Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) during the first half against the Dallas Cowboys at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Is Philip Rivers “Fixed” Now?

So is Philip Rivers “fixed” now? Is his performance in the first quarter of the season enough to say that he is fixed?

Philip Rivers has usually been a slow starter in his career, so things could get even better! Is that even possible?

Mike McCoy and Ken Whisenhunt have done an excellent job of putting Philip Rivers in a position to succeed. Even with a beat up offensive line last week (one that might have been as bad last years), Philip Rivers was able to put up over 400 yards and 3 scores. The Dallas defense has some pass rushers that can get after the quarterback too. Their one sack came on a play where Nick Hardwick snapped the ball too soon and RT DJ Fluker wasn’t aware of it. Philip Rivers barely caught the football on the play and the defensive end ran by Fluker who was not ready for the play to start.

The offense has had a mixed bag of guys used at receiver and Philip still has been able to make big things happen. He has reverted back to those type of days. All he needed was a little time and a scheme that got the best out of the abilities of each player. The 7 step drops are not as frequent and we frequently are playing out of the shotgun. The system has been masterful. Why would we have expected anything different?

Ken Whisenhunt architected the Pittsburgh Steelers offense to the Super Bowl. He even took the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl… THE ARIZONA CARDINALS!!! he resurrected the career of Kurt Warner and now has resurrected the career of Philip Rivers.

The season is still only a quarter old, but these types of performances can be expected from the Chargers offense from this point forward. They can move the football down the field and they can attack defenses through the air with the best of them.

Philip Rivers is getting mentioned in that elite category again. Through 4 weeks, there is only one player that has done better. Sadly that player shares our division. With Philip playing like this, we can contend for a playoff spot. We can compete. Now only if that defense could cooperate.

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  • 619chargers4life

    There is no denying he is playing lights out . I love it that Rivers knows how to prove some ppl wrong with performance , I had his back the whole time . It’s still early but I’m sure he can finish off the season with a sshhhhh to the haters . Good read Ernie

  • Stefanie Smith

    I think it is like McCoy was saying. Yes, Rivers had things to do better, but everyone else also had to play better so he could play better also. Example: A better o-line–still not the greatest, but better allows for Rivers to make his passes. There is this cumulative effect going on here. He is succeeding, so now he is regaining his confidence. He is confident and that, as a result, inspires his fellow teammates.

    It is amazing what these new coaches have done for Rivers about overnight. Give him a little help and he is turning it around.

    • Lem

      I don’t think PR ever needed fixin’, he just needed an opportunity. For years we have been told he is a coaches son and understands the game, he now has a group of coach’s that understand that. Best part about this coaching staff is they have out coached every team we have faced so far, how strange is that for San Diego. That has not happened since the Don Coryell Days!

  • tubbs45

    This has been the successful combination of coaches, McCoy, Whisenhunt, D’Alessandris… They have really done a great job keeping Rivers upright, delivering with accuracy, and instilling the 3.5 sec timer in PR and the lines head.

    The Wolf did us right with this staff! #BoltUp! or #GetWizzedOn

  • arnie

    Rivers was never broken, and that is the biggest misconception of all. If the team isn’t scoring, you blame the QB. If teams can’t get a winning season, you blame the HC and that is squarely where the blame should go. However rarely does anyone ask “why”.

    • Tazzster

      Agreed. He didn’t need to be fixed.

      If anyone tried doing their job knowing that a 300 pound man was going to tackle them at any moment, I think their productivity would go down or they might make bad decisions.

      All he needed was a little protection.

      • Stan Zab

        Wiz and McCoy have made adjustments to counter the lack of O-line. There are much less wheel and post routes in their offensive scheme. Its all short stuff, a lot being over the middle. Ball is snapped, ball is out. Its tough to get a sack that way. Lots of 5 wide and 4 wide formation to allow Philip to do that.

        The difference is McCoy and Wiz adjust their playbook to their players, Norv wanted to adjust the players to his playbook (and made every excuse in the world when it failed). No excuses with these guys. Def the right men for the job.

    • boltingindiego

      the only thing that was broken was the o-line after mcneil and dielman retired after injuries. Left our line in shambles. Which then made rivers press with happy feet hence the to’s.


    Rivers and the Offense will only get better!

  • boltingindiego

    less deeper routes and o-line that can pass block can make wonders of a difference for a qb.

  • W1llz

    Philip was just a quart of oil low. With the new scheme, o-line and energy this squad could be FOR REAL! I can only hope that we improve tremendously throughout each week. We should be a deadly team come December. The defense also came through big on Sunday.

  • joerockt

    I think there is a combination of things that are helping him this year. But the most important contribution is the fact that he’s FINALLY able to call his own plays at the line. As fans, we know how smart this guy is, its been touted his whole career. It just seems like an obivious thing for him to walk up to the line, read the D, and call or change a play depending on what the D is showing. Peyton’s been doing it for years obviously, but a brain dead coach like Norv couldn’t get the fact that he has a QB that can do the same.

    Also, lets talk play action for a second. That pass for a TD to Gates was play action. They need to keep those plays going. In fact, if I was a coach I would design most of my offense around PA. That fake hand off stones the D for a split second, which is just enough time for a receiver to get some separation. Brady and Farve are/were masters at PA and it works very well for them.

    I’m just pissed that Rivers wasted a few years with a coach that couldn’t get the best out of him.