Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) points as he calls a play at the line of scrimmage during the first half against the Dallas Cowboys at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

I Love My Chargers, I Love Them Not...

The Chargers are like that one ex-girlfriend every guy has…you break up with her after too much heartbreak (collapse against Houston), then she drunk-calls for a wild night and you take her back (beating Eagles). She cheats on you like you knew she would (last second Titans loss) and you dump her again. But now she has hit the gym, been tanning and looks better than ever (crushing the Cowboys). And now I’ve updated my FB status and we’re back together and more in love than ever! I tell all my friends…”this time will be different! She’s changed, I swear!”

This is my love/hate relationship with the Chargers this season over the first 4 games. In the back of my mind I am terrified of them breaking my heart again. Queue every Chargers fan solemnly nodding his head in agreement.

I don’t know what the future holds for me and my beloved…but for the first time in a few years, I am excited about our future together. Philip Rivers is the QB of old, holding the no.2 QB rating in NFL at 118.8. Even more impressive stat is that in an offensive scheme designed to make Philip throw it shorter and quicker, he is 5th in the NFL in yards per attempt at 8.44ypa. The new scheme is working in other ways as well, as he is not getting hit far less this year and only been sacked 6 times in 4 games.

But our defense is what worries me. We have shown flashes up front with our front 7, but our secondary is awful; giving up 311ypg in passing, ranking 29th in NFL. This is like my girlfriend going out to the club wearing crazy slutty outfit and just trying to trust that she doesn’t hook up with every dude in the place. This is how my heart will be broken again. I want to trust that our secondary will get the job done, but so far our secondary has been giving it up easier than nymphomaniac.

So here’s to the good times and the bad. To the love and the hate that every sports relationship brings. Here’s hoping our Chargers don’t break our hearts again.


Dan Locke

@Dlocke619 on Twitter

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  • Rob Base

    It’s a thin line between love and hate bahahaha

  • rickochey

    I love my Chargers.. I have so much faith in McCoy and whisenhunt.

  • chris01

    Should we tank because its not like we can win a sb with that secondary? That way we get younger and better

    • blackroseMD1

      Seriously? We’re not Cleveland or 2011 Indy. Doesn’t matter if you win one game or sixteen…you play your ass off and try to win.

      Besides, can you ever actually see Rivers throwing a game, much less a season?

      • Stefanie Smith

        Exactly. Continually getting high draft picks means you’ve been a loser. I am sick of that. Tired of the wait until next year. Draft picks are gambling, hit and miss, sometimes good and sometime bad. Also, they need work and quite often not player ready.

        We play to win, not for future picks. Rivers is playing to win–not for future picks! That would be an insult to him and Gates and everyone else who have paid their dues for the Chargers.

        • Peter Thompson

          Seriously… the Cowboys just benched Maurice Claiborne because of Keenan Allen. So much for those draft day waterworks he put on.. remember the NFL Network covering that “drama” like he was a supa-stah? LMAO

  • Peter Thompson

    I don’t know what’s more troubling, Dan. The Chargers secondary, or your dating history. ; )

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      ha ha, both!

    • Dan Locke

      This article is based on a true story :)

      • Peter Thompson

        LMFAO… Man.. In that case… I feel ESPECIALLY bad for you at this part:

        “This is like my girlfriend going out to the club wearing crazy slutty outfit and just trying to trust that she doesn’t hook up with every dude in the place.”

        That SUCKS… what a bitch! Great article, dude.

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    ha ha, I have used this analogy so many times…. except a dude is in my story. Good to know I’m not the only lovesick Bolt fan out there.

  • Lee

    the patriots went to the SB a few years back when they had one of the worst secondaries in the nfl. just sayin

    • Gunnar Martin

      And we beat the Eagles in their home opener…

      • Lee

        Lol…just saying

  • Stefanie Smith

    I’ve never gotten to the hate phase with the Chargers, but many times extreme nausea (physically) has happened. Chargers can bring on a Maalox moment –hopefully these occasions will decrease.

  • Gunnar Martin

    So, so true. Perfect analogy.

  • Ignatius

    Right on the freaking nail!

    But at the end of a season, regardless of a 12-4 or 1-15 record, I still love them Bolts and will defend them ’til the very end simply because they’re MY team.

    What else am I going to do? Root for the Padres? Cheer the Lakers? Hip-hip the Raiders? Hell no! I was born with blue and gold blood and will die with and gold blood.

    Go Chargers!

  • arnie

    I’m no math whiz, but when you give a 10 yard cushion, on 3rd an 6, don’t bump receivers at the line, and refuse to double A. johnson, D. jackson, and D. Bryant or that guy for the titans, it’s easy to see “why” the Chargers break out hearts.

    • Peter Thompson

      Kenny Britt… is what you were looking for.. unless you are talking about Walker.. and I know that was a rhetorical question. Tee Hee.

    • Dan Locke

      Absolutely kills me when I see our CBs giving that cushion. Need more press coverage, especially when our front 7 gets pressure, can’t give the QB an easy pass. Bend not break strategy has ultimately cost us some games. Hope they turn it around

  • Steve Diaz

    Haha. You hit that analogy right on the button. Let’s just make sure that this love for the Chargers is not unrequited….and they will love us back by beating the hated Raiders this Sunday! great story…lol

  • FitzWilly

    So I should sit outside Chargers Park with a pair of binoculars to see who the chargers are seeing now
    and then follow them around until TT gets a restraining order against me (again)
    Then get drunk by noon and go to Chargers Park and make a scene
    OK :)

    • Dan Locke


  • C.Steele

    Priceless!! #GoBolts!