So The Refs Blew The Call In The Chargers Game…

Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Houston Texans kicker Randy Bullock (4) and holder Houston Texans punter Shane Lechler (9) celebrate Bullock

I didn’t want to talk about the missed call by the ref yesterday. I hate blaming the refs for what happened in the outcome in the game. The blew that stupid call against Cam Thomas and it did take the wind out of our sails though.

I remember sitting at the game and not understanding what the heck the call was. I still don’t really understand what the penalty was, but I know it gave the Texans another chance for a touchdown.

How much did it take out of the defense? After finally bending so much and finally getting a stop to force a field goal, they get that stupid call and then give up a touchdown on the next play. They worked hard to hold for that field goal. The defense was on the field forever and they made their stop, but the referees took it away. That is heartbreaking!

Would that have changed the results of the game? We will never know.

The offense still needed to make a play. The offense still had a chance to win the game when it was tied at 28. The offense barely was on the field in the second half and the defense was out there forever.

One blown call changes a lot of things. Ed Hochuli anyone? When this blown call happened, there was still a ton of time on that clock and still a ton of opportunities to hold on for that win. It’s not the refs fault… we shot ourselves in the foot like Santonio Holmes Plaxico Burress.

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  • Stefanie Smith

    Years from now, there will be the big story- that they are throwing games or betting on them. And if someone from the NFL office was there during our Gorilla Glue debacle, how come the NFL official from the main office did not tell these refs, not to make the call?

    • Peter Thompson

      Why wait until it gets like the NBA got, where officials were being paid off? A full investigation needs to be done NOW. It should have been done years ago, because this has been happening forever. Notice how they will change almost ANY rule if it gets in the way of the game… but, they won’t change THAT one? They won’t even entertain changing it, except for putting up lame “hindsight” explanations about how it was the wrong call.. as if that is addressing the issue?

      Pfffftttt…. I wish I could get away with that at work. Don’t fix my errors, just tell my boss I did it.. not fix the error… go about my day… and then do it again repeatedly.

      • Ambitoos

        That may have been a bad call but I doubt the ref was on the take. The defense lost this game, not a bad call.

        • Peter Thompson

          I agree. I have been saying all week that the fake punt was the play that REALLY did us in. So amateur to be fooled like that… I saw it coming a mile away. But, if the ref isn’t “fixing” the game, then they need to get busy “fixing” the rules, so this doesn’t happen.. then no investigation would be necessary in the first place.

          • Ambitoos

            I agree PT.

  • FitzWilly

    Amen E-Pad
    We got Royally Fucked (like a hooker on $2 Tuesdays) on that call

    you know how much i hate to be nit-picky

    but it was

    Plaxico Burress that busted a cap in his foot :)

    • Ernie Padaon

      well dang it…might have to make a quick edit

      • FitzWilly

        “dang it” lol
        too funny

  • RussinSactown

    Someone is making money on this. It’s an odd coincidence that the same team gets hosed by random official calls. Almost feels like WWE. The day the Chargers go back to the Super Bowl, I half expect Vince McMahon to show up. If that happens, look for the chair Rivers.

    • Stefanie Smith

      They made a bad call against the Lions when they were playing the Texans last year. The reason I bring it up, it was also an odd one… like one no one ever heard of.

      I wish we could argue that we do not want X ref at our games. I know we can’t, though.

      • RussinSactown

        Until this becomes painful for the refs that blow the calls nothing will change. If they sat a crew without pay for a week over a game changing call, things would improve quick.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    Well since it was the 1st time called ever in the NFL you think thy might go over it and review it and really make sure it’s the right call. Watching the replays I didn’t get what they were seeing, didn’t the ref say he saw Cam’s knee nail the center in the head? In which that never happened?

    I call do over! Bring the Texans back and lets get this right lol

    • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

      This is how I feel about this call: Smokey being the Texans and Walter being the Bolts

      “Texans my friend your entering a world of pain”

      • Peter Thompson


  • RussinSactown

    It would have changed the way they played. Up by 11 (Two scores) they are still loose. The defense goes off the field knowing “We can do this.” and ready to come back and do it again. Instead they know they just broke and psychologically it takes a toll. The offense knows they don’t have to press because they have an 11 point cushion but with 7 they say “We have to turn it around ourselves” and we all saw how that went. So yeah the refs had a part in screwing us again. We should just anticipate this.

  • RZ

    Either way..that call sucked and the outcome of the game shouldn’t even have come down to it..but looking forward to a big bounce back game against The Eagles,Let’s Do This Boltz!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    Sorry… I’m blaming the refs for this one. We could have played better, most definitely. But, inventing inexplicable game-changing calls seems to be a trend in the NFL lately (and not just for our team, either). At times, I wonder if the game is deliberately being altered for “other purposes”. It has happened SO many times, it can’t be overlooked anymore. It’s time for a complete investigation of the officiating system in the NFL.

    At this point, it’s almost like the refs are untouchable, and refuse to answer for anything, until after it is too late. I am with JoeRockt on this one… at least SOME penalties must be reviewable. If there isn’t a clear explanation, a clear violation, or everyone in the world can see it was a bad call.. there should be a policy where it can be reversed, so it doesn’t derail the integrity of the game. It takes the fun out of football, and destroys opportunities for players & coaches that have invested so much time into trying to win a championship.

