Chargers 28 - Bears 33: What We Learned

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Aug 15, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; San Diego Chargers running back Fozzy Whittaker (34) is tackled by Chicago Bears defensive back Zack Bowman (38) during the second half at Soldier Field. Chicago won 33-28. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Highlights – Watching the highlights after the game, I’d swear there was an agenda to show the entire world, that the “experts” are still right about the Chargers: “can’t protect Philip Rivers… turnover prone,…Rivers is washed up”. Under absolutely no circumstances was anybody allowed to show the Chargers doing anything well.

If i had not watched the game, from the clips shown you could have sworn the score was 33 to 3. “Where did the other 25 points come from? Please show those. Ladarius Green TD? Mike Willie 2 TD’s ( not just him getting blasted)? Fozzy Whittaker rushing TD? Jay Cutler pick? Jay Getting sacked? Where were those highlights?

Points – When ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL network, dog the Chargers out it is expected, but when your HOMETOWN stations only shows your worst plays, that is a new low. Thanks KUSI. Now the score was 33 to 28. Yes they lost, however it was by 5 points. Last week they lost by 21 points. Last season there were 5 games lost by a TD or less. From game one, to game two that is a significant increase. What also increased? The sacks increased. The defense getting off the field on third downs was better. In the red zone they were 100%. Another note, all of the Charger points were touchdowns, while they forced the bears to 4 field goals.

Turnovers – It’s clear the Chargers turned the ball over 3 times and sometimes that is all the difference between winning and losing. The time of possession was Chargers 27:35 Bears 32:25, the reason? Nothing kills a a drive like a turnover, or bad field position.

Special teams – Are they sure this does not refer to the “other kind of special”? There is a clear problem with protection schemes and lane assignments. Stop trying to fix it or force something that isn’t working. CHANGE IT, OR CHANGE THE COACH!

Wide Receivers – I miss DX an Malcom, however Willie has shown he’s willing to step up. He took a vicious hit, came back and scored 2 TD’s. That’s “Next Man Up” attitude!

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  • Stan Zab

    My goodness! I haven’t seen this much homerism in awhile. The first team offense looked terrible. Starks is done, Clary still garbage even at guard, running game looked good but other than that it was horrific. Mike Willie and Green scoring TDs against the Bears 3rd string D that’s as basic as it gets doesn’t mean squat. What matters is what we saw from PR who looks to be in last seasons form, still dancing in the pocket and forcing bad throws that aren’t there. Yes it was the Bears and they have a nice D, but its not like they were doing anything special, mostly basic cover 2, 4 man rush and the line couldn’t handle it. Comparing this game to last season losing by less than a TD is laughable, this is preseason and most of the points came from the 2nd and 3rd stringers. There is absolutely no depth, what happens when a couple O-linemen go down? What happens if a starting CB goes down? What happens when Mathews goes down? Please stop drinking the koolaid and realize this is a 6 win team at best.

    • arnie

      You comments are laughable, and hypocritical.
      let’s go down the list. Where did say the first stringers looked great? i pointed out they got “mauled”. Clary gave up “one” sack in a second pre-season game and he’s garbage? No. i was clear on the protection issues.
      The 2nd and 3rd stringers will be the depth on this team. That fact they showed the ability to score, from players we need to step up, was an improvement from the first game. Scoring is scoring and he showed they could do it. So either we have depth or we don’t.
      I like how you just sweep aside, a new O-line, went against a top ranked D that’s been dominant for years.
      The significant portion of this team was left over from last season, yet despite being having new faces and being counted out for everything, they weren’t even supposed to score and still the “scrubs” managed to equal norvs 53 man roster efforts.
      What happens when anybody goes down? Next Man Up! Maybe you weren’t paying attention to my breakdowns, so i’ll summarize the 2nd 3rd stingers , protected better, moved the ball better, and defended better than they did the first game. THAT is progression. You are making “assumptions” without facts, and out of context.
      So please take your generalized, unfounded assumptions on a 6 win season, based on a game that is not about wins, but evaluating players for jobs. The only thing i’m interested in, are the best 53 players.

