54 came in and he looks like hes 300 lbs, green ran that corner route on him for 20+ yards. Allen would of had 2 TDs if Philip had step up and thrown the ball a little higher. green needs to be in the red zone offense based on his speed and height alone. the only reason i can think of why hes not is that it would tip off the defense that a pass play is coming

  • Sergio Quintero

    I feel so nervous to say it, but Mathews has to get carries in the red zone, they need a tackle breaking RB in the Red Zone. Its obvious as soon as he get his first fumble the coaches will once again bench him in the red zone, but lack of production there cost them the Raiders game. His presence alone improve the effectiveness of the play action game.

    Seeing how the Lions are using Joseph Fauria I have to agree on a previous post, on getting Ladarius Green on the field, and have his 6’6 frame create mismatches.

  • BruisingChargers

    I’d have to say in retrospect, we are actually coming together as a competitive team. Look what we had coming into the season IE. 1. New GM, 2.HC, OC, training staff, doctor, physical conditioning staff, a “Washed up QB”, horrible offensive line, un-proven draft rookies, New playbook etc. the list goes on…… People, we were not even expected to win 1 game all season (according to the media) and we are 3-3 now? Anyone remember McCoy saying a few months back “Rivers will be fine and have a great year and be over 70% completion %?” I think he was SPOT-ON that prediction. DJ Fluker was a bad draft pick (considering all the STAR left tackles were picked b4 him) look at how they have all turned “INJURED”, while Fluker body slammed Sio Moore last week. I’d say Fluker is no Fluke. Keenan Allen has certainly proven he was a WISE pick I mean…damn he is good. Teo?..I will give a pass on him for a few more weeks since he missed most of the pre-season games. Bottom line is that we are headed in the right direction just need DR Telesco and Bones McCoy to get rid of the rest of the cancer that remains from the AJ-Norv era…………………