Chargers Best Offensive Lineup Has Ryan Mathews On The Bench

Sep 15, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles safety Nate Allen (29) grabs the face mask of San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews (24) during the first quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mathews was supposed to have a break out year for us all over again. Same story we have been hearing for seasons and seasons. He was supposed to fix the fumbling issue. Still waiting to see that happen.

The San Diego Chargers seem to have their best offensive lineup when he is on the bench though. Danny Woodhead and Ronnie Brown offer a different threat on offense when they are on the field. Both of them are good at running the ball, but they are excellent and receiving the ball out of the backfield and can help blocking in the passing game.

I understand why the Chargers decided to keep Ronnie Brown now, even though him and Woodhead are very similar type of backs. That is the type of back that works best in this offense. Someone that can be that option in the passing game and can protect Philip.

I was one of Ryan Mathews biggest backers, but he finally has lost me. Another fumble in the red zone and I am over it. Mike McCoy may not have lost confidece in him, but Chargers fans are sick of it. Mathews will likely get more chances, but that ball has to stop going on the floor.

Danny Woodhead and Ronnie Brown type backs is the direction that is best for our team right now.

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  • blackroseMD1

    I agree. The fumbles have to stop. I’m still a big RM24 fan, but now I can honestly see us drafting a RB somewhat highly next year if he doesn’t knock it off.

    Also, McCoy and Whiz need to talk to Gates about his carrying style. That “low and loose” style was on display most of the game. It needs to become “high and tight” in a hurry.

    • Ambitoos

      I couldn’t agree with you more. What I don’t understand is how they got this far in their careers and still don’t know that.

    • joerockt

      Some fool was arguing with me on game day about this. He was saying that you can’t blame Gates for that fumble. I said you can because of the way he carries the ball. He’s been doing it for a long time now and it finally caught up to him.

      • Ernie Padaon

        He always has carried the ball like that. Truth

        • arnie

          Turnovers are turnovers. Regardless of who make’s them they can’t happen.

        • blackroseMD1

          Yeah, i know, and it was just displayed on national television for everyone to see. People will be attacking that arm now when he’s running, more so than before.

          Not taking anything away from the guy, but that’s dangerous.

  • Stefanie Smith

    We still love the guy, but he has to pay a price. Even with the Giants, Coughlin made that kid pay for the fumbles–he got benched. That is how it works. He has to fix it and stop doing it.

  • Josiah

    It’s only been 2 games, chill. I still believe in Mathews, though he fumbled it was only once (So far). Thinking he wouldn’t fumble the entire season is foolish. He’s still incredibly talented and we need to wait and see how he’ll preform through the whole season. Again, let’s be patient.

    • Ernie Padaon

      2 games this year…. he even fumbled in the preseason in the red zone.

    • Ambitoos

      I should have read ahead. Not going to duplicate Ernie.

    • joerockt

      Wow. You RM lovers are starting to sound like Leaf fans back in the day. Complete denial.

      • Josiah

        Ryan Mathews actually had a good season.

  • tubbs45

    Damn it I want him do do well, but shit how many remotes do I need break????

  • RZ

    Keep giving him the rock…he has to learn eventually.

    • joerockt

      Eventually? lol, guy its his 4TH YEAR. I could see it if he was tearing off 100+ yard games on the regular, but most of his career has been spent injured or games well under 100 yards. He’s had more than his fair share of chances.

      AJ made a horrible pick and we’re still suffering for it.

      • Gunnar Martin

        Still gotta keep giving him carries though. You abandon him, you abandon the run altogether. Just look at last year. Ryan got benched by Norv and we had ZERO run game for most of the year.

        • joerockt

          Don’t really have a choice, do we? Brown is past his prime, Woodhead isnt really an every down back (though I think he could be).

          We could give Fozzy a start, especially if RM puts the rock on the floor again.

          • Gunnar Martin

            Ryan did still play pretty well besides the fumble in the game though. He showed that in preseason as well. He definitely has improved potential in this system and better O-line. I’m willing to bet he tears it up against Tennessee this week.

          • joerockt

            I hope so. But I would take the under on 100 yards.

