Philip Rivers: “What Do You Want To Fix?”

Aug. 24, 2013; Glendale, AZ, USA: San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) reacts in the first quarter against the Arizona Cardinals during a preseason game at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“The thing that’s gotten to me this offseason is, ‘Who’s going to fix Philip?’ ” Rivers said, via the Los Angeles Times. “That phrase, I almost laugh it off. That drives me nuts, really.

“There’s no question I’m responsible for some of the plays and some of the games we haven’t won. I’m not going to shy away from that,” he added. “But we can go sit in there and watch a lot of tape from last year, and I’ll ask you, ‘What do you want to fix?’ It’s just about eliminating some of the bad plays.”

What is there to fix? Not all the blame can be placed on Philip, but not placing any blame on him would be absurd. Philip Rivers is the one throwing the football. He is the one that threw all those interceptions. Some of his decisions with that football… Questionable at best. Reasons why he held onto the football for so long? None.

There are things to fix. Where is his confidence in his receivers? Where is the trust? Remember that season that we always revert back to? The one where he completed a million passes to a million different receivers? He had the confidence to throw all those passes and trusted those receivers. Where did all that trust go?

There are things that need to be fixed. You can’t go from someone that was mentioned as a possible Hall of Fame quarterback, to a quarterback that goes undrafted in fantasy football without some things going wrong.

Maybe Philip doesn’t like the word “fix”. He can call it whatever he wants to call it… we will call it “fixing”.

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  • Gunnar Martin

    Not that it would be an easy adjustment to make, but he needs to start throwing his receivers open instead of waiting for them to get open themselves. That’s just how it’s got to work in the NFL.

    • Lee

      I agree. I’ve noticed he has been holding onto the ball way too long at some points which could mean he is waiting too long for the receivers. Makes sense why gates gets like 75% of his throws (idk if that’s a true stat)

      • arnie

        That’s a hard habit to break. He’s been doing that under norv for years.

        • Gunnar Martin

          Yeah, that’s what I was saying. It’s gonna be hard and might take some time, but we’ll see a HUGE difference once he gets it down.

          • arnie

            I’m just not ready to quit on a guy that averages 24 TD a 3300 yards season.

    • NativeSanDiegan

      Boy, I try to press the “up” arrow and it lites up the down arrow. So I need to expound on this. By now most of you know I live in Hawaii. Last year they only telecast a couple of Charger games here, and that was early in the year. Everyone says how terrible Meachem was. I know that Meach was effective with the Saints as a downfield threat that Drew Brees (still wish we’d kept both him and Philip like Marty wanted but AJ didn’t) often” threw open”.
      When I saw Chargers, Meachem had at least 2 steps on cb with no safety in the picture. Philip under threw him by about 5 steps and it was all Meach could do was to come back and prevent an interception. When Philip went to the sideline Norv tried to talk to him but “mature” Philip threw a hissy-fit.Norv probably told him to throw the ball sooner because as soon as Philip received the snap he took a huge windup and threw it as far as he could. Too far for anyone to catch. My question is, can Philip throw deep with timing to a very fast refer? Or can he only throw to big targets?

  • 619chargers4life

    To be fair, Rivers did have a OL when he was forced to throw to those million WR.

    • Ioane

      That’s exactly what I was going to say.

    • derp?

      Strange, I don’t remember Kurt Warner having an offensive line when he took the cards to the superbowl.

      • delamerica93

        he also had larry fitzgerald and anquan boldin. And a good coaching staff, part of which is now our coaching staff.

        • derp?

          Antonio Gates? Sproles? Vincent Jackson. Cool story bro.

          • delamerica93

            Well, Derp, which one of those quarterbacks won the superbowl that year? Warner? Cool story bro

      • delamerica93

        also Philip Rivers isn’t Kurt Warner. There’s no sense comparing quarterbacks. We all know from watching him that Philip can be a top 5 quarterback, so it’s up to the GM and coaches to figure out what environment to put around him to bring him back to that status

        • derp?

          You can’t compare them because Kurt Warner was elite. Phillip has had all the talent in the world around him. I’ll be giggling when they get shredded by Denver again.

          • delamerica93

            Kurt Warner was elite? What about all those years where he was horrible? I love the guy but it sounds like you’re comparing his career to Rivers and ignoring all the low points in his career. Rivers can bounce back just like Warner did.

