Raiders 27 – Chargers 17: Chargers Offense Terribly Sloppy

Oct 6, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) talks with head linesman Phil McKinnely (110) during the game against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Chargers 27-17. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers rollercoaster ride went on a down slope last night against the Oakland Raiders. The team came out sloppy and could not fight back to overcome the first half lead that they gave to the Raiders. Turnovers filled the Chargers game. Philip Rivers threw three interceptions in the game, but still had a chance to bring back the team to a win. His interception in the end zone, down by 10 points, sealed the game though. He had Keenan Allen open in the back of the end szone, but threw it behind hm and rookie DJ Hayden picked it off.

Danny Woodhead added to the turnover party. He fumbled on a run play and Charles Woodson picked it up for a score. The offense was SLOPPY. Eddie Royal dropped a punt and the Raiders recovered that. We could not make the most of our opportunities. There was a Terrelle Pryor fumble that we should have recovered at the 10-yard line, but we let that one slip out of our hands. We had our field goal blocked and picked up the ball to get a first down, but that drive still ended up with us kicking a field goal. We were at the 1 yard line and had a pass clank off of Antonio Gates hands that would have been a score. We left no points on the board in that situation. JUST UGLY.

The defense looked like it was going to get picked apart the whole night at the start, but they settled down and stopped the Oakland Raiders and gave the offense plenty of opportunities to come back for a win. The offense could not

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  • Rob Base

    Last place just great! Why the Raiders? Bolts better not lose to Jacksonville in two weeks. The way Bolts are playing anything is possible.

  • Stefanie Smith

    I love the Chargers, but if they are going to lose, I wish they would not have a bad loss–one where they play like crap. People may not like it, but if they are going to lose, I wish they would make it a game. Yes, it would still be painful, but at least we would not be embarrassed. Example: Dallas lost against the Broncos, and yes, Romo threw an interception, but they still made it a game.

    We looked like we weren’t even prepared: coaches and players alike. Not much good to say about the game.

    • veazy

      This is pretty much why I stopped participating in any trash talk to other fans, the Chargers always seem to lose in an embarrassing manner and make us look like idiots for acting like the Chargers would have a flawless game.

      • Pels04

        Same here man… trash talk for me

      • Stefanie Smith

        I so agree. I can’t do the trash talk.. knowing it probably is as painful for their fans when their team screws up as it is for us when the Chargers lose.

        On the other side, I don’t like the goofy Chiefs’ fans forgetting where they come from (2-14 team last year). Odds are great that they will not improve that much to even get to the playoffs. The tougher part of the Chiefs’ schedule is up ahead for them.

        • Peter Thompson

          Perfectly fine with the trash talk on this end… win, lose, or draw.. but, that’s not exactly a secret, is it? The way I see it, trash talking isn’t just about doing it when you are winning.. it’s about doing it consistently throughout the years. I got a ton of grief from Raider fans today.. but, I told them “we had to throw you ONE after the numerous defeats we’ve handed you this century”… hahahaha. Hang in there Stef.. it’s a sixteen game season. This team is in transition, and is getting better slowly, but surely. Remember, this was a road game at 9 o’clock at night, in the Black Hole. Mistakes were made, but it’s how you bounce back that makes you a contender ; )

        • ……ChiefsFan……

          Actually 90% of teams which start off 5-0 go on to make the playoffs. And the chiefs have 6 of the next eleven at home, with 4 very winnable games before the bye week (week 9). Not trolling, just pointing out your misguided thought process.

          Also, trash talk is what makes the days between Sundays fun!

  • Brandon Reisinger

    3 Ints? Did I miss one? I only saw 2, one at the beginning of the game where Eddie Royal gave up on the play and one at the end where you’re taking shots to get 10 points in 2 mins.

    • Pels04

      About 4 mins left, back of the endzone throwing to allen

      • Guest

        Missed that one somehow

      • Brandon Reisinger

        Did he have 2 at the end of the game? I shut it off and went to bed after The one to Allen in the back of the endzone. Guess he had another one at the end of the game?

        • Gunnar Martin

          Yeah it was a deep bomb that I guess was targeted for Royal, but he was nowhere close to it. Got picked off by Woodson. At least Rivers was getting hit as he threw it so it wasn’t THAT terrible, but still ugly.

  • Tazzster

    The ugly….

