Feb 21, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; San Diego Chargers general manager Tom Telesco speaks at a press conference during the 2013 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Telesco Practicing What He Preaches

Tom Telesco has been moving and shaking ever since cuts were being announced around the league. Grabbing loose ends from different teams and working them into our system.

The biggest move that he made that stood out to me was the release of Max Starks. It wasn’t because it was a “big name” player that was released. It was because Telesco brought in Starks to help on this roster and when Starks didn’t work out, Telesco didn’t hesitate to send him back out onto the street. He admitted his mistake and moved on from it. His ego didn’t get in the way of making the correct decision.

Another step in the right direction: cutting Robert Meachem. Meachem could have been kept on the roster because of his big salary cap hit, but the money didn’t make the decision on that roster cut. Telesco has been preaching that he will keep the best 53 players and Meachem was not part of the top 53. Everyone knew it.

I can’t argue too much with the job that Telesco has done. There are a few players I wish had a better chance at sticking around. There are a few players that I think should not be part of the current roster, but the job is not even close to being complete. Telesco has been working that waiver wire and grabbing all the talent that he can to prep for the season opener.

Things get real next week. Time to see how Telesco’s players will respond to the first game of the year. Let the excitement begin.

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  • Gunnar Martin

    Amen EP.

  • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

    Totally agree. I am not even trippin on the players that I think shouldn’t be on this roster. The way he is acquiring, and releasing players lets me know that there is a good chance they won’t be here in the end.. even if it means upgrading during the season. I fully believe what Mike McCoy has been repeating throughout his interviews. “If we see a player that we think can improve this team, we are going to try to get him”.

    I know this has been said many times already, but it’s good to see a competitive culture installed, that will push even the top tier players to give their maximum effort. Not to mention the youngsters are getting the opportunity to push for those jobs, instead of riding the pine. The preseason wasn’t pretty, but at least we saw all of the players compete, and get opportunities. That’s the best thing I will take away from this preseason. I can’t say that I have felt that way in the past.

    • Joel Ayala

      Well put!! we needed this new Beginning. And the starters looked ready to play at the beginning of each game. imo. I can’t wait. our D is gonna be better than many think

      • Nick in PB

        Guys, I totally agree with your statements.This man knows what he’s doing, period. He’s on the same page with the coach too. To think what he’s done with the salary cap problems is nothing short of amazing. He’s also created an atmosphere that you have to earn your stay which will only bring out the competition. Good work men!

    • FullCharge

      Totally agree Pete…There’s a whole different feel around here lately, and I LIKE IT!

  • Stefanie Smith

    I am glad he just bit the bullet on the Meachem debacle and got it over with. I don’t know why that never worked, but glad he did not dance around the issue.

    • http://www.BoltBeat.com/ Peter Thompson

      I agree Stef. I’m also glad that they tried to get some production out of him, that would justify keeping him, before just cutting him. He got the most snaps of any receiver, and only put up 80 yards.. most of those were on one catch. That shows that they thought hard before taking that kind of a hit. That bodes well for future decisions.

  • Derek

    I don’t believe Tt cut meach due to keeping top 53 I think if meach was cheaper to keep than cut we woulda kept him. But I do like takin from the teams transitioning to a 4-3. James Michael – Johnson was a guy I hoped we would pick up. But all in all I like his activity. Aj didn’t tinker much I like loyalty but u gotta produce

    • arnie

      Nah, TT cut meachum for his performance. They’ve been consistent about that from day one.

  • Bill Nichols

    As said many times before “In Telesco we trust”, and I freaking mean that! I am not even second guessing this man, he is on the exact same mission all of us die hard fans have been on since the beginning of time. I really think he has one hell of a football IQ, and he know the ins and the outs of the trade game. I think we are going to shut up a lot of doubters this year, and probably even take the west. Our D is going get us over the hump, and with the new and improved run game, man we are gonna dictate that clock big time. If we could have only dodged the DX injury bullet, we would be on top of the ding dong world. Bolt Up! And let’s beat the hell outta Houston!!

    • 1961 Fan

      What do you predict as our final win loss record?

      • FullCharge


        • FullCharge

          Or 6-10…depending on which way the ball bounces

          • FullCharge

            But of course I’m rooting for 16-0!!

      • Bill Nichols

        That’s what I posted, 10 – 6. Of course that is my optimistic side talking, but I am sticking with it, I’m all in with my bolts. Besides, it’s about time some balls / calls, start going our way. God knows they haven’t done so for a few years now. It’s our turn to reap some good fortune off some karma. We did after all shit can A.J. and Norv. That has to count for something. We are a much better team this year, more disciplined, more focused, better conditioning, more “give a shit”. A few calls and or balls bouncing our way last year and we win 10. This year, for sure baby. Damn I am so ready to watch this shit unfold. Bolt Up!!

  • Rob Base

    I wonder who is the last player that the Bolts will add to the PS maybe a RB…

  • BoltsMcGee

    Ego not getting in the way…that’s new in SD

  • PBHayes

    Hope and pray there aren’t too many injuries. The Chargers have little on the bench and need their starters to perform from the get go. Rivers must change his style and do what the coaches want. If he listens and his receivers perform the Chargers offense can be effective. If not then he will have another bad year.

  • FitzWilly

    Well done T^2

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

      This guy is such a breath of fresh air compared to AJ with the personality of a dead fish…hang on and enjoy the ride….

      • FitzWilly

        can’t wait for this season :)

    • arnie

      LOL. I feel another type trophy TT will receive in the near future. Very near.

    • PakMaN

      lmaoooooo i love you guys

  • navw21

    Chargers signed Brandon Moore as the last player for the practice squad.

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  • John Bauer

    19-0 Ok just hopein ! ! !

  • John Bauer

    I know it is spelt wrong ! ! ! Just a joke.