          • arnie

            When Warner was “elite”, they had system he thrived in. When they changed the systems in St. Louis, and Tom Caughlin wouldn’t change his system to suit Warner, we saw the results. Arizona put Kurt into a system that complimented his skills and Bang Elite status again.
            norv had a great system. It works when he has the right personnel. He didn’t make adjustments and now it’s “dump Rivers day”?
            Again enter the Whiz, installing a system that will compensate for what PR did not have. I think he’ll do better.

  • PakMaN

    Rivers needs to FIX his decision making. I don’t give a shit if theres no O line you throw the fucking ball out of bounds not run to the right and throw it to an open DB for a pick 6 you turd. THATS what you need to FIX. Straighten up that attitude or well send your ass along with those 20 kids of yours to Cleavland to join your butt buddy.

    • Daryl Peek

      WOW! I’m critical of PR but this is disrespectful!!

      • PakMaN

        When you fuck up at work, and your boss asks you to fix it or get out. What are you going to do? Laugh it off like ol Phillip? No, you take ownership and work twice as hard making sure it doesnt happen again.

        • arnie

          I agree. Now what do you do, when your boss fires all the good people, and hires morons, to help you do your job?
          PR was given a crap sandwich, smiled and ate it.

          • PakMaN

            I would voice my opinion, and do the best I can with the cards i’m dealt. Tom Brady hasn’t always been surrounded with talent, but thats no excuse for him to make rookie mistakes.

          • Derek

            Brady has always been surrounded with talent. His line is always upper echelon he always has atleast one reliable receiver (branch, welker) when Phillip had Vincent dielman Vasquez and McNeil he was elite too. Brady like all qbs falters when his line falters that’s nyg’s specialty

          • PakMaN

            IT DOESN’T MATTER. The problem is the decision making, not his arm strength, accuracy or anything else. HE SHOULDN’T MAKE MISTAKES. Hes considered a veteran!

          • Derek

            You are right his decision making costed the chargers games. What’s the saying” road to hell is paved with good intentions” Phillip is a conductor not a playmaker qb last season he was trying to make plays because no one else was. I’m not mad at him for that, hell if he didn’t we wouldn’t have gotten fluker I’m not advocating suck for picks but just saying try to understand his dilemma

          • arnie

            It DOES matter. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. The point is Rivers had a boob of a HC, no WR to throw to, no running game, an O-line that didn’t give him time to throw, and no adjustments were made to the offense to compensate. These are not excuses for his decision making. Decision making is a direct result of lack of help around him. Yet despite that, you chose to ignore he still threw for Over 3600 yards an 26TD’s. He’s been consistent with these stats, so what has changed?
            See above…..^
            Rivers wants to win. badly. so much so, he took chances with football he might not make. Why? Not because he’s “declined” or has something to prove to us, or simply turned stupid QB. He was the best player on offense, unfortunately he needed 10 other guys to be better than they were, over the last three seasons.
            He didn’t get it, so he tried to do it himself. It didn’t work.
            Now he has the help, and we can see the problem more clearly. Dropped balls.

          • derp?

            So you’re saying Vincent Jackson Sproles and Gates were nobody? That’s laughable.

          • arnie

            Are you saying norv new how to use them? that is funny.

            Context. The Decline in play was “magnified” when they left. Gates was still at 60% healthy at best. This is multi issue problem, norv is still the common denominator. In 2010 an 11′ all were on the squad, yet Rivers sacks went up, the run game was pathetic, red zone TD went down as well as 3rd down conversion. The majority of Vj receptions are +10 yard or more. The majority of Sproles production was catches in the flat 10 yards behind the line of scrimmage. this should tell you VJ was not running quick slants an intermediate routes, he was going post 80% of the time and he got the ball when PR “had Time to throw it”. Sproles he was the quick out and he was busy.yet he was the main reason we converted on third an long, that percentage took a drop when defense keyed in on it. it disappeared when he left.
            To the topic at hand, “Fix What?” the majority of the problem with Phillip was fired.

          • Daryl Peek

            The only argument I would pose to you on that Arnie, is the fact that Rivers had all of that and some in his favor 06-09. PR did nothing with it in the playoffs. He was not the elite ex-factor in any way shape or form! We can’t keep excusing PR, is my only point. Either he’s that dude, elite or just a regular season stat filler that we need to move on from… I’m sure none of us as BOLT fans want a 100 million dollar Romo like extension. And Romo has been better than Rivers the last two seasons.