    We gave up big pass plays
    Defenders continuously took bad angles on Prior – giving up outside containment
    The defense still only has two TOs for the season
    Matthews is hurt – good thing we let Fozzy go.
    Rivers was off his game
    The Raiders came out pushing and shoving and the Chargers looked like they were ready for bedtime
    We couldn’t convert 3 and 1 and 4 and 1 – obviously the coaches had no confidence in going power to push the Raider line for a yard – either that or we thought we would be cute.
    We ran on every 1st down for the first 3 quarters. And almost always to the left or up the middle.

    very disappointing … This team better get up for the next game. Or its going to be a long season of sucking…

    • veazy

      Yeah, I wish the Chargers would get a mobile QB simply to prepare for mobile QBs in practice. The defense sucks at containing mobile QBs, even college defenses look better playing against mobile QBs.

    • Pels04

      Had 2 chances at forcing turnovers….Marshall dropped an int and Reyes needs to learn to fall on the ball. I saw Reyes specifically take terrible angles when perusing Pryor. At least Flucker got a body slam in

  • Rob Base

    Really sucks having a dad and a brother that are Raider fans. Trash talk oh boy won’t hear the end of it!

  • Stefanie Smith

    I am worn out from watching that game. Then I was so worked up from the way the Chargers played, I stayed up half the night watching old Boardwalk Empire episodes. Glad I have Monday off today, because there is no way I would have made it through the day at work, without falling asleep.

  • Stefanie Smith

    Also what happened to T’eo?

    • arnie

      Now we know why they lost.

      • Stefanie Smith

        He was in there for awhile (can’t say how long) I saw him out there. He missed a tackle and got a penalty in the game. Maybe they yanked him. But you are so right. The play calling is too conservative.

        • arnie

          I think the Chargers are missing DX and M80. Their inability to get explosive plays on offense, started with those two, and ended when they got hurt. withRM24 out, they became pretty on dimensional and the defense has never been able to help much.

          Aside from that. best play of the night….

          • Lee

            i like fluker already. has a demeanor that most the other players on the team dont have

          • arnie

            Fluker Gets IT.

          • Stefanie Smith

            He is a giant and a maniac, for sure.. and comes off as intensely loyal to the Chargers.

          • Gunnar Martin

            And yet it was still a penalty. Story of the game.

  • Daryl Peek

    This loss was disgusting! I Haven’t got a chance to see all of it yet. I missed the first half. From what I saw this was all on the offense and coaching strategy. I knew this would not be an easy game for our BOLTS. The Faiders are a good running team and our defense did a good job keeping them in check. If not for Pryor in the first half they would not have got 100 yards rushing as a team against our D. Turnovers killed us. Rivers looked like the PR of Norv for a day.

    This loss was very likely playoff hope season ending. We are now 0-3 in the AFC conference in a division looking up at two undefeated’s. Very disappointing performance.

  • tubbs45

    Damn I wish we used LeRon more in power running situations. With china doll out last night that would have been a good opportunity. Still wishing we had picked up McGahee…

    Still think we got Jacked on the first Allen touch down, where his knee was down. Not that it matters but the officiating of these game really needs to be consistent or replaced completely.

    • Peter Thompson

      Agreed. I was pulling my hair out, wondering why Woodhead was used over McClain in power situations.

      • tubbs45

        Dont get me wrong I love woodhead. But seems to me you could opt for one or the other and switch it up a bit. Brown should not be running against strong run defenses, he is in slow motion back there.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Man Allen could have had 3 TD’s easy, I think that one he caught with the knee down was a TD but that last play in the endzone Phillip didn’t look his way to he was no longer open……..that sucked so hard Allen was open his entire route then the ball came him right when we was covered. What a frustrating game, I’m not sure what to think of this team lol Seriously are we a 5-11 team? or worse? Obviously the way they play if the offense screws up a few quarters they are going to lose.

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      Oh and we need a big strong running back, Woodhead is awesome at all the things he does but up the gut with a entire defense stacking the box you gotta have a bigger dude or have someone try jump over the top.

      • Stan Zab

        Let’s try to get in a goal line formation for once. I mean 4th. And goal on the 1 yd line and we’re running a HB draw with 4 wideouts? After already doing that at least 10 times this season….as if the other team doesn’t know what’s coming. They need to find an I formation. You can’t run out of the shotgun all season.

  • Nick Mansoor

    Raider fans think they beat us lol. No the Chargers just beat themselves. It was just a bad game from the beginning on our part. The Raiders just got lucky, i honestly saw nothing special going on with the Faiders exept for maybe Pryor. Next time, we WILL crush them

  • Peter Thompson

    Any word on Johnson’s injury? That didn’t look good.

  • Gunnar Martin


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