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Has Manti Te'o Been Shielded Unitl He's 100%?

Manti Te’o has been back at practice for a week now and showing signs of life, finally! After missing both starting inside linebackers last Sunday against the Tennessee Titans the Chargers might be getting back some much needed help in the middle of the defense. Te’o last played a total of nine snaps during the pre-season opener on August 8th against the Seattle Seahawks. From then until August 19th Te’o had been walking around in a boot recovering from a sprained right ankle. Three weeks later, the Chargers would face the Houston Texans without Te’o and instead Te’o would not practice for six weeks removed from the injury.

A sprain in the ankle is nothing to laugh at, but also is not the type of injury to isolate a player from the game for so long. Many athletes deal with injuries throughout the season and most continue to play week after week despite the pain.

One possibility the Chargers organization might have been doing is shielding Te’o from the spotlight. Te’o had already been forced to suck up his pride and address the media with the humiliation of the girlfriend hoax and to step onto the field not playing to his full capacity would have shaken his confidence. Te’o has been through a lot even before playing his first NFL game. The media frenzy was on full attack regarding the poor play by Te’o in the 2012 BCS National Championship game. The Chargers already had been protecting Te’o from overexposing him to the media before pre-season and these precautionary measures could have been a wise decision to make sure the Te’o was 100% ready to take the NFL by storm. If Te’o had stumble out the gate during the Houston Texans game, there would have been no doubt more Te’o bashing.

There really doesn’t need to be anymore critics picking at Manti Te’o. Nevertheless, because of his situation there will always be criticism when he messes up. It’s time for Te’o to just play ball and get back to the game.

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  • tubbs45

    Cats out of the bag… He’ll be on the field and we’ll see what we got!

  • Heidijoy

    Not an ankle injury!! Serious Foot Injury. Glad they made sure it is healed!! Hope it lasts.
    No need to Shield him!!

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    He is going to show the NFL what the hell is up, All this talk about how he can’t tackle because of 1 game is crap. If I was him I’d get a still photo of every tackle he makes and put every one on a Manti website. People need to see proof to change their dumb opinions that would be a good way to do it.

    • asd2

      I would prefer Manti Te’o from that Bama game who missed 2 tackles than Weddle who has already missed 16 tackles and it’s only the 3rd game.

  • Calman21

    I think expectations are too high for him on his first game. I really doubt he comes out and kicks the shit out of long time NFL players. Having a solid game would be best…besides if he stands out too much and then fails, calls of bust or fluke will start showing up. Solid games are the key to his negative story line (finally) disappearing. It wouldn’t surprise me if they held him out till he was 100%..if he came out not and fell flat on his face because of an injury the stupid stories would start right back up. MM is setting him up for success.

  • arnie

    Oh yeah, they shielded him and i’m grateful the Chargers did it. For whatever reason, TT saw something in Manti to draft him, but the media wanted to talk to him about everything except football. The Chargers wanted him focused on football. He is a rookie and they need him to learn to play in the NFL ASAP. AS for his foot, they would have crucified him if he was unable to play at 100%, an then used the ONE game against Bama, to justfy those opinions. And then when it was brought up Manti is playing with an injury, the media would have launched back with, “..everybody plays with injuries..” then gone onto place the bust tag on him. With that said, this has shown a consistent pattern with Coach McCoy of keeping players that are injured off the field and calling for the “Next Man Up! Because he built his program that way.
    I’m eager to see what the young man can do, and how he will impact the game.

  • boltingindiego

    wasn’t a sprained ankle it was a sprained foot.

  • MachoMenos

    Of course the media will report any missteps along the way. That’s what they did when Flucker allowed a few bad plays against Philly and the texans. Never mind that according to PFF he is the highest rated Tackle that was drafted in the first round so far this season. Yet when Lane Johnson and Eric Fischer had a horrendous game on TNF it was barely mentioned and then it got glossed over. That’s just the national media doing what it always does to the Bolts. Too bad the local media is doing the same.

  • Nick in PB

    I think it was a sprained foot. Ankle would have been healed by now. A foot, that’s tricky business. We saw what happened to Gates and others. If it doesn’t heal all the way, it becomes problematic. It’s going to take him a while to get up to speed. He only had a few snaps at this level so let’s not expect too much too soon.

  • Lion

    Last go teo!!

  • 123

    That a-hole Pagano shielded him from taking all the snaps and had to share it with Walker, i guess to “bring him along slowly”, What a dumbass, Te’o was the one who made the first tackle and assisted in the sack on the 2nd play and we were giving Romo a new one until he just had to give Walker the snaps and alternate between him and Te’o.

    It totally screwed up Te’o gelling with Butler.