Aug 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) prior to the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

49ers A Lot - Chargers Not As Much: The Post Game RANT!

Time for the RANT on this crapfest that we showed today.

Let’s talk about the good first… .



WELL, Max Starks! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE. Are you stuck in your starting block? Are you stuck in the ground? Do you wear those concrete boots? Starks almost got Charlie Whitehurst killed in the game. There were multiple times when he let the defender run by him and nail our quarterback.

Jahleel Addae? Blocking! You need to block on special teams. You need to protect our punter and make sure our punts don’t get blocked. And this tackling thing. WRAP UP! USE YOUR ARMS! He reminds me so much of Atari Bigby, but younger and worse!

Marcus Cromartie. DANG. All they had to do is throw a quick hitch and it turned into a 12 yard gain. RIDICULOUS.

What happened with Brad Sorensen? I didn’t think he could do wrong. WELP.

This game was UGLY!!!! Just awful.

Who else!?

IN THE END THOUGH… It is just the PRESEASON and this crapfest doesn’t matter. The starters all rested and Ladarius Green is BOSS! Not even tripping. We will be fine come Monday.


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  • Peter Thompson

    When Logan Harrell stands out… It’s a hot n’ sweaty mess-a-thon!

  • Rob Base

    Our Bolts looked like a bunch of little Bitches tonight! 9ers are stacked with depth wish the Bolts were…oh well story of my life!

  • Peter Thompson

    In the words of the late great George Carlin… this game was “like watching old people fuck… slow & sloppy”.

  • Sergio Quintero

    The 4th preseason game is the least interesting, and man this snore fest proved that. We heard it all preseason the chargers lack depth and talent in the back end of the roster.

    Today they faced probably the deepest team in the league, a true formula for getting smoked.

    Olineman depth is really ugly, there has to be something better then the scrubs we saw tonight.

    • Peter Thompson

      I DVR’d it.. but, I’m not sure there is anything to go back and watch ???

      • Sergio Quintero

        You might want to watch the 1st quarter just to see Ladarius Green be the best player on the field, but no more than the first quarter is torturing yourself.

        • Peter Thompson

          If I was into that kind of torture, I would just watch those girls kneel in frozen chic-peas in that picture in the ad up top,

  • blackroseMD1

    Ladarius Green is going to be a star. No doubt in my mind. He could end up putting up WR stats at the TE position if used correctly.

  • arnie

    the game is still warm and the NFL network already has the Chargers “highlights” up an running. Wish they were this quick when we killed arizona.

    • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

      NFL network loves seeing our Bolts crash and burn. I hope this loss motivates McCoy to turn up the intensity of this team. The regular season is the time to do it. Fight hard or go home and learn to take a punch then give one right back.

    • Stefanie Smith

      arnie: they are trying to turn us into some team like the Jets with a bunch of drama. Making us pay now because we cut off media access to T’eo. They are looking for drama from any place in the Charger squad.

      We are low keyed, low drama, and don’t like a bunch of weird sorts of attention outside of winning games and talking to the press afterwards or going out in the community and giving the fans or the military a lift.

      • Peter Thompson

        Amen Stefanie!

  • Gunnar Martin

    Ladarius Green. FozWhitt. Oooohhhh yeeaaahh. Forget everybody else.

    Oh and I couldn’t help from laughing out loud when our Bolts got picked off when TT was talking to Danny. Bad luck charm alert!

    • Peter Thompson

      I know… I could see the “Starks is fired” all over his face.

  • Sergio Quintero

    Some thoughts:
    The Good:
    Fozzy: made the roster and probably is going to be returning kickoffs.
    Ladarius Green: this guy has Jimmy Graham potential, 6’6 250 lbs TE’s with sub 4.5 speed don’t grow on trees, plus he seems to have excellent hands.
    Tutu: he’s not only making the roster, he will be a top 3 receiver on this roster, he has the trust of Philip.

    The Bad:
    Backups on the OLine is bad: Max Starks you are such a disappointment, the rest of the backups are functional at best, there has to be some guys out there, that can be upgrades to this.
    Meachem: what a waste of money, go waste another teams’ money now.

    Key Cuts: Starks, Meachem, Goodman.

  • Jeff Gomez

    “We will be fine come Monday” better be right

  • tubbs45

    Can I get in on the concussion settlement… That was truly horrible….

  • Daryl Peek

    This game gave me a Norv flashback. Nuff said

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    In the middle of 49ner fans in my home town stadium and then getting embarrassed by the whole overall effort of the home team. NOT GOOD AND NOT ACCEPTABLE! The only positive of tonight was that I spent quality time with my son and Ladarias Green continued to impress with his play. One player does not equal a team. I really hope Docter McCoy gets down to some surgical maneuvers that get this team performing at a higher level. Send some of those cut players from other teams our way because GOD knows we need them.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    …for Mr. Starks

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    and for the rest that stunk up the Q tonight that’ll probably get their walking papers as well…..

