Aug 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers linebacker Thomas Keiser (90) during a game against the Seattle Seahawks at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jody Gomez-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers Sign Thomas Keiser Off Practice Squad

The San Diego Chargers have signed DE/LB Thomas Keiser off of the practice squad. Keiser will help give depth on the roster after Dwight Freeney went down with a torn quad.

We have to see what the Chargers will be doing to make room for these players. The Chargers signed WR Lavelle Hawkins today and signed Keiser off of the practice squad. Nick Becton could be a person that the Chargers release in order to make room on the roster, but the next move could be with Malcom Floyd or Dwight Freeney.

I would assume that Freeney would be placed on the IR with the designation to return, hoping that he will be able to come back later in the year. We still are unaware of the timetable it is going to take for Malcom Floyd to return.

Keiser is going to step in for Dwight Freeney out. He will be joining Larry English and Tourek Williams as depth at outside linebacker. Jarret Johnson is the starter on the other outside linebacker position.

Hopefully these guys can make some good things happen on the field.

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  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Keiser aka White Lightning is going to kick some ass. I’m glad they activated him before the Raider game. It’s going to be a race to see who can the the first guy at the QB every down against that terrible o-line. If Flynn plays we could see our sack numbers go through the roof. As of right now Pryors still having post Concuss. symptoms and Reece and DMC are OUT.

    • Derek

      Reece or DMc will play, even though both are not ready.
      Our only problem will be if Pryor and his playmaker ability

  • Stefanie Smith

    I thought they already designated their one player Melvin Ingram as IR and designated to return(like this year). I don’t really understand all these designations, though.

    • Gunnar Martin

      I think he is on the PUP list…

    • Ernie Padaon

      Ingram is on the PUP list

  • Michael Popowich

    Feelin better know they made a move for defense.

  • Andy Knaus

    Liked Keiser in preseason, time to step up and get some pressure, build on the win…

    • W1llz

      I agree. Keiser looked good in the preseason. (his sack dance could use a little work) A damn shame Freeney and M80 will be out the rest of the season. I’m praying that another starter doesn’t go down for the rest of the season. I understand our team’s “next man up” mentality but damn, we could really stand a break from all of the injuries.

      • Nick in PB

        That’s the truth right there. We have literally lost half of our best players! Our 2 best WR’s and our 2 best pass rushers. Not to mention more than half of our O Line. What’s the status on our CB’s? We had both of them out by the end of the last game. So much for our new training staff.

  • tubbs45

    Wreck it Keiser!!!! Remove chip on shoulder, insert Raiders quarterback!!!

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      The keyboard represents Matt Flynn’s face

      • tubbs45


    • Tazzster

      What are those square things on the desks… oh wait… is that what computers used to look like?

      Holy Dark Ages Batman!

      • Ignatius

        Haha! Hilarious!

  • PakMaN

    Believe it or not, I feel we’re the Ravens from last year. Facing lots of injuries early on with Ingram and now Freeney. But they will be back in December and we will get hot at the right time and tear some shit up! #fuckyounorv

  • joerockt

    Love the tweet. Get some TK.

  • Ignatius

    If the Patriots can win with a bunch of castoffs and rookie free agents, why can’t the Chargers?

  • Ignatius

    Thomas’ photo is perfect for a caption.

  • Daryl Peek

    Good move!

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    Great moves all around. Been staying exited from day one after last year’s off season. Telesco and McCoy along with the whole organization has become so much more stronger and wise. Chargers showing punch back ability and focus. “CAN YOU SMELL……….WHAT THE BOLTS ARE COOKING!?!?!?!”

    • Nick in PB

      YES!!! This staff doesn’t look back. Like they said, the best they have will play! It’s getting pretty thin but the ability to gameplan and compete with what we have, is something we haven’t seen around her in a while.

  • arnie

    Well i guess that answers that question. But lest’s stop to think about these moves. Is it time to give some credit to Telesco and McCoy that they may know what they are doing?

  • FitzWilly

    “Seig Heil”
    Herr Keiser