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How Will The Chargers Use Manti Te'o?

Sitting in the stadium, I kept my eyes on number 50 for the whole game. I wanted to see Manti Te’o get work in this week, but he was pulled out constantly onto the sideline for Reggie Walker. I am hoping that they are trying to work Manti into game shape and just get his feet wet, but it seemed odd that he was getting pulled all the time to let Reggie Walker play. Manti was looking over his shoulder the whole game. He would trot out onto the field to start out on defense and as soon as the Cowboys players were on the field, Manti was pulled right back onto the sideline.

From the little I saw of Manti Te’o, he quickly read plays and seemed to be in the thick of things. He is going to be a playmaker if he is on the field, but he needs to be on the field. I don’t know of any reason why we would want to put him on the sideline for Walker.

I already have struggled with John Pagano calling the plays on defense and now I am already wondering if he is using his rookie middle linebacker the right way. Get the best players on the field and get them in the position to make plays!

Last season, I questioned Pagano’s use of Melvin Ingram on defense. Could we go through this all over again? Just get our best players on the field! LET MANTI PLAY!

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  • Peter Thompson

    I hear ya, Ernie. I tuned in a little late, and was wondering if he was inactive. I’ll give Pagano one, or two games.. just in case he knows something we don’t. If he isn’t in there full time by game 6, Pagano needs to go. That’s the equivalent of Norv on defense. Hopefully, McCoy will override Pags, and make sure Te’O gets his reps. Walker is a back-up, not a starter. He should only be used to spell Te’O, or in unique matchups, where Te’O is struggling (for whatever reason).

    • Ernie Padaon

      it was so sad seeing him walk in and being taken out immediately…. didnt understand it

      • arnie

        I’m re-watching the game right now, and without Te’o out there, there is a definite difference in the way the defense played.

        • asd12

          Yup, the first series look like Seahawks vs Chargers again, remember the preseason when we made Russel Wilson look silly for two straight quarters and Te’o had a hand in it? Remember when the defense actually look like the top ten defense it was last year in terms of yards allowed? That look exactly like it, even the nickel package started to click on that 3rd down.

          Then they quickly siphon in Walker, then that dynamic started to shift in the 2nd and Romo put up 14 points along with the 6 pick, gee doesnt that remind you of when Vick was scoring on us at will despite Rivers burning through the clock, all they needed were 1 minute drives.

          Or when Shaub scored 21 in 1 quarter or when Jack fucking locker look like joe fucking Montana when Te’o didnt play?

          • asd12

            Fire Pagano!!!!!!!

          • arnie

            Watched it all. Let your players play. Trust them to make plays and win games.

  • asd12

    Yup it looks like Ingram all over, stubborn son of a bitch Pagano is, always calling the exact opposite plays needed against a certain offense- going soft cover for the texans when we had a better chance covering an oldie like A.J then mancover against the eagles when desean jackson runs a sub 4.4 40 yard dash and none of our corners possess that speed.

    Manti does a tackle, set the edge for Reyes to make the sack and brought pressure on the 3rd play and Pagano was Pagano again, doing exactly the opposite of what’s working. I think this defense is suffering cus of him and the little success that comes out of it are there INSPITE of his calls. I mean we’re bound to make a good play now and then, its just probability, Pagano needs to go he’s our achilles heel and we would be talking superbowl if it wasnt because of Pagano who has made the defense the worse.

    • Ernie Padaon

      when teo was in he was always around the football and forcing the action…. but he was on the sideline a ton

      • asd12

        yeah i saw it, Manti was playing like he does in his highlights, nail that tackle of Dez Bryant too

        I dont think Reyes wouldve gotten that sack without Manti being there and cornering Romo, Reyes is not exactly a nimble defensive end like D-ware or Freeney and we all saw how Freeney has gotten his ankle broken from even the likes of QBs like Shaub, who Romo is way more faster than. DO you know why? Because whenever Freeney is in the backfield, no1 is there to help him, credit that sack alot to Te’o otherwise its just more QB hurries like weve been use to for the previous 3 games.

  • Cgoodness13

    I honestly think Pagano kept him on the side line because he needs a bit more conditioning, that said Pagano you suck and you need to be fired :D

  • 619chargers4life

    I read or watched something somewhere last night and they said they Had particular package for him . And as the season goes his package if he can handle it will get bigger and bigger . I think they are just being careful with him , easing him back into action .

    • Cgoodness13


    • arnie

      I can understand that. However consider this, I don’t like “there package” of soft coverage, which gave the cowboys the first two scores. I also like even less “there package” of run, run, run, in the 4th quarter.
      Let’s try a different “package”. Stop trying to come up with packages to win games, just put your playmakers on the field and let “THE PLAYERS” win the game for you.

      • 619chargers4life

        Oh I consider it and agree lol

  • Stan Zab

    His first game of his NFL career after being sidelined for over a month without practice or conditioning and you want the rookie with 0 NFL experience to just be in there all game? Wow….

    • Ernie Padaon

      14 snaps though?

      • Thomas87

        I was wondering where he was the whole entire game… Like he said only 14 snaps?? I thought he might have been hurt.. Only way he will get better is in game experience Nd practice

        • asd12

          According to Profootballfocus

          Manti doesn’t need to “get better”, Manti was our 2nd best pass rusher yesterday, he registered two QB hurries, the same amount as Dwight Freeney b4 he got injured and he had grade of 0.2 in pass rush compare to Freeney 0.3.

          In run defense, he had a grade of 0.1, in pass coverage, he had a grade of 0.1.

          He was 6th in the overall grade on pass defense with Weddle being the number 1 player and Gilchrist a close 2nd and Freeney 4th.

          Reggie Walker graded negatively in run defense with a -1.3 on 12 run plays out of

          45 total snaps played. He finish with the same amount of tackles as Te’o.

          Te’o was the highest graded INSIDE linebacker out of Walker Butler and Te’o

          Now all we need is for Pagano dumbass to play Te’o on majority of the snaps so he so we this defense won’t suck.

          • Nick in PB

            Butler did not have a great game. Didn’t seem like his head was in it. Especially when he got called for too many men on the field. WTF was that!

      • Stan Zab

        I’m sure it will be more as the season progresses. But calling for Pagano’s job for playing Te’o less than you would have liked? When none of us have any idea about the actual status of his foot or conditioning? I know you gotta be dramatic to get hits but come on.

        The performance of the defense yesterday was the best it has been all season. With no names and throw-aways all over the roster. I haven’t seen any mention of that. Give credit where credit is due instead of knit picking about the amount of snaps 1 LB who hasn’t practiced in over a month is getting.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Hopefully he just needs more conditioning, Walker isn’t doing much of anything so he is really easy to switch his snaps for Manti’s. I bet they were doing this last week at practice getting him ready for it, I hope it’s just this game his snaps are reduced and we unleash him on the Raiders, why not? Raiders are a bottom of the barrel team and what is more perfect to get up to speed. Te’o would actually be great in spying pryor too.

  • Nick in PB

    Getting him acclimated a little at a time is the best move. Throwing him in there without actual football condition is not a good move. The coaches need him to get comfortable in a limited role and then they can start expanding his playing time. If he had played the entire preseason, he would be ready.