  • Mz. Sarah

    “Richard Kunt” now that was the hi-light!
    Fozzy is a straight BOSS!
    Starks was auditing for Disney on Ice.
    Cromartie….hmmm well it obviously doesn’t run in the family.

    Now lets play some real football!!!

  • OP Bolt

    So – the only question remaining is who gets cut. What we now know:
    - Overall talent level of the team is below average. The drop-off in talent with the reserves is significant. First team will be stressed to keep up with good teams. Across 16 games, injuries will likely have significant impact.
    - Scoring touchdowns is a serious concern
    - Pass protection is still below average
    - The WR Corps, as a whole, is pedestrian, beat-up, and displaying only
    middle-of-the- road talent – still waiting for someone to step it up
    - Running game looks much improved. I believe MM has deliberately held back on showing the full RB-as-receiver package. Hopefully it will help open up some of the WRs, help move the chains, and provide TDs.
    – TEs look very good
    - CB and Safeties, in general, still do not know how to tackle
    - Punt protection is a serious concern

  • C.Steele

    Ernie! Love the format! ‘Lets talk about the good first……….’ Hilarious! So, after reading the comments I only watched the first 7 minutes of the first quarter, and feel like that’s all I need to see.
    Apparently the rest of the game just proved what we already know, the Niners are the deepest team in the league, and we aint! Ladrious is gonna be a superstar, Fozzy is gonna be a better than average backup and I’m not loosing sleep over CJ backing up Phill.
    One questions how did Troutman and Molk look on the line? Any chance they can turn into solid producers? #GoBolts!

    • Peter Thompson

      Not really that great. Troutman got hurt in the game too.. looked like he was in a lot of pain. Meachem got a concussion. Le’Ron McClain went to the locker room in the first quarter.. not good.

  • Nick in PB

    I don’t even have a comment on this game… it was that bad. Yes, L.Green is a star in the making. Catches everything. Get’s open. Can’t say that for the rest of the receivers.

  • John Alton

    Why is everybody making such a big stink about the 4th pre season game? This was for the players on the bubble and for the ass and trash.This was to see who stands out and who sucks.

  • Aaron Johnson

    Calm down, drink a beer and get ready for the regular season. This was a game where very few starters played. Even so, I would expect us to lose to the 49ers since they are way stronger than us in terms of depth. The good, L.Green and the amount of pressure we put on the QBs. We need the young guys to pursue a bit better and wrap up on tackles but overall, not bad. O-Line play was pretty horrid thus Whitehurst and Sorensen suffering. The Fozz was a beast as well. I saw a lot of good and even more bad but most of the bad wont make the team.

    • Peter Thompson

      Very well put. I kinda chuckled when they showed the starting lineups for both teams at the beginning of the game. I could almost hear people whining from the future. Lol.

  • Lee

    I think the fozz makes this team over brown and Harris over starks. Also believe meachum is gone and welcome back seyi

  • PBHayes

    The Chargers have no depth except at tight end. Once injuries start this team will be lucky to win any games. This last preseason game wasn’t worth watching and only proved to further depress me as we sit and wait for our idiot President to start yet another war in defense of terrorists.

    • Stefanie Smith

      It’s not in defense of terrorists. Why would you say that? There are women and children who are getting gassed and dying over there. Plus this is a sports site,

  • PBHayes

    Dear Stephanie: There is no saving the innocents in Arab countries. I’ve worked in all of them and both sides in Syria are extremely evil. Helping one side against the other will save no one. When this civil war first started Obama had a chance to make a difference but once Al Qaeda showed up that chance ended. I should never have mentioned this on a sports blog but sometimes it seems everyone is more concerned with irrelevant matters than the continued existence of our nation.God bless you for caring but there is no helping those people. Only Muslims can change Islam and that is not going to happen.

    • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801


      I’ll a have to remind you guys this is BOLTBEAT!!!!!

      No politics here PLEASE no matter what your affliction….I mean affiliation…..extreme left, right or right down the middle……

      Go Chargers!!!!!

      • Peter Thompson

        Zwe are Nihilists. Zwe believez zin nuhzing!!!!

      • Stefanie Smith

        Sorry. I could not contain myself. It will not happen again.

  • Peter Thompson

    Maybe one or two those rookie guys we saw last night make the roster.. maybe…
    Possibly Addae, Cromartie, Gatson all have a shot.. Beltre… Middleton.. But even those guys are probably going to be practice squad dudes, or just cut & replaced. I know TT is watching the cuts of every other team in the league. When they signed all of those UDFA’s it was to see if we could find a diamond in the rough. We hit on a couple of the aforementioned players (even if they are young, and have a lot to learn). Geathers might as well be considered our 7th draft pick, as he pretty much replaces Steve Williams now. Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks, and make our judgments then… instead of making bold statements now about how this year is going to be a nightmare. TT is taking chances.. some of them worked out.. some didn’t. But, he knows that this isn’t an acceptable product YET.. especially where depth is concerned. Give him a few days to make some moves before we start crowning the Chargers as having the best shot at Jadaveon Clowney. Last night’s game was going to be a bloodbath as soon as they showed the starting lineups IMO.