      • Stan Zab

        This was a preseason game, no one cares about how much the 3rd stringers can score against a 3rd string defense. I want to see the first team go down the field and score. Show some promise, show me that you’ve figured out last years issues. They didn’t show me any of that against Chicago. All I saw was that Max Starks has terrible footwork, Fluker pass blocks with his elbows and Clary was juked hard as hell. “One sack allowed”…is that not enough for 1 quarteer of play? I said the Bears D is solid but they didn’t show the Chargers even a quarter of the tricks they got and the Chargers couldn’t do anything but run behind the beast that is Fluker. 3rd stringers beating 3rd stringers does not,matter, I want to see the first team guys do something and all I saw was struggle faces and a lot more of what I saw last year. The media only showed the miscues because that’s all the 1st team did. Again, no one cares how the 2nd and 3rd stringers play against 2nd and 3rd stringers, they’ll be facing much better ccompetition against 1st team guys.

        • arnie

          I stopped reading your post after the first sentence. Because nothing you said matters after that. Apparently you fail to see the role of the 3rd stringers. Mike McCoy does not agree with you. And neither do i.

          Most of the 2nd an 3rd stringers will be the depth on this team. When they were called on, they needed to prove they can play. They did. Well.
          At some point they will round out the roster and be called upon to play in a game that matters. Again based on what you think “doesn’t matter”. They will make the roster based on their play, based on what you think “doesn’t matter”. Again they may become starters, like Cam, Reyes, Liuget, Butler, Wright, Floyd, Gates, who also played as 2nd an 3rd stringers, in games that you think “don’t matter”.
          Again to claim this team has no depth, one must completely ignore their production in the game. Regardless of what string they played, they still had a job to do.

          • Stan Zab

            You keep ignoring the fact that they played other 3rd stringers. If you think this team wins more than 6 games based on the performance of 2nd and 3rd stringers against other 2nd and 3rd stringers, there’s nothing more that needs to be said.

          • arnie

            You keep going in circles. i’ve acknowledged the 2nd an 3rd stringers scored those points. The facts are YOU don’t care about the 2nd 3rd stringers. They will be apart of this team, rotating in among the 1st stringers. You have assumed this team will win 6 games based on the 1st stringers performance in ONE pre-season game. Mike McCoy will have to select players among the 2nd and 3rd stringers, and they will play in REAL GAMES.
            The team last season, played worse than this and still won 7 games. The running game is better among the 1st stingers. And the 1st string D shut down Russell Wilson and Jay Cutler. The Chargers have found “other payers” that can help them win “more games”.
            these are the facts.

          • 1961 Fan

            You should study what Stan says; he makes a more believable story, the reality of this season. You are beginning to sound like Cindi (14-2) Girl – delusional.

          • arnie

            How? the point of the pre-season is to put players in game like situations. The games themselves, who wins an loses doesn’t matter. This is where1st, 2nd an 3rd stringers audition to make the 53 man roster. This is where i am clear, you an Stan are confused. Both of you are more caught up in the negatives and the final score, that you have made your analysis on these alone.
            As for Cindi? thanks for the compliment.

      • Gunnar Martin

        Couldn’t have said it better Arnie

        • arnie

          i try….it’s pre-season Gunnar. It’s easy for me to sit hear and throw them under the bus. But 11 guys, on the 1st string playing poorly in a “simulated” real game, do not make a 53 man roster. I’m just looking for improvement.
          i will not make excuses for them, but I won’t ignore the positives either.

    • 1961 Fan

      Good post Stan, finally someone besides me who can see the deficiency in this rebuilding year.

      • arnie

        You sound like ESPN, NFL network, Fox sports all rolled up into one. You should both go to work for them. Like i stated, their highlights of the game, Chargers turnovers, PR sacks, Fluker can’t protect, Willie get’s crushed. These are all the things the “pundits” showed, because it was consistent with the early analysis of the Chargers. Showing other players, making plays, is counter productive to those opinions.
        The final score in a pre-season game is meaningless. The point is, “when a players gets called up, can they make a play/score, to convince the coaches that said player can help them win football games”.
        Watching the highlights “ALONE”, the Chargers appeared they didn’t even know how to play football.

      • I_Bleed_Powder_Blue_801

        Man, maybe we should ask NorF and The Lord of No Rings to come back while Stan and you are at it……Hey, I’d rather see them win all the time than lose, but to count them out before the regular season begins is ____________________ (fill in the blank anyone)…

  • Peter Thompson

    May the best 53 win!

    • arnie

      Ahmen to that!