Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) runs for a short gain during the second half against the Dallas Cowboys at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers RB Ryan Mathews Returned To Friday Practice

San Diego Chargers RB Ryan Mathews was back on the practice field on Friday. It seems that he has cleared his concussion tests and could be available for the Chargers on Monday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Mathews suffered a concussion against the Oakland Raiders when he took a knee to the head. He didn’t return to the game and missed practice on Thursday.

The Chargers have Danny Woodhead and Ronnie Brown at the running back position if Mathews is unable to go, but the roster is more rounded with him available. He gets the bulk of the carries out of the backfield, even though he doesn’t get the bulk of the snaps.

With Mathews available, the team can return back to it’s rotation of Woodhead, Brown and Mathews. Hopefully they all can hold onto the football! Turnovers killed us last week and we can’t have a sloppy game like that again.

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  • tubbs45

    Mathews has been cleared for trading… Commence paperwork with the Jags TT, Make it happen….

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      I would still love to see that, his oline is terrible now. I’d love to have MJD end his career in a Bolt uni.

    • Ryan

      For who from the jags?

      • tubbs45

        The only player the Jags have worth trading, MJD…

        • Ryan

          They wouldn’t give Mjd just for Mathews though. Id love to have Mjd but it’d take more

    • Dirk Digler

      You think MJD would be willing to restructure his contract? He is making 4.9 million this year. That would put the Chargers over the cap. Even if they trade the 1.2 million Matthews away. The Bolts still could not pay MJD that amount. If I was Drew (or his agent), I would not accept a pay cut before going into free agency next year. Not good business sense. You know what I mean?

      • Ernie Padaon

        they can restructure it so that it is a bonus tho

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    When will SD have an OL that can run AND pass block? Until then, I don’t care what RB you put in the back field…Especially if the run play is an up the gut draw play….All opposing D’s know when they sub Brown/Woodhead for Mathews, what Whisenhunt is gonna call. SD needs to grow a pair in that regard and stop being so predictable…This is the Rivers Show on O… needs to be the Chargers Show….complete, balanced, and unpredictable….

    • Peter Thompson

      Love it!!!

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    That’s good news, Woodhead isn’t a every down back no matter what MM says. Little man takes some abusive hits when he is running the ball, he’s actually pretty darn good at holding onto it despite that fumble the other day, anybody on earth would have fumbled with that hit.

    RM at least gives us a chance to run the ball and utilize Woody in the correct way. We need a big power back that can man handle dudes to compliment Woodshed, RM24 ain’t that guy but he will do til we get that guy. Can’t believe the entire NFL tossed Brandon Jacobs in the blackballed pile after the Niners cut him last year no one wanted to touch him with a ten foot pole. Then the Giants lose all their rb’s and Coughlin signs his old buddy Jacob’s and he’s starting, had a 100 something yards and can still score from the goal line. Did people really think that guy was done? This league is so weird sometimes with not letting certain guys have another chance. I hope Rhodes get picked up by somebody in his case that’s just messed up and we actually could of used Rhodes and Jacobs.

    • Peter Thompson

      Yes!!!! Sign Rhodes… Pah-Pah-Pah-Please, TT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob Base

    Sweet trade him!

  • arnie

    Good. Suck it up and get back on the field young man. When Mathews went out in the raiders game, the offense suffered and became one dimensional. Then all that pressure that the coaches wanted take off of Rives shoulders, showed up as 3 picks. Might i suggest more run plays when RM24 is out, and more pass plays when he’s in, to not be predictable to defenses.

  • Peter Thompson

    Way to get back on the field Ryan! I like to see that kind of toughness… complacency is a thing of the past! He’s having a much better year, so far! Even the injuries are limited, to this point. I know he doesn’t break off big runs, which would be nice. But, I re-watched that Dallas game, and he was on Fiyah! I hope he can have more of those type of performances, moving forward.

  • bk

    Pass defense is a Charger nightmare. It is the number one destroyer of wins. All we can do now is try to keep up with the opponents scoring, and that is not going to happen on an every-game basis.The secondary must go man to man, stay on them like glue, know where the ball is at all times and swat it away or intercept it. This chasing the opponents pass receiver’s hind ends with not a clue where the ball is has to stop now!…..The pass rush is anemic to non-existent. Luck will carve up the secondary like a meat cleaver. Pressure! Pressure! Pressure! Mess up his timing and he will be out of Luck. Otherwise we will be sliced meat!…..Don’t make Danny Woodhead a bulldozer up the gut. Dumb coaching! Hit him with quick out passes on the left and right behind the line, and then block for him. Let Matthews and Brown smash the line which is their strength, and then on occasion fake a hand off to them and hit Danny with an out pass or a quick crossing pattern. For crying loud, don’t use him as a rammer-jammer but as a slip and slider…..Rivers is supposed to be leading the team in a no-huddle, hurry-up offense, but instead he trying to imitate Peyton Manning by shouting, pointing, going to the line of scrimmage shouting and pointing some more, and the returning to the shot gun with more shouting and pointing. Rivers, you are wasting time, allowing the opponent defense to get set, and losing the element of surprise. Rivers, kick it in the Bolt, for you are fooling no one, and hurting the team.