    Having said that, we need to bounce back like we did in 2008, except not be one & done in the playoffs.. or like Green Bay did after that horrible Seattle call.

    • tubbs45

      How about the new officiating blunder from the NY v Dal Cruz not get the TD overturned due to the Calvin rule. I is just awfully fishy that some rule are speculatively called, enforced/not enforced, when it benefits the NFL oldest rivalries (that have sucked as of late), newest sweetheart (high ratings big market, NFL superbowl stud team), or the team the refs may have some scratch on…

      The team must not allow ourselves to even be in the situation and get some killer instinct (and oxygen).

    • Ernie Padaon

      definitely not just for our team… seen a lot of talk for a bunch of different teams around the league.

      • Peter Thompson

        I hear ya… but over the span of time… I bet certain teams get far more “favorable GAME DEFINING mis-calls” over other teams. I can’t remember the last time we got a blown call go our way in a game defining moment. We get them, but it never seems to be at a useful time. I would love to see those stats… the NFL would be exposed, I believe… and the person who did the study would suddenly turn up missing, or dead.. LMAO!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    It just sucks that SOME teams have to play with razor thin efficiency to even have a chance at winning, while certain “more popular” teams never seem to get those calls… or, at least not as often. I had to think about it, but you know what it reminds me of? Nepotism….I’ll explain

    It’s like telling a child that they must be TWICE as good as the coach’s son, to be the starting first baseman, despite the fact that he has already proven that he is a little bit better. Then giving the coaches son the position, who didn’t play as good (but not terrible), and desperately coming up with some random excuse to back the choice. All of the other parents can see that the coach is playing favorites, but the little league commissioner turns a blind eye, and doesn’t do anything about the parents complaints… mainly because they live on the same street.. or their families know each other… or the commissioners son goes to school with the coach’s son.. or whatever.

    It’s just wrong, and should never come down to that.. even if it’s “a reality of life”. They need to fix these random bad calls, and the refs having total immunity when making them. If they were reviewable, it would take the word “fix” out of the game, which makes it cleaner IMO.

    Even if your team makes mistakes during the game, it is a weak solution (to a much larger problem) to say “Well you should have played better”. Every team gets put on their heels at some point… battling back from adversity, or holding back the wolves IS the definition of playing better to me. Not being forced to get out to a ridiculous lead, as insurance against the refs.

    • arnie

      Peter i hear yah. I cannot figure out, what is wrong with reviewing penalties? Don’t the Ref’s want to get the call right? Shouldn’t they be all for using modern technology to ensure the game is being officiated fairly? Besides, wouldn’t they want to learn from there mistakes, IN THE GAME, instead of after, when nothing cam be done? Even if there is still no challenges for penalties, they need to use the technology avoid more “outcomes” like this.
      I don’t know whether they are being stubborn or just trying maintain a sense of control. They are only human and they make mistakes. Just like the players.

      • Peter Thompson

        EXACTLY Arnie!!!! Make it like a challenge. You get so many, and don’t waste them. I know they keep using the excuse “It will slow the game down too much”. Sounds like a whack excuse to me. The game is moving so fast these days, and there are so many rules to keep track of & understand.. it’s really easy to make a bad call. Nothing to be embarrassed about. The refs should welcome it, not act like it’s an insult to their pride & credibility. Sounds like a smokescreen to me.

  • arnie

    Don’t put the game in the ref’s hands….you get screwed every time.

    • tubbs45

      True story!

  • Peter Thompson

    Here’s something else that has always bothered me. Have you ever seen a referee & a coach chumming it up on the sideline before a game… having a long discussion… laughing with folded arms? Ed Hochuli does this ALL THE TIME! So does Bill Belichick.

    I think the refs should be banned from doing this, and only be allowed to come onto the field right before the game starts. Nor should they be having friendly conversations during game delays… just short, quick, professional explanations. They shouldn’t even be able to talk to players (unless it’s quick matter of fact conversation in passing). I understand that we are all human, and I am not saying that they can’t joke around a little bit… that’s not what I mean.

    They may be friendly, or went to the same college, or be friends outside of the game. But, when you are the one who is supposed to be making unbiased decisions that will affect the outcome of a game, palling around with one of the coaches makes one think if he is REALLY being unbiased. Although it might not be realistically enforceable, outside personal relationships between officials & coaches should be strongly discouraged. That should be a cardinal rule. It sucks, but if you sign on to be a referee in any sport, that should be a sacrifice IMO. Like a cop or a judge hanging out with a convicted felon… not illegal, just really suspicious, and not very supportive of your occupation.

  • Dion Chin

    I don’t care what anyone says. Football is a game of momentum, and that took away any of it that we had after making a big stop and holding them to a FG.

  • Dion Chin

    “judgement calls” should definitely be reviewable. No ref should be able to make a judgement call. Rules are in place to be enforced, not judged.

  • 1961 Fan

    Forget the refs, if you can’t put the other team away in the second half then you only have half a team. The Chargers lost because they (as always) sat on the lead and took a snooze.

  • Aaron Johnson

    The penalty was called and our players need to adapt.

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