Chargers Trim 10 Players Off of the Roster

August 30, 2012; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Edwin  Baker (27) warms up before the game against the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Chargers made some moves to trim down their roster. They cut down 10 players off of the roster and one player I was hoping to stick around a little longer was Edwin Baker. Looks like he won’t be part of the roster. He showed flashes during the preseason, but it wasn’t enough. He couldn’t lock down a roster spot this time around, but I am sure that someone will give him an opportunity.

Here is the complete list of cuts for today:

Running Back Edwin Baker
Center Colin Baxter
Cornerback Greg Brown
Safety Tony Burnett
Wide Receiver Deon Butler
Guard Brandyn Dombrowski
Quarterback Nathan Enderle
Punter Richard Kent
Defensive Lineman Jamarkus McFarland
Tight End Dallas Walker

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  • Rob Base

    I was suprised Baker got the axe so soon. Dombrowski cut, it’s about time!

    • Ernie Padaon

      yea… thought Baker would be able to last a little longer. He showed flashes and I thought he showed enough. Thought Hill would be released before Baker

      • Rob Base

        I honestly thought Hill would be more of a threat. Obviously McCoy and Wisenhunt see something in him.

        • arnie

          I wish i could see it too. On the Flip side reason is strong in Chargers park with release of Dombrowski.

      • boltingindiego

        i agree thoought baker would last longer than hill.

  • ChargerGirl Cindi

    Did you hijack this or did I think I posted it?

    • ChargerGirl Cindi

      Oh wait. It was me. Ha ha

      • Ernie Padaon

        hahaha… i just got home from a long day of fantasy drafts and noticed that nobody got to it so posted it up… i can hide yours right now.

        • Peter Thompson

          What about my insightful comments on the other thread… Lol.

          • Ernie Padaon

            i know… was thinking about putting it back up just for that

          • Peter Thompson

            Hahaha! It only matters that you read them, Ernie.

  • arnie

    Baker? What!? I wonder if this means Ronnie Brown will make the cut?

    • Ernie Padaon

      i am thinking the same thing.. my top 53 includes him now… and i dont like it

      • arnie

        Well i was thinking they may be making room for Gronk, but that’s silly talk.
        So we could be looking at…
        RB Mathews
        RB Brown
        RB Woodhead
        RB Whitaker (Fozzy)
        RB Hill
        FB McClain
        FB Gronkowski
        Of that combination which on of these is not like the other? What got Baker booted? AS far as i could tell, they had plenty of guys that could carry the rock. Maybe it just came down to ” they had to cut someone”.

        • Peter Thompson

          Maybe they think Hill can return kicks? Or that Baker can make another team… Mercy cut????

          • arnie

            Yeah could be. Maybe they didn’t see enough from him, to justify cutting Brown. Hill didn’t impress much. In my mind. As returning kicks, didn’t he only field one?

          • arnie

            I got it! Was Bakers pass protection any good? Because that may have been the difference.

          • Peter Thompson

            Possibly, good point. I didn’t think Baker or Hill would make the team in the first place. So, I suppose it doesn’t make a difference to me which order they get cut in. I know that sounds bad, but my focus is on the final 53. Still kinda weird cutting Baker first, though.

          • Nick in PB

            Hill must be showing something in practice. So far in games, not much at all. Not that he’s carried much but he can’t catch… that we know!

    • Nick in PB

      I think Brown get’s replaced if someone better get’s dropped from another camp. I can’t see a reason to keep him at all. We have a 3rd down back already.

  • shane

    am i the only one that likes baker over fozzy? baker runs so hard, and w/power. fozzy has decent numbers but its all been w/the 2nd and 3rd teams basically. baker is a stud. anybody catch the numbers j. todman is putting up w/the jaguars this preseason? baker is similar to him, little less speed little more power, but nonetheless a beast. bummer.

  • Peter Thompson

    In other news, the Bears released Curtis Brinkley today. Not that it matters.. More of a tid bit. They also released safety Zbikowski, and the Chargers were mentioned as a possible team of interest.