      • RZ

        Haha..He’ll be alright.if not he’s pretty much history.Simple as that.Is your solution to just bench him for good? Ain’t gonna happen.

        • joerockt

          My solution would have been to never let him back in a Chargers uni after last season. But, he’s gotta play out his contract so we’re stuck with him.

          • RZ

            Then we all go with it…at least for this season.

  • Tazzster

    Its not so much the fumble as to how it happened. Matthews was carrying the ball away from his body while trying to navigate through traffic with his other. He needs to understand where he is and what the situation is. Down in the redzone running a dive play he needs to have two hands on the ball and just hit the hole. If I remember right it was first down… so you still had three downs to go.
    Plus Matthews response was…. The dude just made a great defensive play…. Really? Wow!
    Still advocating for Fozzy to get some snaps this week. I would like to see how he does running the football in a real game.
    On the bright side though. Matthews has run the ball well. His effort is there. He is grinding out yards after contact.

    • joerockt

      That’s funny, I didn’t know RM said that. Typical Norv brainwashing response.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Fozzy did put the ball on the ground in the same game too ya know…

      • joerockt

        Difference is we recovered that one.

        • Gunnar Martin

          True, but it doesn’t change the fact that he fumbled too. I’m the biggest Fozzy believer there is, but it wouldn’t make sense to replace one fumbler with another fumbler. Hope they both hold the ball like it’s glued to their chest from now on.

          • arnie

            They should take the Tom Coghlin approach. Carry the ball in practice the way it’s supposed to be, or you do not play.

          • Gunnar Martin

            Exactly. You play like you practice.

      • Tazzster

        The difference is Fozzy fumbled in a high speed collision during a kick return, not by one handing the ball in the redzone while dancing behind the line.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I still think RM24 is going to have a good year, but that might be all he can ever be is “Good”. 100% down for in 2014 to draft a RB in the mid rounds to compete with him. Seems to be the entire league has him pegged as a fumbler so of course every defender is going to try to strip that thing away.

    How man times did you guys yell “Get your ass down Gates” during the Eagles game? lol like Blackrose said here also I’m kinda more worried about how Gates runs with the ball is pretty dangerous and he needs to just hit the deck sometimes and keep it rolling.

    • arnie

      I hope they make “ball security” an emphasis in practice.

  • Captain Morgan

    Ryan Mathews, has yet to break a long run … it seems he gets caught and corralled by the first tackler … make it worthwhile, he has yet to make me feel confident in his abilities. I watch rookies come into the league and make a bigger impact. Plain and simple Ryan Mathews doesn’t have the IT factor … he’s too much into WOW when he should working on his fumbling issues. How can the Chargers expect to trust him when he puts the ball on the ground in critical situations?

    • Ernie Padaon

      Yes… He can’t make anyone miss in the open field.. Kinda sad really

    • joerockt

      He has absolutely no vision. Single cuts and runs right into tacklers. He’s got speed but it does no good if you can’t avoid tackles.

      The fat lady is clearing her throat on his career with the Chargers.

      • w1LLz

        I completely agree with you. I have been a Mathews defender in the past but after this last game against Philly I saw the light. RM24 is a serviceable back at best. You’re right when you say he has no vision or even trust in his own abilities. For this reason I believe he will always be mediocre at best. I’m pulling for the kid to break out but he has yet to prove he deserves to be our premiere RB. 4 years of waiting and this kid still hasn’t done much.

  • Mz. Sarah

    Sorry but I’ve never been a fan of Ryan Matthews. We should’ve taken Eddie Lacy in the 2nd Round this year. But that’s just me.

  • Daryl Peek

    There’s three different approaches when it comes to fixing a young back that fumbles; Benching him, Norv did that. Keep feeding him the rock, MM is taking that route. Or cutting him loose, next step if he does not improve this year.

  • bk

    Woody and Brown are exciting keys to success for the Chargers. Matthews and Gates, loaded with potential and talent, will learn from last Sunday or else. The or else was already on display in the second half…..The zone pass defense is an accident waiting to happen. The opponents pass receivers are so wide open that they look like deer running across an open field with no hunters around for ten miles. Either teach them how to play zone, or go man to man, or get a new DC. Our defensive secondary is in critical care and on life support, and if they don’t get well, it will be a long year chasing opponent pass receiver’s hind-ins.

