Sep 15, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) moves a player at the line of scrimmage during the third quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Chargers defeated the Eagles 33-30. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers No Huddle Offense

How are you liking that no huddle offense? That is something we never saw with Norv Turner running the show. Norv didn’t like it. He was our offensive genius that never wanted to run it. With a smart quarterback calling the shots, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that.

Philip Rivers looked masterful running the no huddle offense against the Philadelphia Eagles. My favorite part of the game on Sunday was when Rivers lined up the team, but kept letting that clock tick, tick, tick away. The Philly fans absolutely hated every second of it. They were anxious and wanted to see their fast pace offense on the field. Philip controlled the tempo of the game though.

Standing at the line, he was making his calls, reading the defense and picking those Eagles to pieces. When Philip found favorable matchups, he would line everyone up and just make his calls on offense from the line of scrimmage. He acted like Peyton Manning at the line. The no huddle will be a big part of our offense this year.

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  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I was listening to ESPN sports radio after the game while driving to the gym and their guys were saying that PR17 should have been given this type of control along time ago. Pretty much that MM is looking at PR like Peyton Manning and turning him into a Audible loving QB that reads the defense and adjusts the plays at the line and I all can say to that is …….. Why didn’t Norv do this 4 years ago? lol

    Titans are going down Sunday! PR is the freakin man, that play he changed at the line that sent Dunlap over to cream Royals DB was a thing of freakin pure beauty, PR see’s all and makes you pay!

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      this is whyI want them to succeed, so NorF can eat crow with his statement that he didn’t have th personnel…or was it SD doesn’t have the personnel right now??? Either way, Rivers looks great right now…imo this is a more complicated system he’s running vs NorF’s genius O….

  • JMM

    Well, when we were down points, sometimes you would get to see Rivers perform under duress like that. I always thought, “if we could only no-huddle like we did when we were down 10″. If you watch the last 5+ years of Chargers football (especially #3-5+), you’ll see flashes of this throughout. You’ll also see Norv playing from behind with no passion or desire to win the game, but when Philip has control, it’s a beautiful thing. I think we’re just starting to see him get into this new system, which is very promising.

    • PakMaN

      I always thought the same. We have an intelligent QB, why not take advantage of it?

      offtopic: I’m really digging these Capital C’s on the jerseys.

  • joerockt

    I’ve been saying this for a while and its good to see PR finally getting to call some plays and change plays depending on the defense. When PR is on his game, he’s one of the best and he’s smart enough and veteran enough to do the things that Peyton has been doing for years.

    I hope with this last performance, they use it more often. Hopefully to the point where its used for entire games, especially at home where crowd noise isn’t a factor on offense.

  • Peter Thompson

    Quote from

    “Rivers has been especially effective against the blitzes of the Eagles and Texans, leading the NFL in touchdowns and accuracy percentage under pressure.”

    Oh, and the Chargers put up the most yards in a game since 1985.

    Um, I think it’s working? Lol…

  • Stefanie Smith

    If that doesn’t beat all. We ran more plays than the East Coast high powered offense! Go figure.

    • Peter Thompson

      Right? Who saw that coming? So funny that we beat them at their own game, and we weren’t even really trying to. We were just doing what we wanted to do.

  • boltingindiego

    pretty impressed with this offense I think the 2 biggest difference makers is the rebuilt o-line and the new offensive system.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Love it!!

  • Gunnar Martin

    This is the Philip Rivers that we should be used to seeing. All these years and not one crack at the no-huddle. We may have found the perfect system for him :)

  • Peter Thompson

    Well… it’s clear that Whisenhunt got the memo about better play-calling. Now, let’s see if Pagano gets the memo this week ; )

  • arnie

    Imagine that, letting one of the best QB in the league run the offense on the field? Like I said before, it was never Rivers.

  • tubbs45

    Loved it. gave PR17 plenty of time to scan the Defense, make a audible, set them in motion and check again… nice work McCoy, Rivers looks like the days back in North Carolina and the offense seems to get in the groove too… me likey…

  • Michael

    Now this is the kind of talk I’ve been waiting to read, we knew PR had it in him, I got so tired of reading about how PR should be gone…. those people really need to educate themselves on football before they start pointing the finger,,,especially at PR……GO BOLTS!!!!!!

  • Nick in PB

    Gotta love the “New” Rivers! That game is one to grow on… he couldn’t have played any better. That should pick this entire offense up because they know what he can do again. We have to get the D playing better though. This week, it will be time for them to step up!

  • Alter Ego

    Holy Shit…Rivers looked like P Manning out there…and was awesome. This changes everything.

    • 1961 Fan

      Yea right; Rivers will never be in the same league as any Manning.

      • arnie

        The difference between Manning and Rivers? Manning has a had more help and a better support system around him. Rivers, despite the mistakes an turnovers in the last three years averaged 26 TD. He’s thrown 7TD and 1INT, in two games. If he continues this trend, Rivers is pace to finish with 39-47 TD and 8 INT

        • 1961 Fan

          Stats are great, now show me a division Championship or better yet the Lombardi Trophy. Eli Manning has worse stats but he also has the two big rings. Yes a team around you is everything; perhaps that is why the Manning Father told the Bolts to pound sand? Bad ownership and their poor choices in coaching and draft selections will doom any good QB. Just maybe TT and McCoy will be the real McCoy?

          • arnie

            That is my whole point of brining up stats. i could just say i disagree with your first statement, but facts just plainly state your wrong. Rivers is on the level on Manning. He has the talent and that game in Philly only validates he has the ability to carve Defenses up. But don’t take my word for it…. Cary Williams had plenty to say.
            As for “Division Titles”, Rivers has Four, and like you said Eli has horrible stats with two Superbowl wins, because of the help around him.

    • arnie

      They had the same coach. As good as Manning is let’s give credit to Coach McCoy for being smart enough, to recognize what he had in both QB’s

  • sergio

    Now everyone like rivers…. What a bunch of bandwagons!!!!!!