Caption This!!!

Too funny. I couldn’t resist this one. Caption this!

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  • tubbs45

    Fer fuck sake man, the team with the GD blue jerseys… BLUE…

  • Bob Mutch

    Oh, I suppose I could help you move. This weekend?

  • FitzWilly

    Tell me son
    Is your mother disappointed in you?
    do you want me to call her, and wash away some of the shame you have caused her?

  • BoltBurn

    Ok, I know I’m not really a religious man but do you think your dad could hook us up with a better backup qb?

    • Ernie Padaon


    • Peter Thompson

      God – “I already gave you Volek.. I can only do so much, Captain”!!!

  • Alex Pitrofsky

    I’ve always really like the name Brad

  • arnie

    “Who coached you on holding a clipboard?”

  • Adam

    Ken you stole my damn headset!

    • Peter Thompson


  • jamfed

    Whitehurst RAN for his life vs. the Seahawks last week. San Diego had one of the WORST O-Lines in league history last year, and we expect the backup QB to play well with his backup O-LIne in the first preseason game this year?

    The only improvement on the O-LIne this year is on the first team protecting Rivers.

    If Starks, Troutman, Molk, Shilling & Harris play the Seahawks 2nd team Defense, CBJ Whitehurst is setup for failure for sure. Even Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees would FAIL with those 5 guys protecting them.

    Give credit to Seattle, don’t rip Whitehurst…

    (PLUS, you don’t think Pete Carol has Whitehursts number? Come on… he coached him for two years in Seattle. Carol knows Whitehursts weaknesses…)

    • joerockt

      OMG, a CBJ disciple!

      Yes, I agree that the line was porous, but that didn’t stop Sorsen from throwing a TD and no picks. CBJ held on to the ball way too long on many snaps, was inaccurate and just looked about as uncomfortable as any QB I’ve seen.

      • davacho

        could not agree with you anymore and could not have said it better myself!

        • jamfed

          I do like Sorenson, but he’s had 10 career professional pass attempts

          • davacho

            you don’t get experience unless you’re given the opportunity to get experience… so far, brad deserves the op.

          • jamfed

            “Deserves”…well, OK I guess. I suposse all draft picks deserve preseason playing time. He’s still a #3 though…

          • davacho

            i don’t think draft picks automatically deserve playing time. i don’t think shatty vets do either. clean slate has been the new norm here- if cbj blows ass again- let me ask you how many ops does charlie deserve?

          • 1961 Fan

            Sorensen: You have to start somewhere and Rivers is not going to improve this season. I hope I am wrong!!

      • jamfed

        No no, I’m not a disciple of anyone or any thing… Just my objective opinion.
        CBJ ran for his life, and I actually felt bad for him. AND both of his “interceptions” weren’t exactly his fault. Keneen Allen had TWO hands on a ball and tipped it, causing that INT. I think Meach ran a wrong route for the other pick.

        The pass protection for Whitehurst was HORRID!

  • Hskrlvr

    Uhh…any chance you could turn water into, say…some friggin’ points!!!

  • SuperCharged21

    “Get me a Dr. Pepper, and Fries on the side with my burger.”

    • SuperCharged21

      Whitehurst: -goes to clipboard- “Check, check.”

  • Joel

    Since you assured me that you knew the Seahawks so well you needed no coaching to beat them, can you explain to me what type of reverse pyschology your using before the next drive?

  • Peter Thompson

    DUCK FACE!!!!

  • Peter Thompson

    Whoa, whoa, whao Charlie… Brad’s got this series ; )

  • ECAVILLE/Ace of Spades

    You know Charlie, I know you have little to no protection out there. But for Pete’s sake, show yourself worthy or go try out for the Browns!

  • Ioane

    Charlie, I love you but you freaking suck.

  • 1961 Fan

    The receivers were wide open; get a hair cut, then you can see the formation.

  • RussinSactown

    McCoy: You convinced AJ and Norv you were a quarterback? Interesting.