  • Jordan

    Do you guys think he will be back next year?

    • Gunnar Martin

      Hate to sound clishe but we’ll just have to see what he does in the 14 games remaining

  • Thomas87

    I like Mathews as a 1st and 2nd down back and that’s it.. That’s why we have woodhead and brown but I honestly don’t think even if we did have a no.1 back he would be in there 3 downs.. Seems like whiz and McCoy like that 3rd down blocking back just to sub and give the defense another set to have to figure out.. I don’t know how much longer he will stay in SD if he can’t keep the ball in his hands!!

  • Bill Nichols

    Agree about the fumbling BS, but I think RM24 is more powerful, and when he doesn’t try and get cute, and just get’s the yardage that is there to get, he does well. He doesn’t have vision worth a damn, but, he also doesn’t go down with a half assed arm tackle either (like woodie did on that last drive Sunday). He has decent hands as well, I think we need to stick behind Ryan, and let him show his worth. Running between the tackles is what he has been able to do for us thus far with success, and we need that type of back as well. Still love the way McCoy is using everyone actually, here’s to hoping that Pags can get his guys together, our D needs to tighten up for sure. Bolt Up!!

  • arnie

    Different Coach, new scheme, better blocking. Now if it really is a clean slate this year, then he’s only fumbled the ball once. Now either the former coaches did a great job at developing Mathews, and gave him every opportunity to succeed, or they didn’t. Coach McCoy is giving Ryan every opportunity to be successful and if he doesn’t make the most of it, he’ll be joining meachum, an gaither. Now if memory serves me correctly there were 3 fumbles in the eagles game. Fumbles that should have cost the Chargers the game. But they didn’t, the team still put up 33 points, and found a way to overcome those mistakes and win.
    Make no mistake, the turnovers need to stop. I’m just more focused on what matters, “winning”. What happened before the new regime arrived can’t be undone, it is what it is. For the here and now, RM24 has ONE fumble in two games. Let the kid play his way to greatness, or out of a job.

  • philiprules

    Yeah, that’s a great idea if you totally want to give up on the run game, because Brown and Woodhead are pass catchers on 3rd down and that’s about it. And I’d be willing to bet neither of them catches that first pass against Houston for the score.

  • Alter Ego

    Awe Bullshit Ernie.
    Mathews’ is by far our best back and has been good for us.
    The fumbles suck…no doubt.
    He regains your respect this week. 100+ and a TD.
    He is a pivotal cog in our trek to the SB.
    Keep the faith.
    Go Bolts.

    • Ernie Padaon

      i hope you are right… that last fumble finally put me over the edge

  • Michael Popowich

    Guy had one fumble and everyone is freakin out. Keep using him, and the other backs. Gates had one too, but both made up for it later in the game. Chill people.

    • Ernie Padaon

      but it is not one… one this year in 2 games… what about those other games and what about him still not understanding putting 2 hands on the football in that situation?

  • C.Steele

    Ernie. I mean you have totally lost me with this posting. I am just as sick of Ryan putting the ball on the carpet as everyone else. But, if you are gonna make the argument that our offense is better with Matthews on the bench; You have gone off the deep end and so has anyone else who agrees with you!!

    Matthews is far and away the most talented back on our team. He can pick up the blitz, run, and catch (remember our first down of the season?). Now, the other backs on our team might be marginally better at picking up the blitz or catching (And I stress marginally). However, Ryan is far and away the better runner. Without him our running game will drop to mediocre and PR will be chucking the ball 50+ times a game. A recipe for disaster.

    Now, I have NO defense for the argument our offense is SAFER with him on the bench. Hence his lack of touches in the Redzone. This is also a drawback since he is our most powerful runner. I would like to see him get at least 20 carries a game, and see if his drops start to deteriorate with more carries. I mean really, he should be coming up on the end of his rookie contract (next season?). So, we need to find out if we need a new RB. Lets work him and let the chips fall where they may!


  • Ambitoos

    Stat: Titans are +4 in turnovers and Chargers are -2. Leave Mathews on the bench.

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