Sep 22, 2013; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Justin Hunter (15) celebrates scoring the winning touchdown against the San Diego Chargers with teammate Tennessee wide receiver Kendall Wright (13) during the second half at LP Field. Tennessee won 20-17. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Chargers 17 - Titans 20: San Diego Drops Another Game Late

Maybe every game we play will end with a 3 point difference. This is a game that we should have won and let slip out of our hands again. It is a team we should have beat and ends up as a loss in the box score. What a waste of an effort for our team.

Where the heck was that offense? We got a touchdown taken away because of a penalty and then we get a field goal blocked. We get a holding penalty on us that stopped our 4th down drive to run down the clock and then we still played that conservative card to run the clock out.

The defense can’t contain a quarterback worth a dang. Jake Locker was running around like crazy. We lost to Jake Locker!!!!

Our defense has too many holes in it. Opposing teams can pass the ball all over us. Wait till Peyton Manning gets the ball against us.

Can Marcus Gilchrist get an interception to seal the game any more gift wrapped for him? Bring that down and win the game! What a frustrating loss by the Chargers. Now we find ourselves 2 games behind the Chiefs.


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  • Ioane

    The thing is, I should be used to this way of losing by now. I’ve lost count on how many times the Chargers have lost these types of games, but it always stings so much more when we lose to teams like the Titans.

    Our defense is god awful. I thought they were suppose to be our strength.

    Our offense gets way to conservative and plays way to safe when at the most crucial time of the game. KILLER INSTINCT?? Sorry, that’s not the Chargers.

    When your up by 4 and you get a chance to end the game on offense, you should put the ball in Rivers hands and let him win the game.

    Gilchrist needs to ride the pine, you got a guaranteed INT to seal the win and you drop it??really?? I know he got hit, but he should of understood the situation that was at hand. It’s time Bench Gilchrist and give Taylor a chance. No way he can be as bad as Gilchirst.

    Rivers needs to stop arguing with the refs. That penalty cost us a possible TD that could of been the difference.

    Telesco, I know you didn’t expect much for this season, but the team is awful. Make a move like signing a Rhodes or trying to trade for a CB like Maxwell from the Seahawks.

    Mathews, this is the year for you to show if you got it or not. I was one that wanted Ben Tate and hated the move up for Mathews, its sad to say but I really wished we grabbed Tate now.

    I didn’t expect much from the Chargers this year considering we are in rebuild mode. But damn it, win the games that you are suppose to win.

  • Cgoodness13

    So I’ve been researching possible Candiates that can replace Pagano at seasons end….

    Lovie Smith (former HC of the bears)
    Joe Barry (current LB coach),
    jack del rio (current panthers HC)
    Rex Ryan (current jets HC) Rocky Seto (current DB coach for the Seahawks)
    Brendan Daily (current Vikings d-line coach)

    I’ll add more names with more research

    • Gunnar Martin

      Hey, if one of them can fix whatever the heck our problem is, then I’m all for it. Oh, and Del Rio is actually the Denver D-coordinator, and Ron Rivera is the Panthers head coach. Just so you know.

    • Daryl Peek

      Lovie Smith

    • joerockt

      Lovie Smith would be a great addition. You know why? 4-3. I’m so done with the 3-4, which hasn’t been run right since Rivera left.

  • C.Steele

    Ok Ernie! Now that you have had a night to sleep on it, I hope you have settled down. Honestly, we were lucky to be in the game. Just because we have been in every game this year, and show potential doesn’t mean were good. Let me remind you Ernie, and everyone else disgusted by our loss yesterday. We are a team with starters that have potential and backup that are not talented! Plain and simple. We looked like a mash unit going into the game yesterday, and came out worse (Lost LT on the most crucial drive of the game).

    We have been complaining about the play of the D all year long. Did we honestly think it was going to get better, loosing our best LB and a starting CB. I mean really, who were our two ILBs? Exactly, special team players for the rest of the league (there usual positions on our team). The CB was who let the game winning TD pass be caught over/on his head was who? You guys get where I’m going with this.

    Hopefully (fingers & toes crossed), most of the starters including Te’o will be back next week. And, with them back the team will play Dallas pretty tough. We can expect this type of result the rest of the year. If the starters stay healthy, we can compete and have a good chance to win. If not, we will probably loose.

    Don’t get down on the players just yet. Don’t start calling for the coaches heads. The coaches call the plays they feel their units have the talent to execute. I won’t say the name but, “The Lord of No Rings” left us with a SH&$% pie and were going to be dining on it for the next couple seasons. We all know this. So,until the new brain trust can bring some players that can ball (through the draft, since “He who Can’t be Named” left us a Fd up salary cap predicament to boot) let’s just support the Powder Blues #GoBolts!

  • Stefanie Smith

    It’s really exhausting and painful to watch the Chargers’games that end like this. Never a blow out –nope. We always have it right in our hands and have to watch it slip away. t’s our own fault. That is all I can say.

    Also, do you think they went conservative on offense to sort of punish Rivers for the 15 yard penalty? Remember last year when McCoy and Fox went all conservative with the Broncos, they said their reason was that the team was in shock from the interception so they thought they should just take a knee at half-time, instead of Peyton doing his famous two-minute drill?

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      Coach said in his press conference that they did what they thought was best…..

      Are you impressed like I am?

  • Stefanie Smith

    And why do we rarely go for it on 4th down in the waning minutes of a game? I realize at times, it wouldn’t be prudent, but there have been opportunities that we have passed up.

    • joerockt

      There was a 4th and 1 they should have went for early in the game around the 45. Discretion is not always the better part of valor. The D was doing ok up to that point. The line was getting a good push and all our RB’s were getting positive yards. We left a lot of points on the field due to poor coaching and dumb plays.

      • blackroseMD1

        That 4th and 1 seemed to be the turning point of the game. When he elected to punt, it seemed like it took the winds out of the sails. After that, both the defense and offense got worse.

  • PakMaN

    For the sake of my health, I am going to watch these games in a different state of mind. No expectations, just enjoying the game for what it is, entertainment.

    • Daryl Peek

      Very difficult task! Please school me on your Zen if that works out

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      man, ZERO hand jobs for everybody, and this rate, we all need gag balls….

      • PakMaN


  • Pels04

    Wasnt too happy with the play calling at the end of the game again. Whats up with the 3 run plays on the last drive? Put your trust in Rivers and let HIM go win the game. Dont put it on the defense to stop them, specially since they were having a hard time the whole second half. And Gilly catch the damn ball!