    • Adam

      Is he better than Addae?? I know JA missed that one tackle on third and 2…still he’s really good

      • boltingindiego

        addae maybe practice and then zib as a veteran ss.

      • Peter Thompson

        Personally Adam.. I don’t see what the hype about Addae is. I know you (and a lot of people) like him… so I’ll just say that he is an UDFA, and leave it at that. However, I will also say this… Gilchrist is still learning & not up to speed… Taylor looked pretty good, but is rusty & also not up to speed… and Addae is “auight”. But, it still doesn’t feel like we have improved the position, since releasing Bigby. I wanted to draft Vaccaro in the first round, so you can imagine that I am a little nervous about the back-up plan until Taylor (hopefully) turns into a solid starter. Not to say that I am not happy that we picked Fluker, because I am very happy with his play. I wouldn’t be mad at TT if he picked up Zbikowski, and we moved Gilchrist back to CB, where we lack good depth. Patrick left Saturday’s game with a concussion (I think), and didn’t he go down in the Seattle or Chicago game, as well? I am concerned with the level of play at strong safety, and the depth behind Wright & Cox, who actually did pretty well in AZ, but not so much in Chicago.

        • Adam

          I’m not high on Addae, I haven’t seen to much of him actually, I’ve just heard all the hype. I am (and have been since we drafted him) very high on Ladarius Green, and I have very high hopes for Brandon Taylor. It’s like you said he just needs alot more playing time because he’s rusty.

          • Peter Thompson

            My bad.. You didn’t actually say you were about Addae. It’s just that folks keep saying he should make the 53. I’m not seeing it. He’s like five ten or eleven, and hasn’t outplayed anyone. I am cool with putting him on the PS, though… Maybe he can get a shot next year? If Taylor doesn’t lock SS up this year, there will be yet ANOTHER open competition for safety. I hope that is not the case… I’m over it.. So is Weddle, I’m sure.

        • Adam

          Oh yea weddle is tired of it for sure. I had such high hopes for him and Bob sanders. Can you imagine how good that duo would be of they were still playing together and sanders was never hurt?

          • Peter Thompson

            Yeah. That China doll action was too bad. Could have been great.

  • Will

    Baker is a stud, I loved him the second I watched his highlight tape when we first got him. Was harder to bring down than anyone I’ve seen. Was cam newtons Rb when they win the junior college championship before cam went to auburn. I think he’s the second best player on the team. Someone should pick him up hes too good to just be a practice squad player.

  • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

    Still fat on TEs too….I have faith in TT and MM……Bring IT!!!

  • Alter Ego

    I think we go :

    McClain or Gronk
    Hill…practice squad

    We add depth at DB after Seahawk cuts.

    • Adam

      McClain or Gronk you think? I haven’t seen gronk that much yet…

  • bailbondsanford10

    He couldn’t lock down a roster spot this time around, but I am sure that someone will give him an opportunity. thanks for the information.

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    I see something special happening in The San Diego Chargers and I for one am happy so far with the whole new outlook of this team. Props out to Telescope and Docter McCoy, Pagano, and Wisenhunt.

  • Stefanie Smith

    They still have to make 5 more cuts by Tuesday. Cutting 10 got us down to 80.

  • chris christiansen

    REALLY??!!! he ran better than mathews did all last year, give me a break and cut mathews!!

  • joerockt

    Baker was the only surprise here. I thought Hill was a goner for sure after continuously dropping passes. Looks like he might get more touches for this last game.

    I think Kent will get picked up quick. He had some pretty good booming kicks. Could be a starter anywhere I would think. Dombrowski has starting experience, so he should be picked up as well.

  • Daryl Peek

    Joe McKnight was released by the Jets. I would love for TT to give him a shot at being our kick returner over Goodman.

  • miketuck

    That’s just a real shame that Baxter didn’t make it, he looked like the best 3rd RB we could have. He actually looked really ggod to me.

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