[GIF] Brian Cushing's Interception Of Philip Rivers

Sep 9, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Houston Texans line backer Brian Cushing (56) walks off the field after a 31-28 win against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t shy away from the bad plays. It was a tough game and we will get over it. The Texans defense shut us down and we struggled with bad mistakes in the second half.

Here is that Brian Cushing interception all over again:

First off, it was a phenomenal play. He had to dive in order to snag that ball and he made a ridiculous play…. BUT Philip tried to adjust to the blitz and read the play wrong. He tried to thread the needle over to Danny Woodhead and Cushing was all over that play. Check out the tight end on the play running wide open. Philip must have assumed that Cushing was going to pick up the tight end, but Philip stared down Woodhead in the play and we know the rest.

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  • bk

    A tale of two halves. From triumph to tragedy. From ecstasy to agony. The first half proved to be too good to be true. Then came a deadening sense of predictability and inevitability. The past revisited once more. Three and out after three and out after three and out. Rivers went from first half jubilance to second half roboticness. From passion to passionless…..A coaching disaster, running Matthews and Brown over and over and over again against a second half wall. No screens or dishes to Woodhead who for the most part was invisible and unused the the entire night. The few times he was in there he ran the same routes – slant route and crossing route. Cushing smelled it!

    • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

      you should write for us!!!

      • 1961 Fan

        Yes he should write for BB, to get away from all the ignorant posts like that one writer of yours that predicts the Chargers go 14-2. Finally someone who is not intoxicated with the thought that the Bolts have a complete team this season.

        • http://boltbeat.com/ Ernie Padaon

          ha… i will admit that was a crazy prediction

  • OP Bolt

    Good: First 35 minutes. OL decent, passing game crisp, defense clicking, running game is a positive. I thought the pass rush for the whole game was pretty good. In all honesty, we beat the crap out of one of
    the best teams in the league, for 35 minutes. When we can do it for 60 minutes, we will be back.

    Bad: Last 25 minutes. We were completely surprised, unable to adjust to Texans defensive changes in 2nd half – why wouldn’t we expect that from Wade Phillips? PR in the pocket under pressure – compare him
    to Schaub under pressure – he allows himself to be trapped in a collapsing pocket instead of rolling to extend his time. The OL, under constant blitz, faded away. Just curious, but isn’t the traditional response to blitz the screen and draw – where was DW? The pass rush actually looked pretty good the whole game. Absolutely pathetic pass defense on the backend – were we in some sort of prevent defense? The LBs/DBs allowed the DL to exhaust itself without backing them up with defended passes. Poor tackling, especially by the DBs. The lack of quality depth really showed itself on both sides of the ball.

    The Ugly: Last 10 minutes. Really bad pick six by PR, really bad penalties, no one stepped up to make a play. I hate to say it, but in crunch time PR has the yips. PR did not rise to the occasion to show either skill or the indomitable will to drive his teammates to a higher gear. From the interception, through the remainder of the game, he was awful. On both sides of the ball, this is where you could palpably see the Chargers lose the will to win.

    Overall: Really, other than ripping our heart out (again), I think the team is moving in the right direction. They played a really good team better than expected. But they showed us what we really already knew – lack of quality depth, suspect defensive backfield, suspect ILB, a QB with the yips. Clearly enough demerits to go around and not hang the loss on poor PR alone. I hope the guys get some good rest because I watched the Eagles game and next week will be just as intense. I would expect them to blitz the hell out of us – and PR is not RGIII. I have no clue how they will cover the Eagles WRs and TEs.

    • w1LLz

      Just feeling sick. Couldn’t even sleep last night. One thing that bothered me all offseason was the retention of Pagano. After the epic loss to Baltimore after a 4th and 29 conversion, I wondered how Pagano could’ve kept his job. Is it because TT came to us from the Colts where John’s brother Chuck is the head coach? Just some food for thought. IMO Pagano didn’t do enough in 2012 to merit keeping his job. Seems as though we didn’t completely clean house especially when we pull a replay of last years Denver game. Like I said, I feel sick.

      • 1961 Fan

        Perhaps the Telesco Pagano cronyism will be the downfall of this season; it is good that you pointed that out.

  • TheReturnOfMrBlanks

    I honestly thought we had this game til the pick 6, my stomach had this uneasy feeling of 2012 all over again and I knew from that point the Texans had us.

    Seeing Rivers throw the ball around like old school Rivers was nice, That Cam Thomas Center infraction play might have been the tipping point, What the heck with our secondary playing AJ 8 yards off and letting him catch the ball and beat the crap out of whatever CB was on him, those defensive schemes made all the Cb’s look like crap. Also we need a SS, Weddle try’s to do everything by himself he needs some help out there.

  • jamfed

    When SD does turn the ball over, look for DJ Fluker to clobber someone! ALWAYS!
    He did it again on that play