          • arnie

            Agreed. Again, i don’t make excuses, these are the facts. He is responsible for his part, what i’m arguing is not based on “part” of what he brings to the table, or lack there of. When i look at all the information, at the current moment this team is not better without him. PR has gotten a new opportunity to correct those issues and we will see if it was him, or what was around him.
            After 6 years of norv, an three preseason games, i’m ready to jump on the ” let’s dump PR” wagon just yet.
            As for romo, his problem is easy, there is no accountability, and it’s Jerry way. That is why aj an norv are not here.

          • Derek

            Romo!?! The anti Phillip, the guy who throws pics with protection and Austin, Bryant n witten how has 0 playoff victories. Nah ill choose Phillip all day. Phill was open to a pay cut but was never asked the chargers know they fucked Phillip like how Jerry is begining to do romo

          • arnie

            He did. Nothing changed.

    • RZ

      Haha…I hear you! I was hatin’on his ass last season for at least half of his stupid decisions.He was looking pretty bad..but he gets to prove to us all wrong this season…hopefully! We shall see…

    • Stefanie Smith

      There is nothing wrong with his attitude. What was he supposed to do–grovel to that reporter?

    • davacho

      i 100% agree that he needs to throw the ball away instead of forcing the play. I don’t think he has an attitude problem, but everyone reads things differently.

    • joerockt

      I think you’re 100% correct. Rivers made some really bad decisions when throwing the ball last year that cost us games. His question of “What do you want to fix?” is a ridiculous question and now it really makes me wonder about the guy. Can’t tell you how many times I yelled at the TV last year “THROW IT AWAY!”.

  • PakMaN

    nvm I found it!

  • Cgoodness13

    The reporter must have been like “You need to fix…..ummmm…your…..ummm….the economy?”

    • 619chargers4life


  • boltsup93

    PakMaN ! Have you ever read or seen interviews, where players and coaches talk about Philip revers? They always go on and on about how tuff and hard working he is. So you cant say hes not working. Philip is just saying that he has been working just as hard as other quarterbacks. He himself knows that he made allot of poor throws and mistakes last year. Him saying he is laughing it off means he is going to do everything he can to make things right in his own way. He also knows that his line was one of the worst in the league and that his offence was so predictable for the defenses to just take full advantage. Yet he will never put the blame on anyone else. Philip Rivers is crazy and passionate about football(more then most people). He is just getting fired up to prove people wrong. Especially that rude A-hole Sapp on Nfl network.

    • 619chargers4life

      do u know what i hate about Sapp the most…. is the fact that the NFL is trying to make sure players are clean and straight no gang troubles and all that, but Sapp goes on the air and around some of these young players and talks like a gang member himself, ” aww come on cuz, get it cuz” cuz cuz cuz cuz. it baffles me.

  • Mark G

    Timing is everything in the NFL. Whether it was mental, like worrying about the rush, or whatever, Rivers timing has been off. The great QB’s have that timing. Throwing to your receiver down field – you better know when to release that ball. If his timing is off this year, as much as I like to root for him, they will start to look for a replacement. BTW, that is how Rivers got to be the starter – Brees had some really bad games his last season as a Charger – I was there in Miami to witness it.

    • Gunnar Martin

      Yup yup yup

  • Derek

    Football is a team sport rivers only needs to adjust to the new offense his line needs to block his receivers need to know the lines stamina and make sure to get open and rm24 needs to keep the defense honest. That’s how the ravens won, that and a great defense. With a running game to respect the chargers will go farther. But McCoy or weisenhunt will be called the qb whisperer. Phillips been the same all along just more pressure has been put on him with less help from his team.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    if you can, watch these two plays over from the last game vs Cards….
    1 is when the former Raider Shonaughsy took Rivers down…
    2 is when the ball was batted by a defender, then intercepted…

    Both times, protection broke down on the right side of the O Line.

    One of these plays, Clary goes left to help Hardwick, and Dunlap is pushing his block out to the right.

    Frustrating to see because Clary drive blocking & going left caused a wide open hole to be exploited by the D….This was a pass play, so WTF??? Where’s the pocket?

    I’ve never been a Clary fan….I don’t get how hard the concept of protecting your QB is for that dude…..

    I’ll go out on a limb that if Rivers gets hurt, it’s gonna be because this clown f’d up his assignment….

    Please upgrade this guy next year and send him packing…Another of AJ’s bumbs…

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